Saturday In Envigado

Church in Envigado Park
Church in Envigado Park

Saturday was spent recovering from my night out at Blue.  It is also cleaning day in the apartment.

Maira, Martin and I handle our own rooms, and then rotate cleaning the kitchen, guys’ bathroom, and windows, plus dusting, and sweeping/mopping the floors.

If I weren’t a clean person by nature, I’d have to start looking for a new place to live!  But I don’t mind the effort as we enjoy the results throughout the week.  After living in so many dirty hostels, it feels good to be in a nice apartment.

In the afternoon, Maira and I went to rent some videos.  I opened up an account at the local store since she was afraid of a long-outstanding bill tied to a lost movie.

We picked up The Cycle (a mediocre thriller) and The Ex (cute comedy).  Back at the apartment, Martin and his girlfriend Diana joined us for them too.

And to finish off the night, we watched a third movie, Elephant, which was based on the Colombine shooting.

I am starting to appreciate Envigado as a friendly, quaint neighborhood.  The apartment buildings and upscale shops reflect the wealth in the town, yet walking down the streets, it feels more authentic than El Poblado and the Parque Lleras area.

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