Que No Se Enteren – Silvestre Dangond


This is one of the songs I listen to most when I’m missing Medellin. As with most vallenato songs, it’s about love.

You can see the Spanish lyrics here.

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  1. excellent song, but typical musician [a little off the wall]. so far, I’m finding medellin expensive, and actually thinking of moving to another city or another country. Rent is high around El Poblado;cant afford it.

    • True, but Poblado is amongst the most expensive neighborhoods in which to rent. Try looking in Envigado, Laureles, Belen, or if you really want to cut costs, Centro (downtown). Or you could always rent a room instead.

      As for other countries in the region, Ecuador is pretty cheap, but my favorite city, Cuenca, was a little too small for me.

      I spent 5 months in Lima, and the cheapest rent I found in Miraflores (the equivalent of Poblado) is $600/month. So other neighborhoods, like Barranco, should be less.