Envy Rooftop Bar at the Charlee Hotel

Envy rooftop bar
Envy rooftop bar
The Charlee Hotel in Parque Lleras
The Charlee Hotel in Parque Lleras

Towering over Parque Lleras, the Charlee Hotel is impossible to miss. Take the elevator 18 floors up, past the penthouse, and you’ll reach the Envy rooftop bar.

On August 23, Envy was the scene of a launch party for the hotel’s Ultra Wellness Center, which claims to be Medellin’s largest gym.

If true, that’s impressive, as I’ve been to several Bodytech gyms, and they are all immense in size, and packed with modern equipment.

While I was having some friends over to my Medellin apartment for drinks, partygoers were sipping on free wine and watching a fitness exhibition in the gym.

Envy rooftop bar
Envy rooftop bar

After we finished at my place, we headed over to Envy. The event was invitation only, but luckily, we had Yamile (a Medellin Living reader) with us.

She had an invite, which allowed our whole group, including Mr. Ryan Goes Abroad, to enter.

I’d been curious about Envy since The Charlee Hotel opened for business.

Candles around the pool add ambience at night
Candles around the pool add ambience at night

When you walk into Envy, there’s a long bar to the left.

Looking to the right, you’re almost eye level with the pool and surrounding terrace. I thought it’d be cool to have a few sharks in the water, but I don’t think that’d go over well with the guests.

I was happy to see some of my favorite liquors on display, including Bombay Sapphire and Grey Goose.

That night, I decided to stick with beer. A Club Colombia runs 8,000 pesos ($4.40), which is not the highest I’ve paid for a beer in the city.

Me and Jasmine
Me and Jasmine

We walked around the pool, and met up with my friend Jasmine, and other members of the new Medellin Entrepreneur’s Society (more on that in a future post).

I felt a tad underdressed, as I looked around the bar, and noticed men in button down shirts and jackets, versus the typical t-shirt and jeans I was use to seeing in other bars and discotecas.

Turns out, Envy is one of the few Medellin nightspots with a dress code.

As I was leaving later, I’d learn there were a few telenovela actresses at the party, which goes to show the kind of clientele Envy attracts.

Above the pool terrace is a second level with more tables and couches, and another bar.

The views at night were not that great, as you can’t see much.

Judging from the video above, and photos on Envy’s Facebook page, the views of Poblado during the day are much better.

Envy throws regular pool parties and fashion events, which are a great excuse for the Colombian girls to don bathing suits in the city.

And speaking of girls, Envy attracts its share of beautiful paisas.

Just be sure to dress for the occasion!

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  1. I stayed at El Charlee my first day here in Medellin 3 weeks ago. It is quite a unique hotel. I choose the room with the hottub on the balcony. I was fortunate to have “company” that evening, so the hottub was very enjoyable.

  2. My first week living in Medellin, I made it to Envy and surprisingly, my group was the only presence in the entire club and I was so surprised! Good to see it does get busy! Its such an amazing spot! Great write up, sounds like a fun night!

  3. I had a great time that night although I definitely felt underdressed in my Vibrams. It was actually then and there that I decided to buy some high heels for my stay in Medellin. Not sure they will fit into my backpack once I leave again but at least now I look like a real paisa when I go out 😉

    • I remember hearing once that the competition amongst women wasn’t for the men, but between each other. Smart move with the heels, though compared to other cities, it doesn’t seem like paisas where heels as often.

  4. It was a good time! The pool is rather prominent if it’s not being used. wonder if they could look into a transparent top for it… We should def go back for whatever paisa show that is, Dave! 😉

    • Agreed, the pool takes up a lot of mingling space on the main floor when it’s not in use. But I suppose they’re keeping it uncovered just in case anyone wants to jump in 🙂

  5. Hi,

    I am mostly interested in the Gym. I tend to visit the city once or twice a year. I happened to come across some photos and reviews for this gym and honestly I felt in love with it, the design, etc etc.

    What is the membership cost? Is it only for the hotel residents? Or is it open to the public as well?

    Because when I returned to Medellin I am sure to spent either my early mornings or late evenings doing weight training, etc

    • I took a tour of the Ultrawellness Center gym earlier this year, and learned membership requires a minimum of 6 months, at about $100 per month, or $600.

      I imagine hotel guests can use it as well, but I don’t know if there’s an added cost. You can probably email them through the hotel website to find out.

  6. I dunno, maybe because I am English,

    but sticking a hotel up in the middle of Medellin and calling it “Charlee”?

    Doesn’t seem like the smartest move, to say the least.

  7. Damn i missed these parties!@

    Anyone knows if you can enter these parties on a regular night? and what do they cost?


  8. I have been to Envy twice and both times had a wonderful time. However, last night that changed and I will not return. The “door man” would not allow my lesbian friends in. First, he told one of them that they couldn’t wear flip flops (which I agree with) and that they needed to dress in heels or a dress to get in. We provided her with appropriate shoes and then he said that the other two girls were also not dressed appropriately. One was wearing dress pants and a lace top and the other had a nice button down with black jeans (similar to the men I had already entered with). I asked to speak to a manager and he informed me there was no one currently working that I could speak to. I understand having a dress code, however, there should not be a double standard. I myself have worn jeans and been allowed in and all the men I was with were allowed in wearing jeans. The doorman informed me my friend could go home and put on heels and a dress and she could come in. I will agree that she did not meet the dress code, however the other two most definitely did.

    The doorman also said that “this is Colombia” and there are certain standards. I said that they were discriminating and I would not be returning to a location that will not allow my friends in based off of their looks and not their wardrobe. While the view is amazing, the discrimination of this “club” is not worth the price.

  9. Hi Dave,

    Sounds great!! I’m returning this New Year’s to Medellin. I was wondering if the hotel throws a roof top party?

    Harry Xavier