Le Coq Rosticeria: Chicken that is Finger-Lickin’ Good

The African rotisserie chicken at Le Coq
The African rotisserie chicken at Le Coq

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Sonja Bricker.

Le Coq Rosticeria is a culinary jewel located in one of the oldest, most well preserved houses of El Poblado, dating back 100 years. However, it is tucked back from the street by lush foliage and an imposing black metal gate.

Step up to the porch, walk through the front door, enter the spacious interior with garden courtyard and feel like you’ve arrived at an exclusive dinner party.

Note the above photo is a half order of the African rotisserie chicken from Le Coq.

The Menu at Le Coq: First the Chicken

First of all, the star is rotisserie chicken – but no ordinary rotisserie chicken. The preparation is meticulous, the ingredients fresh, the chicken is locally sourced.

The chefs are dedicated to creating succulent chicken that are plump, juicy and marinated in classic sauces from various parts of the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, Peru and Colombia.

You might be wondering how good chicken can ever really be. It was phenomenal. Crackling, well-seasoned skin gave way to a moist interior seasoned so delicately and deliciously I heard myself letting out little moans of delight.

With five distinct marinades to try the hardest part is deciding which one to order first.

  • The Colombian is based in light beer, tomatoes, herbs and myriad onions.
  • The European is a Mediterranean mix of fresh limes, thyme and imported French lavender which imparts a light floral flavor.
  • The African is a complex sauce of roasted tomatoes, cayenne and wasabi.
  • The Asian is predominantly flavored with soy sauce, fresh ginger and panela.
  • Finally, the Peruvian is a mix of tamarind, ají, coriander and other flavors that combine to create an unforgettable sauce that will have you licking your lips.

Each chicken can be ordered in a half order for 28,000 pesos ($9.70) or whole for 44,000 pesos ($15.24) – the European is 1,000 pesos more.  And each order is accompanied by roasted potatoes with rosemary as well as roasted garlic. A whole chicken is approximately 10 pieces that weigh two kilos.

The chicken can also be ordered as an individual portion for 19,200 ($6.65). However, I found that this size still provided me with enough leftover for another meal at home.

Unforgettable cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet, served with honey butter
Unforgettable cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet, served with honey butter

The Rest of the Menu at Le Coq

In addition to chicken and several types of potatoes: mashed, fried, roasted with thyme or chips there is an extensive appetizer list. You can choose between:

  • Crispy chicken fingers with BBQ sauce for 15,800 pesos ($5.47),
  • Glazed legs for 15,800 pesos ($5.47)
  • Curried wontons with nuts for 15,900 ($5.51)
  • Unforgettable cornbread baked in a cast iron skillet and served with honey butter for 14,800 ($5.13)
  • Stuffed vegetable polenta for 18,000 ($6.24)
  • Roasted tomato soup for 17,800 pesos ($6.17)

Besides this collection of rich, decadent choices there are also lighter options which include two types of salad decorated with tiny purple flowers and expertly peeled ripe tomatoes for 7,300 and 18,300 pesos. Also, there is a chicken wrap, a fried rice dish and the traditional Coq au vin.

Furthermore, dining at Le Coq is more than just amazing food, I found the service to be exceptional, with knowledgeable, welcoming and attentive servers.

Some of the desserts at Le Coq
Some of the decadent desserts at Le Coq

Finally, if you have room for dessert there are half-dozen decadent options in rotation most priced at 12,800 pesos ($4.41):

  • Street style caramelized coconut with arequipe and ice cream
  • Chocolate cake
  • Passion fruit mousse
  • Tres leches cake
  • Pumpkin cheesecake
  • Hazelnut tart

Because I love desserts I opted for “Some of the girls,” which means choosing four of the desserts and getting smaller portions of each for 18,000 pesos ($6.24). The presentation was gorgeous, the flavors and textures varied and delicious. However, next time I will probably indulge in “All of the girls” and get all six for 23,000 pesos.

In addition to beer, wine, some cocktails and artisanal coffee, Le Coq serves fresh fruit juices.

Entrance to Le Coq in the Manila barrio in El Poblado
Entrance to Le Coq in the Manila barrio in El Poblado


Le Coq currently has two locations that are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner most days. Note the El Poblado location is only open until 3pm on Monday and 5 pm on Sunday.

  • Manila barrio in El Poblado: Carrera 43D # 10-72 – domicilios: 444 3397
  • Newly opened in the Mercado del Rio: Calle 24 #48-28.  Note the prices in this location may be different than above.

The map below has the El Poblado location.

Finally, it is worth noting that the El Poblado location offers two for one margaritas all day long, a 5% discount on your bill if you pay in cash and both pregnant women and diners who come on their birthday are given a free dessert.

About Sonja

Sonja is from Whidbey Island, WA. She has traveled to 46 countries but never wanted to settle down in any of them until she discovered Medellin. She is currently living here in Medellín for six months until she figures out how to be a permanent resident.

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