The “I Speak Paisa” Spanish Course (Version 2)

Medellín as seen from Cerro Nutibarra
Medellín as seen from Cerro Nutibarra

I Speak Paisa

Editor’s Note: As of 2015, this program is no longer available.

Last November, I introduced you to a new online Spanish course called I Speak Paisa.

The course is designed to teach foreigners Colombian Spanish, specifically, the paisa dialect spoken in the Antioquia region, of which Medellín is the capital.

The goal is to get people speaking Spanish like a paisa as quickly as possible, while at the same time educating them on the local customs and culture.

According to Course Director Vince Robson, who has since become a friend of mine, dozens of people enrolled in the inaugural class.

“I learned a lot, particularly about the culture and loved learning all the slang etc. You covered a lot of things that a standard Spanish course doesn’t. I believe that sets your course apart from any other.” — Jennifer P., New Zealand

Based on the first group’s experience with the course and resources, they’ve gone on to make some major changes for the second version, which officially launches Saturday, May 24, 2014 (but can be purchased as of today).

First and foremost, the course is now set up to allow new students to join whenever they want. It’s no longer a three-month course, where if you miss the specified enrollment period, you have to wait several months to join.

Plus, membership is for life, so you can pay now, and tap into the community in the future, whenever it best suits you.

And because it’s online, it’s possible to enroll before you visit or move to Medellín.

In fact, the ability to hit the ground running is a major selling point for choosing an online course over private tutoring or in-person Spanish classes.

“There is no better way to maximize your enjoyment of Medellin and all that Colombia has to offer than to learn Spanish, and with this course you can really communicate with the locals in a way you wouldn’t be able to through other Spanish courses.” — Will H., USA

Medellín as seen from Cerro Nutibarra
Medellín as seen from Cerro Nutibarra

When you join I Speak Paisa, you get the following:

  • Complete basic-to-intermediate level Spanish instruction
  • Live Q&A Webinars
  • Interactive multimedia lessons
  • The chance to learn Paisa Spanish slang, expressions, customs and culture
  • Lifetime access to the program including all updates and support

The regular price is $300, but you can save 50% by subscribing to Vince’s blog, PuraMedellin. This brings the price down to just $150.

Vince is so confident you’ll have a good experience with I Speak Paisa, they’re continuing to offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

For me, this course is still super cheap for what you get, and because I’ve got more free time in the coming months to improve my Spanish, I’ve already joined!

Editor’s Note: As of 2015, this program is no longer available.

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  1. Hi, this is Vince, the Course Director for I Speak Paisa.

    To answer Peter’s question, there is no native app for the course but the entire course is mobile responsive so that you can take the course via desktop, tablet or smartphone. We have plans to release the course in the future as a native app and since this is a lifetime membership, all members from Version 1 on will have access to the native app when it is released with no additional fee.