Me Late Chocolate Cafe

Inside Me Late Chocolate
Inside Me Late Chocolate

Editor’s Note: As of November 2014, Me Late Chocolate has moved to Oviedo mall (Local 156).

Me Late Chocolate is a little slice of heaven for chocolate lovers in Medellin.

Located on a quiet street a few blocks away from Parque Lleras, Me Late looks and feels like it was plucked out of a Western city and dropped in Antioquia.

The interior design is pretty, and comfortable, and there is Wi-Fi which makes the cafe a terrific spot to get some work done if you’re staying in one of the nearby hostels or hotels.

I stopped by on Good Friday a few weeks ago to sample the goods.

While the rest of Colombia was vacationing for Semana Santa, Veronica, the bilingual owner of Me Late Chocolate, and her staff were open for business.

Veronica’s inspiration was Max Brenner, an Australian chain of chocolate cafes which she encountered while studying abroad in Melbourne.

As it turns out, she was there while I was visiting on my trip around the world (January 2008), and I just so happened to eat at one of the Max Brenner’s in the city (as well as a location in New York City more recently).

Opera cake
Opera cake, served with a side of extra melted chocolate.

The menu. I didn’t even know where to start. Everything sounded amazing.  I settled on a slice of opera cake, which arrived drizzled with chocolate, and a few flecks of gold on top.

The presentation was wonderful, and I spent so much time photographing the dish that the side of melted chocolate in the little white pitcher cooled off, and thickened as a result.

Veronica offered to heat it up again, but I just scooped it out with a spoon and ate it straight.

The opera cake itself was as good as any I’ve eaten, and for those not familiar, is sorta similar to tiramisu.

Moctezuma:  Pistachio ice cream, chocolate, and avocado
Moctezuma: Pistachio ice cream, chocolate, and avocado

In an effort to further sample the menu, I also ordered a cold drink. Based on Veronica’s recommendation, I chose the Moctezuma which is made up of pistachio ice cream, chocolate, and avocado.

As shocking as the inclusion of avocado sounded, I could barely taste it over the flavors of pistachio and chocolate.

The rim of the glass had been dipped in chocolate flakes, but they were really stuck on there, so they seemed to get in the way (ie. I’d rather they be left off).

Various chocolate truffles
Various chocolate truffles

And since no trip to a chocolate cafe would be complete without truffles, I got the run down on all the options and proceeded to pick out 8 as a gift for a friend.

Unfortunately, I assumed I’d be sharing them, and that didn’t happen, so I have yet to actually taste them!

All the more reason for me to return to Me Late Chocolate again (and again).

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  1. Dave, you’re definitely onto something here. Soon enough every upscale restaurant in the metropolitan area of Medellín will be talking about you. Tomasa and I will definitely be making a list of restaurants for you to try out and I will ask friends of mine scattered throughout the city to help find hidden gems for you to review.

    Best of luck to you man; I am pretty sure that you are about to become the most famous food critic in Antioquia.

    • Steph – I’ve found desserts to be a real hit or miss experience in Colombia (ok, mostly “miss” unless you’re at a nice restaurant), but you can count on quality desserts at Me Late. 🙂