Colombian Home Cooking

Northern Medellin
Northern Medellin

I am a lucky guy to have friends like Henry here in Medellin.  He considers himself something of a city ambassador, and I give him two thumbs up if his goal is to project a positive image of the city and its people.

I met him at Caribe metro station one night last week and we proceeded to walk through the northern bus station terminal to reach the main roads on the other side.

From there, we hopped into a taxi and headed for his home as night approached.

Once there, I met his mom, and joined him at the computer where he showed me some of his musical mashups on YouTube.

I’m a big fan of the Jay Z-Linkin Park partnership, but I had no idea people all over the world are hard at work producing original mixes of songs and videos and uploading them to YouTube.  I am including one of Henry’s below in case you’re curious.

He also took the time to show me how he did the mixes, a hobby best left to people with an ear for music better than mine!

Pork cutlets with mixed rice and salad
Pork cutlets with mixed rice and salad

His mom made a wonderful dinner, and it was a nice change of pace to enjoy Colombian home cooking.  The first course was a cream of chicken soup.

The main was pork cutlets with rice and salad.  It was a nice change of pace from Frosted Flakes and ham sandwiches – both being current staples of my diet.

After dinner, Henry introduced me to a variety of websites which allow people all around the world to practice their foreign language skills online.

I was blown away by the network of people that exists simply for the purpose of trying to learn another language.

On one site, voice over IP technology allows a user wanting to practice Spanish to contact Henry in Colombia from China, Europe, or wherever else he/she lives.  And vice versa.

After discussing music for a bit, I said goodbye with a smile and satisfied stomach.

As a reminder for the foreigners reading, here in Colombia it is completely normal and accepted practice for adults to live at home with their families until marriage.

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