Las Cosas Pequeñas – Prince Royce


If you’re a romantic sap like me, then bachata is the Latin music genre for you.

I first became aware of American-born Prince Royce when I kept hearing his unique version of Stand By Me, which mixes lyrics in English and Spanish, played in my favorite salsa club (The Salsa Room).

Las Cosas Pequeñas is the first hit off his latest album, Phase II.

Tu sonrisa
Tu carita
Tu forma de ser
Precio no tiene
Y es amor
Yo lo se
Nada vale más que un beso fiel
Y son las cosas pequeñas
Un te quiero
Un te amo (un te amo)
Y son las cosas pequeñas
Un abrazo
Un te extraño (un te extraño)

…..translates as…..

Your smile
your little face
the way you are is priceless
and it’s love
I know
nothing is more valuable than a faithful kiss
and the little things are
an ” I love you”
an ” I’m in love with you ”
and the little things are
a hug
an ” I miss you ” (I miss you)
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