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The following list of the approximately 50 best restaurants in Medellin is based on my personal favorites, and those of contributors.

You can also access detailed reviews on the top 12 restaurants from Latin Hosts based on feedback from their Medellín visitors and hosts.  They also provide a free reservation service, which is useful for popular restaurants such as El Cielo or Carmen.

Price symbols are based on the cost of an average entree.

$ = 0 to 15,000 pesos. Self-service, fast food, or a cafe.

$$ = 16,000 to 24,000 pesos. Average sit down restaurant.

$$$ = 25,000 to 40,000 pesos. Higher quality food, service, and atmosphere.

$$$$ = 41,000+ pesos. The most expensive, upscale restaurants in the city.

From “The Best Of” Series

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* Editor’s Choice

AmericanPoblado and LaurelesChef Burger Bar$$With most burgers priced under $10, including the side of fries or small salad, it's a great value.Cheeseburger
AmericanPobladoHard Rock Cafe$$$In the Hard Rock tradition, Medellin's spacious restaurant is filled with music memorabilia and a stage for live performances. The menu is standard issue, featuring a variety of American comfort foods, from burgers to ribs. A large outdoor patio overlooks Avenida Poblado. Mac 'n Cheese at Hard Rock Cafe
AmericanParque LlerasHooters$$Beer, wings, and girls in skimpy outfits. The Medellin outpost of this famous chain offers everything you've come to expect. Go here when you're craving classic American bar food like buffalo wings, burgers, and quesadillas.Wings at Hooters
American BarbecuePobladoHumo BBQ & Bar$$$Located on Via Provenza, Humo is the second restaurant in Medellin by chef Carmen Angel. Humo serves classic American barbecue, including fall-off-the-bone ribs, and side dishes like cornbread, mac 'n cheese and grits. Ribs at Carmen
BrazilianPobladoAmarelo Rodizio$$$Amarelo Rodizio is a Brazilian-owned restaurant serving all forms of meat, including beef, chorizo, chicken, fish, blood sausage, and various kinds of pork. Sides included Brazilian-style black beans, yellow rice, yucca, sweet banana, tomato ceviche and salad.Amarelo Rodizio
BritishPobladoMU Ribs$$$British-owned MU serves "fukin good ribs" large enough to feed a family of dinosaurs. And that's all they serve, with a side of rustic fries. Only open on the weekends (Thurs, Fri, Sat) from 8 PM - Midnight.Ribs
CaféParque LlerasTinto Tintero$Tinto Tintero is a longstanding, expat-owned café near Parque Llears known for its weekly language exchanges, movie nights, and coffee drinks. Alcoholic drinks are available too.Tinto Tintero Cafe
CaféLaurelesCafé Vallejo$Café Vallejo is a small independent coffee shop and book store located in Laureles. It's only open in the evenings, and has a limited food menu.Cafe Vallejo
CaféParque LlerasPergamino$Pergamino was opened by Pedro Echaverria, a 20-something Colombian with an American university education, and a wealth of experience in the coffee industry as the son of a coffee producer. It became an instant hit with tourists and expats looking for an alternative to Juan Valdez.
ColombianRionegroQueareparaenamorarte$$$La Queareparaenamorarte serves high quality Colombian food. Located in Rionegro, near Medellin, it was featured on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.Fish
ColombianPobladoAjiacos y Mondongos *$$Located across the street from Parque Poblado, this restaurant focus on a handful of classic dishes, and does them well. Ajiaco soup (Bogota), mondongo soup (Antioquia), and cazuela de frijoles are all on offer. Gets busy during the lunch rush.
ColombianPoblado and CentroHato Viejo$$Established in 1982, Hato Viejo's three locations serve generous portions of traditional Antioquian cuisine, including bandeja paisa. Waiters dress the part, and the service is a step above your typical Colombian restaurant.Bandeja paisa
ColombianEnvigadoBrasarepa *$$Located on a street corner in Envigado, around the corner from a school, Brasarepa serves tasty versions of Colombia's typical fare. In 2008, Brasarepa was featured in a segment for Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" TV show. Bandeja paisa
ColombianPobladoMondongo's$$Mondongo is a tripe soup from Antioquia. Chopped cow stomach is served in a broth with a variety of sides you throw into the soup, including avocado, bananas, rice, arepas, cilantro, and hot sauce.Mondongo soup
CreolePobladoBonuar *$$Bonuar is a bit hidden, along the side of the Modern Art Museum in Ciudad del Rio, but word has gotten out and it now draws diners from around the city for its flavorful burgers, and New Orleans and Brazil-inspired dishes. Thursday evenings feature a live blues band.Shrimp gumbo
DessertsPobladoMe Late Chocolate *$$Inspired by Max Brenner, Australia's chain of chocolate cafes, Me Late's drinks and deserts will satisfy every chocolate lover who walks through its doors. A variety of handmade chocolate truffles are also available.Chocolate arequipe cake
DessertsEnvigadoBiskiut - Taller Repostero$Gourmet cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, and other sweets fill this little dessert shop run by a brother-sister duo. They also do catering for birthdays, weddings, and special events.Cupcakes
FrenchLaurelesParis Paris$$Paris Paris is a new French-owned restaurant and café in Laureles. The concept is simple, authentic French food at prices everyone can afford.Chicken a la Bretona
GermanPobladoEl Alemán Pues$$German-owned restaurant located two blocks north of Parque Poblado. They serve traditional German food, including 10+ varieties of sausage and 20+ varieties of beer.German sausages
GreekParque LlerasCafe Mykonos$$Get your Greek food fix at this new arrival in Parque Lleras. Cafe Mykonos features authentic dishes like mousaka and giros, as well as a variety of seafood options.Pita wrap
IndianPobladoNaan$$Indian food fans will find relief from arepas at Naan, a Colombian-owned restaurant in the Provenza neighborhood of Poblado, a short walk from Parque Llleras. Dishes include yellow curry with chicken and red curry with shrimp in coconut milk. And don't forget the lassis and chai tea.
InternationalPobladoCafé Le Gris$$$Located at the entrance to Oviedo Mall, Café Le Gris offers a surprisingly upscale dining experience, with an extensive menu featuring everything from burgers to filet mignon, and a host of pastas and seafood dishes. The restaurant has been serving hungry diners for over 25 years.Filet mignon
InternationalPobladoD’ André Gourmet$$Small Colombian-owned restaurant offering incredible value for your money, whether you're eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.Chicken Cordon Bleu
InternationalPobladoHerbario$$$$Restaurant Herbario is owned by two long-time friends by the name of Carlos, who are also the owners of the popular Bonuar restaurant. Plate
InternationalPobladoBrulée$$$$Brulée is a restaurant that caught my attention on Instagram, where Argentinian Executive Chef Diego Aveiro regularly posts his kitchen’s creations.Tuna Tataki
InternationalPobladoSinko Bar$$$Sinko Bar occupies a prime spot on the 3rd floor of Rio Sur mall. An outdoor terrace overlooking Avenida Poblado offers the perfect setting for happy hour drinks and conversation, while the restaurant's menu is extensive. Sinko feels like it could've been plucked out of New York or Washington, DC.Salmon at Sinko Bar
InternationalJardin BotanicoIn Situ *$$$Nestled within the city's botanical gardens, In Situ features a modern take on traditional Colombian dishes. Try the salmon tartare or beef tongue ceviche to start, and follow it up with pesto-chicken stuffed with wild berries. Don't skimp on dessert, they feature some of the city's best.Salmon tartare
InternationalPobladoCarmen *$$$$Regarded by many as the #1 restaurant in Medellin, Carmen is named after the California chef who opened the restaurant along with her Colombian father. Expect world class food and excellent service. Perfect for special occasions.Pork
ItalianLaurelesIl Massimo$$$Named after its Italian owner, Massimo, this Laureles restaurant offers authentic Italian dishes. Skip the pizza, as it's not as good as the rest of the menu options.Caciucco Napoletano at Ill Massimo
ItalianPobladoIl Castello$$$Il Castello is one of the city's better Italian restaurants. Located on Calle 10A, a short walk from Parque Lleras.Penne alla Vodka
MediterraneanPobladoLa Provincia *$$$$One of Medellin's top restaurants, La Provincia offers a sophisticated menu, with plenty of seafood, and a few surprises, like escargot-stuffed ravioli. Beyond the food, diners will enjoy the upscale environment, and top-notch service. Escargot-filled ravioli
MexicanEnvigadoTepito Tacos y Tequila$$Mexican restaurant decorated from floor to ceiling in Lucha Libre masks and other Mexican kitsch. Great variety of 5,000-peso tacos, 4 salsas to choose from, and a big tequila selection.Pork tacos
MexicanEnvigadoRincon Mexicano$$This Envigado favorite features typical Mexican cuisine in a festive setting. Outdoor seating is available in front of the restaurant.Tacos
MexicanPoblado, Laureles and EnvigadoMilagros$$$Restaurante Milagros offers diners quality Mexican food in a colorful and playful space, which pays homage to the traditional icons of Mexican culture.Milagros
Middle EasternLaurelesFenecia Comida Arabe$$Fenicia Comida Arabe is a lovely little Lebanese restaurant in the Laureles neighborhood near Medellin’s soccer stadium. The extensive menu offers the standard Arabic fare – hummus, warm pita bread, falafel and shawarma. Plate
Molecular GastronomyPobladoEl Cielo *$$$$Inspired by Ferran Adria, the famed chef behind (the now closed) El Bulli in Spain, Medellin’s own Juan Manuel Barrientos brings cutting edge cuisine to Colombia. Bilingual staff, and an attention to detail make this one of the top dining experiences in Medellin.Scallop
PeruvianPobladoPeru Mix Fast Food$$The brainchild of a Lima-born chef named Juan, Peru Mix Fast Food offers typical Peruvian cuisine like aji de gallina, plus more local favorites, like a chicharron sandwich. Open late on the weekends to ensure the Parque Lleras crowd can get their late night eats, Peruvian style.Peruvian food
PizzaPobladoRomero Cocina Artesenal$$Located in Poblado, Romero Cocina Artesanal is a trendy Mediterranean-style restaurant specializing in thin crust pizzas.Pizza at Romero
PizzaPobladoDelaire Sky Lounge *$$$Super chill rooftop lounge and restaurant, perfect for enjoying happy hour drinks and artisanal pizzas. Access is gained through Sixttina Discoteca on the 7th floor of the Rio Sur mall.Pesto pizza
SteakhousePobladoFerro$$$Ferro Restaurant has been serving up high quality, imported beef from Argentina and the United States for the last two years.Osso Buco
SushiLaurelesSushi House$$$Poblado is no longer the only game in town when it comes to sushi restaurants. Sushi House offers a wide variety of rolls at competitive prices.Sushi at Sushi House
SushiPoblado Sushi Market$$$Sushi Market is a Poblado-based chain of sushi restaurants with locations further up the mountains, thereby making it less convenient than those around Parque Lleras and the malls of Avenida Poblado. Quality and prices are on par with the others.
SushiPobladoSushi Train *$$$Sushi Train, located in the Diez Hotel near Parque Lleras, is the city's only conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Go here if you're looking for a quick bite, or simply the opportunity to sample a wide variety of rolls. Plus, sit at the counter, and you can custom order from the sushi chefs. Regular seating is also available.Salmon nigiri at Sushi Train
SushiPoblado and LaurelesSushi Light$$$A popular chain of sushi restaurants known for their 2 for 1 special on sushi rolls every Tuesday. Due to the growth in popularity, it's no longer possible to order nigiri on Tuesdays, but the savings still makes a weekly trip worthwhile.Sushi
TapasPobladoTarambana$$Spanish-owned restaurant serving authentic tapas and paellas located on the ground floor of the Rio Sur mall. Tarambana
TapasPobladoOle Ole Gastrobar Mediterraneo$$Ole Ole is a Spanish-owned Mediterranean themed gastrobar in Mall Zona Dos. They serve excellent tapas and sangrias, and stock a variety of gins and tonics.Tuna
ThaiParque LlerasRoyal Thai *$$$The city's only authentic Thai restaurant, Royal Thai was opened in 2009 by a Thai woman. Go here to satisfy your Pad Thai, and spicy food cravings.Spring rolls
VegetarianParque LlerasMundo Verde$$Poblado restaurant dedicated to offering healthy salads, wraps, sandwiches, and drinks. Vegetarian friendly.Chicken and avocado wrap
VegetarianPobladoVerdeo$$Located a few blocks from Parque Lleras, vegetarians rejoiced when Verdeo opened its doors, offering diners a break from more meat-oriented Colombian cuisine.Verdeo


Check out the travel guide for the Colombia episode of No Reservations.

If you know an amazing spot not listed here, please leave a comment below with the name and location.


  1. Olivia, very close to Juana la Cubana on the street full of cool new restaurants in Envigado. Calle 30 Sur # 43 A 47. Oven-baked pizzas are DELICIOUS; by far the best Italian-style pizza in Medellín. They just do pizza and they do it well! The appetizers and desserts I’ve tried were good as well. The bakery next door (Andres’ Bakery) is really good as well (we sometimes get an appetizer there if while we wait) and they make the dough for Olivia. My favorite pizza is the one with serrano ham and arugula – they cover it with freshly shredded parmesan that is really nice! Be prepared to wait if you show up after 7pm, at least on weekends. They don’t take reservations but I once managed to call ahead and put our names on the wait list before we headed over.

    *meant to say brick-oven pizzas 😉

  2. Also, for excellent, non-greasy, well-aged, properly-cooked steaks:
    Lucio Carbon y Vino
    Carrera 44a #30sur 40, Envigado (around the corner from Olivia).
    Supposedly the fish is good too but it’s supposed to be Argentinian so I went for steak. Make a reservation!

    Thanks for putting this list together!

  3. Update to location of Senor itto. Directions above say it is close to Sante Fe Mall. It’s actually about a 30 second walk from Parque Poblado (Calle 9 and #43B Avenida Poblado) . It is just past Piccolo Pizzas. Same side of the street as Piccolo. Nice little restaurant. It has some real character and charm Sushi is pretty good albeit a little more expensive than most.

  4. I love this new feature/plugin. It’s a great addition to Medellín Living.

  5. If you want delicious seafood at a reasonable price, go to Lo Exquisito del Mar, it’s near the Atanasio Girardot stadium. Their webpage is as follows: – they specialize in seafood from the Pacific coast. Enjoy!!

  6. I’m glad Piqueo is on your list. Get the Mariscos a la Chalaca. The Risotto with the Fillet a la Menier.

    You should also try Zeta. The Lemon Chicken was very good. Different but very good. But the absolute must have is the Tarta de Leche for dessert. The closest thing to greek around. Unless you know of others?

  7. Hello, any ideas where I might find how much it might be to open a cafe or small restaurant in colombia? Procedures, etc.? I’ve tried to google but nothing good came up.

  8. Barbara says:

    David, we will be travelling to Medelllin in June. Love this list of restaurants. Is it possible to get it in a format that prints well?

    • Hi Barbara, I’m glad you like the list. I regularly update this page, so my recommendation is to check it closer to your trip.

      I think you should be able to do a “print page” through your web browser. Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to format it nicely so only the list prints out. I will keep that feature in mind for the future.

      Another option would be to purchase my Medellin Guide, which is as a PDF, as well as for Kindle, though the list you see here provides more up-to-date info, including many restaurants I’ve visited since first publishing the guide last February.

  9. David,
    You may wish to include Cafe Botero, in Plaza Botero, in the Museo de Antioquia. Little pricey, i.e., > 20k CP entree, excellent.
    Had the Botero Museo Salad, 22k-CP. Service was perfect, polite with my almost n
    on existent Spanish.
    Deserts were great! Beer was ‘buy one, get one’!
    The Museo is largely dedicated to Botero on the 3rd floor, in addition to his bronzes in the front yard. 10k to get in…seemed a bit much, but after entry, it was worth it.
    Easy to suggest you put both on your list.
    Thanks for your efforts!

  10. Hello David,
    There is a new Indian restaurant in town called CURRY , Check it out once please.
    Indian food made by Indian Chef.

    • Sidhartha,

      I will be definitely be checking it out. From what I can see from the menu I do love it. But I dont see any bombay potatoes…it is what I miss the most this year. 🙁

      • sidhartha says:

        Ricky ,
        You are always welcome 🙂
        As we are new , we don’t want to confuse our customers with lots of plates too choose. We will be adding new plates every month so you won’t be disappointed with the potatoes.
        Hoping for your presence.
        Thank you,

    • We’ll get there. I’ve been telling people about it, but it has so far taking me longer than expected to visit and write a review 🙂

      • sidhartha says:

        Hi David,
        we would be more than happy to have your presence at our restaurant.
        Please let us know when you want to come so we can make a reservation for you.
        Hoping for your presence,

        Thank you ,

  11. As a lover of mexican food, I have struggled for years trying to find a decent Mexican restaurant in Medellin. Recently, it seems that a new Mexican restaurant is opening up around every corner as Colombians discover the amazing taste and variety of Mexican food. Unfortunately, the majority of these new restaurants are
    no better and you will have to look hard to even find a real Mexican in any of the kitchens.
    Well, my search ended when i stumbled upon a new Mexican Artesanal Restaurant called Catrina Cocina Artesanal Mexicana. There is a Mexican in the kitchen, a chilango named Mitchell, who has managed to transport all the amazing flavors of his native country to Medellin.
    The menu is extensive and has dishes from nearly every region of the country. so far, i’ve tried more-than eight dishes and each one has been excellent. Their website isn’t much as Mitchell must be too busy making his customers happy to deal with it. It’s best to just go and try it for yourself. It’s located on Calle 41A between La 70 and Carrera 71, so it’s not far from Primer Parque. It happens to be located next to Orale, another Mexican chain restaurant, a place which may be fine for Paisas who have never been to Mexico (or the southern US). While people who know real Mexican food, should Andale guey! to Catrinas!

  12. Christopher cordeiro says:

    Any good Japanese restaurants in medellin in in el poblado barrio castropol. I’m looking for a tepan place and a yaki Niku style Japanese restaurants not really a sushi guy also not into like the food court style fast food Japanese

  13. Hi There! We are new in Medellin currently living in Belen. Anything new and exciting over here? I see your listings are mostly Poblado and Laureles. Thanks for the info. Saludos!



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