Girardota: A World Away

View of Girardota from nearby Copacabana
View of Girardota from nearby Copacabana

Girardota is a small pueblo in Antioquia, about an hour north of Medellin, Colombia.

Due to its close proximity to the city, Girardota is a popular weekend destination for paisas who own fincas, or simply want to rent one for a night or two to get away from the big city noise.

Situated at the foot of towering green mountains, Girardota is like Medellin but without the mass urbanization and development.

Same mountain views, but you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

Mountain views from a Girardota apartment
Mountain views from a Girardota apartment.

The pueblo features the typical main square with church, which is where outdoor events are often held.

If you visit Girardota, you’ll find small bars perfect for relaxing with a few drinks, or dancing with your partner, however don’t expect to find large discotecas as in Medellin.

Street view in Girardota
Street view in Girardota

Like Guatape and Salento, Girardota’s charm is in the picturesque natural setting.

I’d recommend visiting Girardota if you’re spending at least a few months in Medellin, but if your time is limited, Guatape is a more photogenic pueblo with more activities to keep you occupied (if that’s what you’re after).

Fashion model
A model poses during a Friday night fashion show at the mall.

How to Get There

Take the metro (1,550 pesos, or $0.85) to the northern terminus at Niquia. From there, exit to the ground level and look for the share taxis heading to Girardota.

If you’ve got a few other people in the taxi, the cost is about 3,000 pesos ($1.60) per person.

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    • Hola Andrew, yea modeling and fashion seem to be pretty big business here. Medellin hosts the country’s annual fashion week, Colombiamoda, and is also the hotspot for textile manufacturing and models. Paisas, perhaps more so than Colombians from other parts of the country, are very image conscious.

  1. I’ve been living in Girardota for about 3 years now. Actually, many people coming from Medellín and elsewhere to rent fincas in Girardota don’t come here to escape noise, but to make as much of it as they can. Some rental fincas are notorious for this racket: the guests bring huge sound systems and blast the community all night and day. The non-stop noise, the garbage left behind, and the congestion caused by these visitors of rental fincas in Girardota has become a serious problem which only now is beginning to be addressed. Maybe by the end of the year, you will find a more civilized rental finca environment.

    • Ah, I’m familiar with the “raucous weekend Yahoo” element. I live in the N Georgia mountains where renters come to party on weekends. Buyer beware. Has the situation improved since this was posted 5 years ago?

    • Dieter Mahlein do you still live in Girardota? going to be in Medellin early Feb 2019 looking to spend a night/day out in the country side with a friend from Medellin . some where quiet