Kukaramakara Club: Rock Out to Live Music at Rio Sur

Kukaramakara Club
Kukaramakara Club
Kukaramakara club
Kukaramakara club. Our table is in the foreground.

One of my first great experiences with Medellin nightlife was a Saturday night at the old Kukaramakara Club in Barrio Colombia.

A Couchsurfing friend who knew I was trying to learn salsa invited me out for her friend’s birthday party.

I never wrote about it, but I remember being totally confused by all the various genres of Latin music being played between the live band’s sets.

There was a lot of rum and aguardiente flowing that night, which is evident from the photos.

A year and a half later, I returned with Troy, Ana, and her cousin in 2010 for a Playboy party, which wasn’t as scandalous as it sounds.

In 2012, the Kukaramakara Club relocated from Barrio Colombia to the top floor of the new Rio Sur mall.

I’d heard good things about the new location, but it wasn’t until recently that I had another birthday party to mark my return.

From right: my date Viviana, Viviana the birthday girl, and a friend of the two
From right: my date Viviana, Viviana the birthday girl, and a friend of the two

The cover charge was 20,000 pesos ($12) per person, or I believe it was 25,000 pesos ($14) if you wanted entry to Sixttina Discoteca across the hall as well.

The combo price is a great deal for foreigners, who are more inclined to buy a drink at a time, instead of investing in a bottle and table service.

Alternatively, if you had a big enough group, you could set up shop in both clubs, and take turns alternating between the two.

During my night at Kukaramakara, I ran into several male friends who were spending time in both clubs.

We arrived early to the club, and met Viviana, the birthday girl. Our table was situated in the area directly in front of the stage (awesome), but because our table wasn’t flush against the stage, we were a row back, it was actually set up to face the bar.

I found it to be so awkward, I asked the waitress if we could move the uncomfortable metal stools (they consider seats) to the other side of the table. She said no, because it’d block the walkway, but I didn’t see the difference in space required by my arrangement.

At any rate, I seemed to be the only one that cared, and since it wasn’t my birthday, I tried to drop it. Bottles of Baileys were ordered by the girls, so I opted for beers.

The band during their first set
The band during their first set

As more people arrived at the club, some took up stools at the bannister facing the stage.

As a result, because we were facing the bar, and the bannister seating was between us and it, we had a direct view towards these people’s crotches.

Like I said, it was some of the most awkward club seating I’ve ever experienced.

But, I knew that once the band and music got started, people would be up and dancing and it wouldn’t matter anymore.

The band's female singer
The band’s female singer

Once the band got started, I swiveled around in my cube-shaped seat to watch.

Unlike the house band at Trilogia Bar, this one played reggaeton songs, in addition to the popular Latin and American rock music.

This was huge for me. And for the crowd, who loved it too.

There wasn’t much room to dance where we were, but I made sure to dance a little salsa with the birthday girl.

Opposite the stage there was a sea of people
Opposite the stage there was a sea of people

By midnight, the whole place was packed with beautiful women, and lots of foreign men trying to hook up with them.

I bumped into several guys I’ve hung out with before, plus another guy recognized me from Medellin Living. I didn’t get his name, but if random guy is reading, thanks!

Kukaramakara around 1 AM on a Saturday night
Kukaramakara around 1 AM on a Saturday night

By 2 or 2:30 AM, I was ready to call it a night. The photo above is the last one I took of the night, and as you can tell, the party was still in full swing. Kukaramakara stays open until 4 AM Friday and Saturday nights.

In addition to its Medellin location, the club operates under the same name in Bogota, Cali and Miami.

Have you been to the new Kukaramakara Club in Rio Sur?

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