Rincon Mexicano Restaurant

Rincon Mexicano Restaurant
Rincon Mexicano Restaurant

Rincon Mexicano restaurant is situated next door to Dinamo gym, where I use to go in 2009 while living in Envigado.

I was happy to discover a traditional Mexican restaurant where the food lived up to my American expectations.

Last year, I went a few times, and can already vouch for the high quality of ingredients, and dishes.

Traditional Mexican decor
Throughout the restaurant, you’ll find traditional Mexican decor.

The atmosphere is romantic as well, so it makes for a good place to take a date.

There’s an outdoor patio where I tend to sit, but also an area indoors as well if it’s too cold, or wet.

Three chicken tacos
Three delicious chicken tacos.

This year, when Benny the Irishpolyglot (from Fluent in 3 Months) asked if there was a good restaurant I could recommend outside of Poblado, Rincon Mexicano was one of the few places that popped into my mind.

We met up there for dinner the night before my trip through Eje Cafetero (the coffee region).  I ordered the chicken tacos (about $20,000 pesos, or $10) and Benny went with a big burrito for the same price.

Salsas and peppers
The standard array of salsas range from mild to fiery hot.

Once again, I was happy with the freshness of the ingredients, portion size, and overall quality of the dining experience.

Dishes are served with an array of salsas, ranging from mild to fiery, along with jalapeno peppers.

That I can handle the hottest salsa is a testament to how far my tolerance has come over the last decade!

A big burrito
A big burrito will run you about 20,000 pesos, or $10 USD.

I highly recommend Rincon Mexicano for its friendly staff, charming atmosphere, and rich food at an affordable price.

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  1. Wow, that really looks excellent, I’m kind of surprised to hear that there’s a good quality Mexican restaurant in Colombia, how unusual.


  2. OK…here’s my verdict: Quasi Mexican tri-color ambience, good service. Food: nicely presented (see plate in pic above). I sampled nachos which were good value.The tacos in the Taco plate (in pic again) were the “blanda” variety – I prefer “crujient” for crunch and flavor and to pick the damn things up and dress ’em they way you like. They ended up a mashed up goopy mess on my plate in seconds; they were simply disappointing and flavourless – and the hot sauce was not hot. No side salsa was served either. On the upside: good margaritas – try the maracuja.

    As to finding good Mexican food in Sth America: I am always prepared to be underwhelmed (the place in Popayan the best I’ve tried).