Mayorca Mall Opens Major Expansion in Sabaneta

Mayorca Mega Plaza
Mayorca Mega Plaza

The Mayorca Outlet mall in Sabaneta opened a major expansion on Thursday last week and the mall is now known as Mayorca Mega Plaza.

Mayorca mall reportedly has had some of the highest sales per square meter out of all the malls in Medellín. Mayorca was also completely leased but had demand for even more space, which drove the expansion investment.

The major mall expansion adds 48,000 square meters (over 500,000 square feet) in 295 stores. The expansion will also add over 7,000 square meters of offices and a medical tower with 100 medical offices opening next year.

The expansion is located in a new building with four floors that is connected to Mayorca via two pedestrian bridges across Avenida Las Vegas. While the expansion just opened the majority of the spaces have already been leased.

The mall expansion opened just in time for the Christmas shopping season and the expansion was packed with people last weekend when I went to the new mall expansion.

Note there is another major mall construction project underway in Medellín. A large shopping mall is coming to Envigado to be completed in Q1 2018, which will be connected to the Envigado Exito and Envigado Home Center.

The new mall being built in Envigado reportedly will have 240 shops, a 14-screen movie theater plus 10 floors of office space when it opens in 2018.

One of two pedestrian bridges connecting Mayorca to the new expansion
One of two pedestrian bridges connecting Mayorca to the new expansion

The Shops in Mayorca

The anchor tenants of the new mall expansion are Exito, Flamingo and Home Sentry.   The Exito reportedly opens on December 3 and wasn’t open during the opening of the mall expansion.

The expansion of Mayorca adds 295 shops to the mall so it now has over 500 shops. You can find stores selling clothes, shoes, home furnishings, electronics, mattresses, eye-care and several other categories.

One of the entrances to the Flamingo department store
One of the entrances to the Flamingo department store

Flamingo is a department store that sells a wide range of items including clothing, furniture, electronics and appliances. Flamingo has two other stores in the Medellín metroplex located in El Centro and the Puerta del Norte mall.

Flamingo also has additional stores in Colombia located in Armenia, Bogotá, Itagüí, Pereira, Rionegro, Sincelejo, Soledad and Villavicencio.

One of the entrances to Home Sentry
One of the entrances to Home Sentry

Home Sentry is like a Bed, Bath and Beyond store in the U.S., but also sells some furniture, toys and tools.

The Home Sentry store has some good prices and during its opening from November 26 to 29 the store was very busy as it had opening promotions of 20-45 percent off many products.

This new Home Sentry store in Mayorca is the only one in Medellín. Home Sentry has other stores located in Bogotá (5 stores), Bucaramanga, Cartagena and Chía.

The food court in the Mayorca expansion
The food court in the Mayorca expansion

Food Options

Mayorca now has two food courts. The old section of the mall has a food court on the first floor. The new expansion adds a second food court with about 20 different fast food options to choose from.

You will find several of the typical fast food places in Medellín in the new expansion area including Frisby, KFC, Subway, and Quiznos.

You will also find some restaurants opening soon on the top floor in the expansion area of the mall including Crepes and Waffles, Il Forno, Nino Pastiono and Sport Wings, these restaurants weren’t open as of December 2.

Christmas tree on top floor of the Mayorca expansion, where restaurants are located
Christmas tree on top floor of the Mayorca expansion, where restaurants are located


Pro’s – With its expansion, Mayorca Mega Plaza is now one of the largest malls in the Medellín metro area. It’s also the only place you will find a Home Sentry store in Medellín.

The mall has an Exito for groceries, a Cinamas Procinal movie theater, two convenient food courts and several shops with good prices. There are also some nice apartment buildings near the mall.

Con’s – This is one of the busiest malls in Medellín and it can be crowed on weekends. Last weekend after the opening of the expansion the mall was packed with people.

My Verdict – Mayorca has always been a popular mall with several shops with good prices. The large expansion is likely to make Mayorca an even more popular mall.

How to Get There – You can take the Metro to the Itagüí station and it’s a very short walk to Mayorca Mega Plaza via a pedestrian bridge.

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  1. The Exito in the new Mayorca mall expansion opened yesterday as planned. The new Exito has two floors: the first floor is for groceries; and on the second floor is found technology, appliances and clothing. The new Exito is also having some store opening promotions until December 9.