Skateboarding In Medellin


Medellin and Colombia definitely have a skate scene, and like I noticed in New Zealand and many other countries, it is not uncommon to see little skate parks around cities.

This Zoo York* video even features a few spots I recognized.

The guys are doing a lot of flip tricks on a bank formed by the stairway to EAFIT University’s library (at 1:13), and when you see them hitting a gap with lots of tall white polls in the background, that is Parque de las Luces (Park of Lights).

* Zoo York is an American skate company, so this is video of a road trip, not local paisa skaters

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  1. Damn, those spots look really good!
    Columbia just got added to my list of skate trips I need to take 😉
    How do the general public and security react to street skating in Columbia?

    • As far as I’ve seen, the typical security guards don’t care. For example the spot I mentioned in front of the art museum near my apartment? The kids can skate there freely — I haven’t seen them hassled. It might be a different story on the campuses of private universities, or near certain types of government or private buildings.