Delaire Sky Lounge

Delaire Sky Lounge
Delaire Sky Lounge
Delaire Sky Lounge
Delaire Sky Lounge

I discovered Delaire Sky Lounge during my visit to Medellin last August, and it has since become one of my favorite nightlife spots in the city.

Located along an outdoor balcony that wraps around the upper edges of RIO SUR mall, Delaire offers beautiful views of the city, day or night. It’s the perfect place for a romantic date (just reserve the best table pictured above), happy hour drinks with friends, or even a casual lunch on a clear day.

Retractable awnings allow diners to enjoy the open air, regardless of the weather.

It’s exactly the kind of rooftop bar I’d like to see more of in this city! However, those views come with a hefty price tag, which in some cases, matches New York City drink prices.

Delaire Sky Lounge
Delaire Sky Lounge

I recently met friends for drinks and dinner on a Thursday night. I started with a glass of chardonnay, perhaps thinking I was still back in France. Upon tasting it, I immediately regretted my decision. At 13,000 pesos ($7.31) it was an expensive mistake.

The high-end cocktails ran upwards of 32,000 pesos ($18). A Grey Goose and soda, which I was also considering, would’ve set me back $16.

If you want the views without the high bar tab, stick to bottled beers.

We shared cheese-stuffed bunuelos, which were like mozzarella sticks in ball-form. They were served with a spicy salsa dip which added some flavor.

Next, I ordered cajun chicken, which came on skewers, and was deliciously spicy.

Three cheeses pizza with pesto sauce
Three cheeses pizza with pesto sauce
BBQ chicken pizza with cheese, avocado and corn
BBQ chicken pizza with cheese, avocado and corn (my favorite)

Ryan ordered a margherita pizza, made in the wood-burning oven by the bar.

I didn’t get his take on it, but I’ve since returned on a date for pizza (see above), and it was awesome!

The crust is super-thin, Italian style, and the toppings are gourmet. I know Ryan will disagree with me on this, but I think it’s the best pizza I’ve had in Colombia.

View at night from the Delaire Sky Lounge
View at night from the Delaire Sky Lounge (Oviedo mall can be seen to the left)

Delaire Sky Lounge is located on the 7th floor of the RIO SUR mall (Avenida Poblado).

After exiting the elevator, proceed through the shared entrance with Sixttina Discoteca, and up the stairs. Sidenote: both places, along with Kukaramakara, are owned by D’Groupe.

On a Friday or Saturday, you could make a night of it with dinner and drinks at Delaire, before descending to Sixttina to dance the night away.

To see photos of both the lounge and pretty people that go there, check out the Delaire Facebook page.

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  1. 13K for a drink – that sure is a lot by Medellin standards. Normally you’d expect the Pizza and the drink for that and still be left with some change!