The Live and Invest Overseas Conference


So you´re thinking about retiring, relocating or just spending a fair amount of time in Medellin Colombia.

However, you have many more questions than answers about how to pull this off.

You know that you need to speak with lawyers, bankers, investment brokers, and real estate brokers. But which ones, and how do you get the time to make all those appointments and navigate a city you´ve never been to before?

Wouldn´t it be great if you could get all those people in one place at the same time?

You are in luck, Live and Invest Overseas is holding a three day conference here in Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring, from May 19th through the 21st at the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel.

During these three information-packed days, you will hear from local experts about visa requirements, banking options, real estate for personal use or investment, health and dental services, various investment opportunities, and even from expats who have already taken the plunge.

Most of the speakers and presenters have booths in the adjoining conference space, so that you can stop by, spend some time talking with the representatives and address specific questions.

There is also an opportunity to schedule personal appointments after the conference.

In addition to the valuable information and guidance offered during the conference sessions, you will also have plenty of time to socialize with your fellow conference attendees, as you explore the wide variety of restaurants, shops and nightlife this amazing city has to offer.

There are also pre and post-conference real estate tours available. VIP and Premium Members are invited to private cocktail parties with founders Kathleen Peddicord and Lief Simon.

This is the fourth time that Peddicord´s organization has sponsored a conference in Medellin Colombia. Each time, the number and scope of attendees continues to grow.

As an expat speaker at the last two (and again for this upcoming conference) I´ve had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the US and Canada.

They are people, just like you and me, who are looking for a different and adventurous life outside of their home countries.

If you’re serious about moving or retiring to Medellin, attending the Live and Invest Overseas conference is an excellent way to get answers to most, if not all, of your questions.


About the Author: Nancy Kiernan is a Massachusetts native who moved with her husband to Medellin in May 2012. She currently teaches English and is attempting to learn salsa and tango. Find her on Facebook.

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