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Several existing sites have a directory of all the bars and clubs, however for our Medellín nightlife directory, we’re building a list from personal experience and recommendations by Colombian friends.

Latin Hosts has also selected the top spots based on feedback from their visitors and members host. The nightlife section of their Visitor guide is a good rundown.

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to nightlife in Medellín, the farther away from Parque Lleras you venture, the less likely you’ll be sharing the bar or club with other foreigners.

All venues are within Medellín city limits unless otherwise noted.

Sample Week

New to town and want to start partying in Medellín right away, regardless of the night?

Options are limited early in the week, however here are a few suggestions to help you find Medellín’s party people:

Crossover Discotecas (Dance Clubs)

The majority of the discotecas en Medellín play crossover music, which means you’ll hear a mix of different genres throughout the night, including salsa, reggaeton, merengue, vallenato, cumbia, bachata, popular rock and electronica.

* Editor’s Choice

BrewerySabanetaApóstol Brewery$$Every Thursday evening, the Apóstol Brewery hosts a beer tasting and brewery tour that's open to the public.Apostol beer
BreweryBarrio Colombia3 Cordilleras Brewery$$Every Thursday night, 3 Cordilleras brewery hosts a happy hour with a very generous drink special. The atmosphere is the closest thing to an American style happy hour you'll find in the city.3 Cordilleras
BreweryBarrio ColombiaCerveceria Libre *$$Small neighborhood brewpub. They brew their own beer in a back room, and also sell beer by the bottle and on draft by Bogotá Beer Company, 3 Cordilleras and Apóstol.Cerveceria Libre
CrossoverParque LlerasEnvy Rooftop Bar$$$Exclusive rooftop bar known for its pool parties and celebrity spottings.Envy
CrossoverLas PalmasDulce Jesus Mio *$$$Large discoteca in form of a mock Antioquian pueblo, with staff in costume, and song and dance performances. Get there before 10pm to get a good table, and bring a girl, or risk not getting in.Dulce Jesus Mio
CrossoverBarrio ColombiaTutaina Tuturuma$$Tutaina Tuturuma opened its doors in October 2008, and in the process, brought a taste of the typical pueblo atmosphere to Barrio Colombia. The walls are plastered with random, kitschy stuff making for an atmosphere that's uniquely paisa.Tutaina Tuturuma
CrossoverPoblado Sixttina Discoteca$$$Sixttina's space follows the semi-circular shape of the building, putting the focus directly on the DJ booth, or live performers. Attracts beautiful women, and a wealthier clientele, but foreigners have already invaded.Sixttina
CrossoverPoblado Sinko Bar$$Looking as though it could've been ripped right out of the suburbs of Washington, DC, Sinko Bar attracts the after work crowd. Occupying a 3rd floor space in Rio Sur, reserve ahead of time if you want a table on the outdoor balcony for happy hour. Sinko Bar
Crossover Parque LlerasEl Pub de Octavia *$$Casual but fun bar with DJs, and a little space to dance.El Pub de Octavia
CrossoverParque LlerasBendito Seas$$Bendito Seas offers a popular Thursday night Ladies Night. Smaller than Babylon, but still quite fun, Bendito Seas tends to attract a younger crowd. The interior decor is super paisa.Bendito Seas
Crossover Parque LlerasBogota Beer Company *$$BBC is an English-style pub perfect for going out with friends after work, or to get some beers and grub while watching the local soccer.Bogota Beer Company
Crossover Poblado Delaire Sky Lounge *$$$Super chill rooftop lounge with a nice city view, perfect for happy hour drinks. Terrific pizzas. High prices, especially for cocktails. No dancing, but it's connected to Sixttina discoteca.Delaire Sky Lounge
CrossoverEnvigadoLa Tienda *$$La Tienda is a smaller version of Dulce Jesus Mio, offering the pueblo-style atmosphere, with multiple locations throughout the city, including Envigado, Sabaneta, La 70, and La Strada mall.La Tienda
CrossoverParque LlerasB-Lounge$$$Wednesday nights are Ladies Night at B-Lounge, making it one of the few happening places mid-week. Expect to see a lot of foreign guys from the nearby hostels.B-Lounge
CrossoverItagüíMango’s Discoteca$$$Mango's was once one of Medellin's top discotecas, known for its male and female go-go dancers, and midget performers. Featuring a Western-theme, it has downsized to a smaller space in recent years.Mango's Disco
CrossoverParque LlerasLa Ruana de Juana$$Large discoteca located right on Calle 10, a few blocks from Parque Lleras. Decorated in the paisa style (with lots of random crap hanging everywhere). La Ruana de Juana
CrossoverBarrio ColombiaAmarna Unica$$Amarna is an Egyptian-themed discoteca from the outside facade through to the interior decor, and staff dressed in costume. Get there before midnight to catch bellydancing performances on the bar.Bellydancers
CrossoverPobladoMixology Molecular Bar$$$Mixology Molecular Bar offers a interesting and novel line of cocktails developed by a Peruvian mixologist. It's located on the 7th floor of Rio Sur Mall.Gin Fizz
Live music / CrossoverPoblado Kukaramakara Club$$$The highlight of this club is a live cover band playing rock, Latin, and reggaeton favorites, with a DJ between sets. Takes a little while for the crowd to warm up and start dancing. Attracts an upscale crowd.Kukaramakara
Live music / CrossoverBarrio ColombiaTrilogia Bar *$$Trilogia Bar is an old favorite, featuring a live cover band playing rock and Latin covers on a rotating stage. In between sets, a DJ spins crossover music, and everyone gets up to dance. Great atmosphere.Trilogia Bar
ReggaetonLas PalmasDejavu$$$Reggaeton club on Las Palmas highway. It was featured in Dalmata's "Dile A Tu Amiga" video.Dejavu Discoteca
RockParque LlerasLa Octava Bar$La Octava is a cheap, friendly rock bar open 365 days a year. Popular with a younger, college age crowd. Great caipirinhas and beer selection.La Octava
RockParque LlerasDalí Rock Bar and Cafe$$Bar and cafe featuring a mix of classic rock, from the Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd, and more modern rock, such as Linkin Park and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A comfortable vibe, and TV's also make it a good place to catch sports events. Dali Rock Bar
Rock & ElectronicaParque LlerasBlue$Blue is a mainstay for both foreigners and the paisas who want to party with them (aka "gringo hunters").Blue
SalsaLa 70Son Havana *$Currently Dave's favorite salsa bar in the city, with live bands on the weekends.Son Havana
SalsaCentroEl Eslabon Prendido$Located downtown, a half block from Parque Periodista, El Eslabon Prendido is Medellin's best known salsa bar. Tuesday nights feature a live salsa band, drawing a mix of foreigners and Colombians to dance the night away. El Eslabon Prendido
SalsaLa 70El Tibiri$Small, hot, basement-level salsa bar that draws excellent dancers.
Salsa and BachataPobladoDancefree$Dancefree offers private and group salsa and bachata classes to everyone, from beginners to experts. They also organize social dance nights, parties, and special events. Dancefree
TangoBarrio AntioquiaPatio del Tango *$$$Patio del Tango is an old school, Argentine-style parilla (restaurant) featuring live tango music and professional dance performances on the weekends. Step inside and find out why Medellin is known as tango's 2nd city.Patio del Tango
TheaterBelenTeatro Universidad de Medellin$$$The University of Medellin's Theater seats 1,700 people, making it one of the largest in the city. The theater hosts a variety of events, including concerts, dance performances, comedy shows, and theatrical productions.Teatro Universidad de Medellin
TheaterCentroTeatro Pablo Tabon$$
TheaterCentroTeatro Metropolitano de Medellin$$Medellin's Metropolitan theater is one of the largest in the city, and features a program of classical and popular music, ballet, and contemporary and folkloric dance.
TheaterCentroTeatro Lido *FreeTeatro Lido is a government-supported theater offering free access to its full schedule of events, which runs weekly, every Wednesday through Sunday.Teatro Lido
TheaterCentroTeatro Matacandelas$$This medium-sized, downtown theater features a mix of musical and theatrical performances.Teatro Matecandelas


  1. Lance L'Amoure says:

    I love Colombia.

  2. stay away from san diego strip club. this is not a gringo friendly place especially if your spanish is poor. not sure why but i was charged 30 mil for a beer. the guy was saying something. then one of the dancers I had met weeks earlier spotted me and came sat with me, couldnt get rid of her, ended up buying her a drink and moved to another seat. then another girl came by saying they accepted credit cards, I bought her a drink, and then the guy said he would not accept credit. so I payed the cash and got up and left. this place is not for gringos…..stay away.

    • TRUE! San Diego is for sure sketchy as all get up….i’ve had a few close calls in there!

      AS in run ins with “local” guys that you don’t want to have run ins with! Super aggressive girls, rude staff, very pushy, and that’s just the start! GRINGOS beware, San DIEGO is NOT safe. Roll in a group of guys and pay cash, or do not go here at all. I lean towards the latter. Can’t imagine what they’d do to a 65 year old gringo by himself with poor spanish….

    • Those places are the same, the girls are the same…all over the world.

  3. I just came back from Medellin it is a beautiful city, with a modern infrastructure. I stayed for 9 days after the 2nd day I was ready to leave. I went to Santa Fe mall and every person that walked by me was staring at me.
    When I went in the clubs and walked on the streets the same thing constant looks. No ladies would give me the time of day. When I was in the club and placed my drinks down on a table near others, I could tell from the corner of my eye they were talking about me. I came to realize I was the only black person in the mall except for a black security guard, the only black guy in the club. Then I began to understand why only the white guys no matter what they looked like were getting play. I truley wanted to fly to another country but I had already payed for my room. I travel 2 to 3 times a year to different countries and I must say Medellin takes the cake when it comes to racism.
    If you think this just happend to me think again my friend, another black group of 3 guys from Miami said the same thing I said when I met them in club Babylon. Colombia is not a place for a black guy in my book especially Medellin.

    • Sorry Jacob,
      Antioquia is very regionalistic and old-fashioned. If Colombia had “red necks” they would be from the old families of Medellin. Hence the saying, “Negro, ni mi caballo…” You would have been more comfortable in Cartagena or San Andres – Medellin is definitely racist.
      John T.

      • Very racist, backwards, and judgmental. Rude people and poor service too. So much for the “friendly paisas” theory. Yeah, only friendly when your wallet is out.

        • You’re entitled to your opinion Rodney, however, I don’t think stereotyping an entire city’s population is fair, nor does it serve any greater good. I’ve had plenty of paisa friends who are neither racist nor homophobic.

          To make such generalizations is just as bad as the Colombians who stereotype all Americans visiting Colombia as drug addicted sex tourists.

          I’ve approved all the comments you left on this page so far, but we try to keep a positive tone on Medellin Living. Please keep that in mind if you want to continue to share your thoughts.

    • Sorry about your experience Jacob,next time try Baranquilla on the north coast,lots more black folk there.

    • That sucks but I see this a lot outside of the US. Especially in Latin America and Asia. Unfortunately, blacks have not done themselves any favors as they pretty much “corner the market” in terms of drugs, violence, crime and corruption. That’s not racist, just fact. Of course there are some very excellent black folks, I’m just speaking in general terms.

      • Jim, are you serious, blacks “corner the market” drugs, violence, crime and corruption. OMG, even in general terms this is an absolutely racist remark if I ever heard one…if we just stay with Colombia since we’re here. Colombia supplies 80-90% of the cocaine to the USA, it seems to me that Colombia has the cocaine market “cornered”, so would it be fair to say general speaking that “COLOMBIANS” supply 80-90 of the cocaine tot he US? We all know its the “cocaine cartels” who runs this trade while the vast majority of Colombians have nothing to do with it…

        • Right with you Jamaal… hoping we see a less ignorant world at some point in our lifetime.

        • I wouldn’t get too lathered up, if you just look at general statistics (Latinos) who are soon to be the majority in the U.S. make up the bulk of the cocaine trade. Peru has edged out Colombia to be the top producing Cocaine country, and the Mexican Cartels run all of it. U.S. demand (mostly white folks) are fueling the demand. So as 8% of the population, there is no way black folks “corner the market” on cocaine. Obviously an uninformed opinion. Not even well informed enough to be even considered racist, just terribly misinformed.

    • Jacob,I cant speak for Medellin since I have not been there yet, although I plan on going in April for a month. I did stay in Barranquilla for 3 weeks in 2012 and I had the opposite effect. Yes, I was stared at often but I think its because I’m 6ft 4 in and 215. Everyone wanted to know if I was a basketball or football player. In my 3 weeks there I felt no sense of racism at all, none.

      I have followed interviews of other African American living there and no one has reported this kind of activity.. Everyone’s experience is different. Unfortunately racism is everywhere and it seems to more directed at blacks than anyone else. But I refuse to let it stop me from living the life I desire…Medellin here I come…

      • I have been to Medellin 9 times and I am heading back in April. In all honesty, I have never had a bad trip. Do some people stare? of course they do, Have I been the only black guy in a food court, of course I have but people generally pay me no mind after the initial look of surprise. With respect to the women, from my experience, its very difficult to meet women at bars/clubs (and this is not just for Black guys, many white guys have a hard time just picking up), you have to do the legwork during the day, chat up a girl working at the mall, at the park and then take her out to a club or for food…the point is that of course there is racism in Medellin (as there is in most countries) but in my experience it has never prevented me from having a great time. One final point, are there girls in Medellin that wont talk to a black guy? of course there are, but for every 1 of those, I have met 4 that are super cool and easy to hangout with. Just my two cents.

        • Jeanette says:

          Well said

        • Big dog is right about the women here. I have lived in Barranquilla for 2.5 years now and I do not find the girls, in general, very pro-active toward initiating conversations. But….I think some of that might just be a lack of their own confidence (if they think you’re a gringo) and also partially due to the fact that (here in Barranquilla anyway) they are what I consider to be somewhat traditional…i.e. they just don’t talk to people they don’t know.

          If they have traveled a bit, and they know you’re from the US, then yeah…they will likely want to talk to you.

          Medellin, you have to remember, is a ‘big city’. And even in the US, ‘proper’ women have generally learned not to talk to strangers unless it’s in a very safe situation.

          So….. I wouldn’t write off Colombia by any means. If you learned even just a little Spanish, I’d be will to bet that it would dramatically change your situation.


          p.s. I’m moving to Medellin in a couple of weeks.

      • Jeanette says:

        First off Medellin is a gorgeous inovated city! Dont be guided by rumour! Looks come to everyone! Colombians do not know how to be subtle! 6feet man will definetly be looked at if anything they think ir a pro athlete visitng our city. Im colombian and everytime i go men are constintly staring and throwing comments..u defintly have to have the self esteem to walk down the street knowing ur being looked at. Despise the race druggs is not even the topic!

      • Taurean says:

        How was Medellin for you? I’m going with a group of 11 in about a month.

      • Jamaal- one of my best friends here is a hot black Colombian chick. (I’m as white as it gets, over 6′, in shape, have money etc) and I can FEEL the hisses and racism when her and I go in a grocery. From everyone. Black Colombian dudes nervously laugh (chick is stacked), locals roll their eyes and make comments. The local women are the worst, and the second she turns her back to go the bathroom they start running their mouths thinking I can’t understand them. I can.

        Racism here is alive and well, and I can see the hatred and jealousy in the women’s eyes when they see me walking with a black girl. I could care less: she’s a super cool chick and a good person so I don’t care if I could be dating a surgeon’s daughter or a girl who lives with her mom in Bello. But the locals are incredibly judgmental and are great backstabbers, almost like it’s an art. if you can accept that, you can come here. If not, you could go to eastern europe and kill it all day. For sure learn spanish. I’ve seen lots of north American black dudes here approach my girl and strike out fast because they didn’t bother learning any spanish whatsoever before their trip and were counting on their game back home to work for them. It’s a different type of swagger and game here for sure. Good luck! Medellin can be a cool place if you know the rules and don’t expect too much. Once in a while you’ll get surprised. When a chick likes you, hold on to your hat! 🙂

    • cafe tinto says:

      Medellin takes the cake? Sorry bro but I think your flight must have dropped you off in Mobile, not Medellin. I did not feel that Medellin was racist. Maybe some people are but I just assumed the people who are rude are simply rude until I specically find out they’re racist. I have three other black friends who went to Medellin and they agree. I had no problems. I think what may have been wierd was if you were in these places alone. That is strange to Colombians because everything is very social.

    • I wish you knew how many black people live in medellin, they’re a lot!! and here we all stare at each other no mather what color we are, it’s just normal for us. I’m sorry but I think the “racist issue” it was all in your mind! I hope you come back with a possitive mind and you’ll have a great time here!

    • Natalia Molina says:

      Definitely the racist issue is in your mind… just how that guy said, Colombia is a old fashioned country… and they were staring at you only because you look diferent, the point is, once you meet us, you’ll discovered the most friendly people in the world!!

    • hey Brother That sucks I played football and boxing just outside good old Detriot The best city I love my black brothers even though I am white lol Sad to here that story I am Canadian and your more than welcome to hang out and be chilled and respected,

    • Antwan Johnson says:

      I disagree…. I had a totally different experience…. I saw lots of black Colombians too and I went out with Colombians of all colors.

  4. I met a great guy here who happens to be black. Everyone here really likes the guy; so I am not seeing the racism being spoken of. Medellin isnt just a city with a bunch of people in it. They have there own customs and culture. It takes some time to “mix in” but I would have to agree with what I have heard. In general the people here are friendly and kind.

  5. I would like to go to a similar place and meet some gorgeous women.

    I cannot imagine doing the same in my local area because of rejection and possible danger.

  6. Well my bad experience won’t stop me. I plan on going to cartagena at some point this year. My ultimate goal is looking for a place to retire in 7 years.. I have seen that cartagena has a good mix of colombian and afro- colombian culture.

  7. so you are out of luck if you don’t like reggaeton.

    • There’s no doubt reggaeton is hugely popular, along with salsa and vallenato, but there are alternatives like rock bars, a few electronica clubs, and a more underground scene for punk, hardcore, and metal shows.

      This list reflects my personal tastes, which have become decidedly Latin since arriving in Colombia.

      • Amanda Witte says:

        Dave – thanks for posting, think very helpful. Love seeing more music/nightlife posts! Too bad so many commenters have digressed into a caricature of terrible extranjero cliches. Son Havana is definitely a great spot for live music, but my fave has to be La Cabana del Recuerdo (found via your site, so double-thanks. Casa Teatro El Poblado (conveniently in my barrio) has a very diverse music/theater calendar. Saw an amazing 11-piece live latin-funk band and also do lots of classical.

  8. Highland Park Gringo says:

    Surprised by this post since most Colombians I know here are a mixture of skin color due to the influences of different cultures, black, hispanic, native. I find Colombians to not really care about skin color since most have both dark and light people in their families.

    • How can you actually say this and believe it? It’s well known here that lighter skin is equated with a higher class. Same in most of SA and the Dominican Republic and many countries. Racism here is alive and well and why people are covering up the racism (and laughably obvious) racism in Medellin is laughable. Are going to deny next that the class systems 1-6 Strata also don’t exist? Try taking your strata 1 or 2 friend or employee to a club here and see what happens. These people have an advanced infrastructure but a 1985 mindset. They only act nice in front of black Americans because those guys are literally twice their size and have a reputation. Same with me I tower over most Colombians and outweigh them by 50+ lbs of muscle, and people are usually very polite to my face, but the second I turn my head let the shit talk and the haterade begin! Colombian men are the worst, so jealous they see red. I feel like i’m back in high school here. Most of them are simpletons stuck in 1993, and i’m not even speaking on their fashion, just their outdated thinking. Behind their well practiced smiles are lies, more lies, deceit, theft, and back stabbing. Those are facts. Any gringo telling you different has on his rose colored glasses or hates other gringos and desperately, OH so desperately, wants to believe that coming here was a good idea, even though they know deep down it wasn’t. Truth?

      • Jose Leyba says:

        Having grown up there, I can categorically state your comment about lighter skin equates to a higher class in Dominican Republic is incorrect. Which makes me wonder about your statements regarding Colombian attitudes towards people of color.

        Over 70% of the Dominican population is mulatto, i.e. mixed race black and white. In other words, most of us look like this guy:

        Dominican Republic is definitely an elitist society. However, social-economic status is largely determined by money, family name and connections, The color of your skin doesn’t influence whether you’re high, middle or low class. If you are black, the worst offense you’ll receive is you might be the butt of good natured jokes. (Mami que sera lo que quiere el negroooo?)

        To those who might bring up the current Haitians deportations as examples of Dominican racism, I say this: do a little research into the history between the two countries, Start with Toussaint L’Ouverture and look into the period 1801-1861, and you might start to realize why Dominicans don’t want Haitians in the country. Hint – it has nothing to do with skin color.

  9. Cafe Tinto says:

    Is Medellin still fun in the rainy season? I am thinking of going in October but I read that it rains a lot more then.

    • Yes, you can have fun here all year. Paisas go all out for Halloween, so it can be a lot of fun to party here that week.

      But October happens to be the wettest month of the year, so it’s more likely to rain for at least a few hours every day. Usually the mornings are great, and the thunderstorms blow through in the mid-afternoon. Sometimes they clear out quick, and other times it goes into the night.

      I’d recommend September or November if possible. December is the start of the dry/summer season so there’s noticeably less rain.

  10. While it will be months and months from now before I am anywhere near being able to visit Medellin, I do have a few questions:

    1. I am a good enough pop-rock DJ to work at a club. Is it even possible to get such a gig in Medellin? Just askin’.

    2. I am also interested in starting a band (as a singer). How difficult would it be to form an expat band in Medellin?

  11. I came to medellin in july 2013 stayed 9 days for the first time to see a lady
    People were very friendly i enjoyed metro cable the restaurants were excellent
    I enjoyed shopping at sante fe small i had no problems are far as race medellin
    Has tons of black folks africans etc they just speak spanish my girl is chocolate
    Colombian lady i am Light skin brother no problems whatsoever people only
    Starred at me when i started talking thats it people can stare i have no problem
    Because i know who i am know my history know who my ancestors were i have
    No self esteem problems only thing i might have is a ego because i know and
    Research my history so i am sorry you had a bad experience.

  12. Chris Trev says:

    Just throwing it out there, but it seems to me as thought ‘Kevin’ was trying to lure a young vulnerable teenager to South Africa. Maybe im misreading it however sound pretty creepy to me!

    • Agreed, completely. Young impressionable teenage boy, please don’t to South Africa with that man. I have a hard time believing you’re going to like what will happen.

    • I agree about this South African guy, sounds very shady. I would advise this young lady to stay well clear.

  13. I spent 7 months in Colombia, and I would say that Colombian people are very kind and friendly. In the time I was there I have made some great friends. I truly do love Colombia. I am myself mixed race, half black half white… therefore caramel in skin tone.
    There is no blatant racism there but I would say that white guys definitely get more play there just because of their skin tone the girls are more attracted to them. I never let that get to me as I had to work game regardless but I know if I was a white guy working same game I would have got more play. Like it or not Medellin is a great city but there is a slight bias towards whites as in most other Latin countries however it should not stop you from having fun.

  14. I was having a chat with a Colombian girl last night and she told me to be extremely careful in the clubs because there’s an industry of slipping things in your drink to sedate you then taking all your stuff – money, passport everything. She made it sound quite serious. What have you heard about this kind of thing?

    Thanks –


    • Yes, it’s called scopolamine, and it’s a real danger, but not something you need to be paranoid about.

      Always keep an eye on your drink, and be careful about wandering around clubs or just outside of them on the street alone and drunk. Stick with your friends.

      If a beautiful girl you just met is coming onto you aggressively, that’s a warning sign. Be careful about taking a girl you just met at a club back to your hotel or apartment the first night. Some guys prefer to go to an hourly motel as a precaution.

      It’s a bigger problem in Bogotá then Medellín.

  15. David,
    Which of the nightlife bars or dance places cater to more mature women–at least mid thirties to mid forties
    in the Poblado area. I am a fit 50 year old man in good shape, but don’t want to be running around with at places that are primarily college age kids.

  16. Great page, im from Medellin, and you describe it better than me. GREAT JOB!!!

  17. Christian says:

    Hey guys, I’m gonna be travelling through Medellin on my way to Manizales and have a Wednesday night in town. Are there any Wednesday night spots anyone can recommend other than B-Lounge? Maybe I’ll give it a chance if it’s the only thing going on Wednesday but I was looking for other options.

  18. Bobby Bourne says:

    Hello everyone! I’m coming to Medellin on April 12 (Sunday) to celebrate my 40th birthday. I’ll be staying in an apartment in parque lleras for the first few nights then at the Charlee hotel. I’m a professional black American who currently resides in Seattle, WA and I’ll have my buddy with me (older gringo guy). I’m hoping that I can get some advice on what there is to do from Sunday thru Wednesday. Me and my friend are into Latina women, drinking, and partying. Lol. Also it would be nice to make some connections in the area with fellow Americans and/or English speakers. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  19. Jose Leyba says:

    Hi David,

    Love the blog.

    I noticed you have Dejavu on Las Palmas still listed as a reggaeton club.

    In August of last year I visited Dejavu and found it had split into two separate venues, co-located in what used to be Dejavu.

    On one site you have Icono ( which is now an electrónica venue, and the other is what remains of Dejavu (still reggaeton).

    Icono is a pretty nice place, but the sound system is LOUUUUUUUD.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the update Jose, I’ve seen the Icono sign there but hadn’t been back to see what they’d done with the place. My tolerance for loud music is not that high these days, but maybe another of our writers can cover the new club!

  20. Gabriele Isaac says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a black panamanian male who is coming from Texas where I have lived most my life after leaving Panama at the age of 9. Great site with good information. After reading all the comments, I am both excited and nervous about the next few days here. Would love to make a friend or two since I arrived alone in order to socialize with some local people here.

    Let me know if you are interested in going for lunch or something to meet and talk a few minutes. I would really appreciate any help so that I can enjoy my time here in Medellin. I’m staying in the Poblado area.

    G Isaac

  21. Chris Brown says:

    Lots of interesting and contradicting comments LOL! It seems that I’m going to need to just keep a open mind as I always do when traveling to a new place because these comments are all over the place. I will be in MDE in January along with my cousin and we have two females meeting us their who are from and live in Bogota (only staying with us for a few days). I have never been to Colombia but have never had any issues with Colombian women I have meet in other countries they seemed to find me attractive as a mixed black guy. The one thing that all the Colombian women I have meet seem to be stuck on is eye color, they love that I have hazel eyes which in the U.S. seems pretty normal but according to them its not so common in Colombia, I never had any of them say they dislike black people but like anywhere in the world you’re going to find some racists. Whatever I plan on having a great time and not let other peoples negative opinions sway me. Thanks for the blog it was a really good read and gave me so good ideas for places to party that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

  22. Luz Gonzalez says:

    Anyone ever participated in a speed dating event in Medellin?

  23. Great list of places to go. I clicked and looked at nearly every one of them.

    Cool that you were hanging out with Gareth from Tourist To Townie. He’s an interesting guy.

    I just bookmarked this so I can refer to it on my next Medellin trip. I’d like to head down and buy a rental property while the COP is so good against the dollar.

    Thank, Patrick

  24. I am a girl from Medellin, and it is sad to know people came and had a bad experience. To be honest, some Paisas tend to be regionalistic, but with people from other regions of Colombia, not foreigners. Anyway, I dont think its fair to judge every Paisa to be racist.
    About this page, I really like it, says the truth about the best places in Medellín. One place I recommend, and that is in the list, of course, is Dancefree. There are private classes, group classes and parties at night. You can get info at

  25. I am currently in Medellin on business and I really love the place. I am also black American but fluent in Spanish. So far I have not received any problems from the locals. They are friendly and welcoming. This city is awesome and really beautiful. However, I have not really gone beyond Stratums 5 and 6 (Belen, Laureles, Suramericana, and Poblado) and I am on Uber for most transport needs. I am also not into clubbing so I tend not to be faced with some of the issues described in the thread above. There are many black Colombians in Medellin (and they are beautiful!) and mixed race ones and ‘whites’ too. Such a lovely city. If you are not well traveled then the staring might be misinterpreted. If you are black American and you are traveling around outside of the US then you are privileged…own that privilege and work it to your advantage. People usually respond.

  26. Oh gee, this black stuff,damn lighten up,it’s the personality and attitude is what it’s all about ….Friendly people have Friends OK….I am going to Medellin in December i will find out first hand what you are all talking about i am not expecting anything but a good time….Love the one’s that love you forget about the rest.

  27. I’ve been to Colombia more times than I can count. Colombia, overall, is not racist. In fact, Colombians generally consider themselves Black. They our outspoken on that so the racist thing against Blacks falls off the cliff. I’ve been to Medellin many time. I’ve been to Barranquilla and Santa Marta and Colombian hospitality is like no place I’ve ever known. I’m from St. Louis and moved to Florida 12 years ago.

    I met a friend from Colombia, who was also a student, and we lived together for years. When her family visited from Barranquilla they always stayed at my place. These are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life. We are all like family and consider ourselves so. We’ve been to weddings, birthday celebrations, you name it. Anyone who characterizes Colombia as categorically racist is ignorant in the literal sense of the word. The U.S. could learn a lesson in hospitality from Colombia. The women are not only beautiful but very approachable. Are there some who are stuck up. Sure, that’s everywhere. I would say the percentage of that is 1 in 100 compared to the U.S. where it’s a coin toss. Sorry ladies but it is what it is.

    I’ve done the local thing in Colombia and the tourist thing. Last thing about drug stereotypes….. I ride sport bikes. I stopped to help a Harley rider who was broke down near the St. Louis airport once and he offered me a line of cocaine for helping him out. I don’t do drugs so I declined. Missouri has long been the Meth capital of the world, until it recently handed over its crown to Indiana. The Netherlands is the Exctacy capital of the world. What are the two most popular drugs in the U.S. now? Exactly. Italy and France were the two largest suppliers of Heroin to the U.S. after WWII up until the 80’s. I study these things for a living but for a quick reference see the movie French Connection. Mexico is a big marijuana supplier but the high grade marijuana that comes into the U.S. comes from Canada. It’s grown indoors under metal halide lighting. Lastly, since a lot of talk here is racial, the only hostile nuclear weapon ever smuggled into the U.S. came in from Canada. It was smuggled over the Canadian border in to Washington state from Vancouver. How much media does that get. Where is that wall?

    , enough with the racism over Colombia. Go to Medellin and enjoy yourself. The Lleras has a Hooters with the most beautiful Hooters girl you will ever meet. And friendly. I’m a regular there and I live in Florida!

    Live life and be happy and quit being stupid. Hate makes you grow old. I’m trying to get to Brazil so somebody holla at me with good info.

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