Rio de Janeiro – The City of Samba

Samba in Rio de Janeiro
Samba in Rio de Janeiro
Samba in Rio de Janeiro

Never before have I experienced something like Rio de Janeiro.

People have warned me about it, painted pictures for me, advised me and been excited for me.  But, until I arrived there I never could have guessed the new world I would be exploring.

Rio is a city with a constant buzz, the buzz of Samba.

Music seeps through every crack on the sidewalk, the buildings and in between the trees.  The people walk to an internal beat that I have never before seen.  Whether they are going to work, fighting, cooking, playing or swimming, everyone has a natural rhythm that is addictive and sensual.

The whole city seems to be constantly pulsating and swaying.  Step outside any one of the Rio de Janeiro hotels and onto the streets and you will immediately experience this thrill.

You will find people coming together in public squares, at local bars and in their homes to play music and sing together.

But they do not play in front of an anonymous audience on a tall stage, separated from their fans like we are used to in the West. Instead, they sit around a table, with their instruments in their hands or between their legs and they play with one another, to one another and for one another.  They create community just in the way they play. And, as the crowd begins to gather, they are invited to sing along and dance to the music.

As a “watcher” the feel is so much different then being at a big concert or going to see a blues band in a NYC jazz hall.  I felt as though I was in my own living, with my friends, sharing an experience.  I felt as though I was participating in creating this joy of music.

Whether you’re staying at one of the hotels near Copacabana or prefer a hotel in Ipanema, you will discover musical sensations never before heard, seen or known by the greater public.

This is the city to fall in love with music and dancing.

This is the city of Samba.


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