Introducing Holly

Holly base jumping from a bridge
Holly base jumping from a bridge

In response to my open call for contributors to this blog, Holly from Idaho (USA) responded.  She touches down in Colombia July 28.  Her introduction immediately captured my attention, and I’m happy to share a little bit about her with you.

Medellin Living: Tell us a little about yourself.

Holly: I graduated in May 2008 with a BS in Music Management.

I am a dancer, which means I’m always finding the most exciting nightlife.  My dance training is 20 years of classical ballet, with cross training in Tap and Jazz.  I actually don’t have much training in any ballroom type dances, which is one of the reasons I wanted to go to a South American country.

I’m a base jumper, and always looking for a good way to play with parachutes or get some adrenaline going.  I’m currently a music manager for some local bands, and I’m always looking for the best local music.

Medellin Living: Why do you want to live in Medellin?

Holly: The whole story of why I chose Colombia is kind of random.  It started with me dreaming about an around the world trip, which included a stop at Angel Falls, Venezuela, and I thought, “Hell, Colombia’s right there.  My friend’s seem to have fun there.  I’ll stop there too.”

Unfortunately, a little issue with my boss and a base jumping accident (broken heel) kept me from affording such a trip.  My mind kept wandering back to Colombia, finally my situation came around, and now I’m here.

I have a few friends that have visited and raved about their experience.  One of them even returns every winter, but he’s on the coast.  I also realized that I need a bit more culture in my life.  In the end, Colombia just sounds like a badass place to go.  Not to mention it is not the most popular place for US citizens to go… Which sounds like a challenge to me, and I obviously like challenges.

Medellin Living: What would you like to write about?

Holly: Things I would like to write about include nightlife and dance, my quest to find local base jumping sites, my quest to stay in Colombia for as long as possible, culture, and personal interactions.  My passions are pretty diverse.

Thanks Holly!

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