MU: Fukin Good Ribs

MU's ribs
MU's ribs, served with a side of steak fries

Entrance to Mu restaurant

Walking around Poblado one day in 2011, I passed MU Ribs. I remember it well on account of their brazen advertisement of “fukin good” ribs.  During my 2012 visit, I made it a point to grab dinner there one night with a friend.

Located a few blocks up from Parque Lleras, MU Ribs is run by Simon from Brighton, England, and his paisa wife, Elizabeth.

It’s a small operation, only open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8 PM – 12 AM (midnight). It’s not the kind of restaurant you can casually drop into for lunch on a whim, it requires a little planning.

But is it worth the extra effort? After all, weekends are prime date and party nights in Medellin.

MU's ribs
MU’s ribs, served with a side of steak fries

In short, if you love ribs, or simply want to gnaw on a juicy bone, then YES, you’ll be licking your chops at MU’s Ribs.

Ordering is easy, as there’s only one item on the menu: ribs, with a side of fries.

Ribs are served with 3 types of sauce
Ribs are served with 3 types of sauce: barbecue, chimichurri, and a fruit-based one

Three sauces are offered, of which the barbecue was my favorite, and plastic gloves are provided, as you’ll be eating with your hands.

It’s not the cheapest place. You’ll be paying for the dinosaur-sized portions. A plate for two, along with a mojito and 7-Up, cost 60,000 pesos ($33).

But the quality is there, and if you’re an American, European, or Australian expat looking for a taste of home, the ribs here should do the trick.

MU's interior is small but comfortable
MU’s interior is small but comfortable

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  1. The best ribs I ever had and I continued to return for more. The upstairs terrace is a great place to enjoy them along with the best mojito in town. I am in Cali right now but as soon as I return I will be back

  2. MU has the best ribs I have had ever, anywhere. When we visit the USA we used to check out the various rib joints looking for something better. On a standard 10 point scale MU is a 20 and the rest barely above 5. We like Thursday nights as they are not as crowded.

  3. La comida de Mu puede ser buena pero la atención es pésima. La señora que atiende las llamadas es tosca y grosera. Le pedí un domicilio y me dijo que no tenía, le dije que necesitaba comprar costillas para llevar a mi casa y me dijo que no tenía como atenderme pro ser viernes y estaba muy ocupada. Me dijo que si quería recoger TENIA que ser entre 6 y 7, y el trato fue pésimo como si me estuviera haciendo un FAVOR.

    Esa no es la forma de atender a los clientes. Hay jugares muy ricos para comer en Medellin donde atienden de una manera cordial y amable al cliente.