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Flying Aires, a Colombian discount airline.
Flying Aires, a Colombian discount airline.

Readers of my other travel blog, Go Backpacking, may already know that my 6 months in Colombia are up at the end of December.

I timed it this way so I could lessen the amount of time required to return to the country.

Yes, I have to leave, but unlike last time where I was gone a staggering 11 months, it’ll only be 2 months, and 20% of that away time will be spent in Japan!

I’m flying from Medellin to New York City today (Dec 19), and then heading back to Virginia the next morning (the plane lands at 12:00 am).  I think the ticket cost me about $350, which is more expensive than the trip from NYC to Medellin back in June.

Once I’m back home, I”ll be spending the holidays with my parents, catching up with a few friends, and trying to get a lot of work done in January to kick off 2011 in a productive manner.

Then, as a result of winning free round trip airfare to Tokyo on Continental Airlines earlier this year, I’ll be heading to Japan from February 1 to 12, 2011.  I’m really excited to visit a new country outside of Latin America, and one I know very little about.

A few days after I return from that trip, it will be back to Medellin on February 15th.  The flights from NYC were sold out for the whole month, so I booked a ticket on Spirit Air, which turned out to be cheaper — only $189 (includes taxes and fee for one checked bag).

In the meantime, if you’ll be in the city during this time and would like to contribute an article or two, I’d really appreciate it.

I have enough ideas to keep us covered the whole time, but I’d also love to hear your ideas, as well as get some first hand accounts of what it’s like to be in Medellin for Christmas and New Year’s.

Interested in contributing stories or photos?

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