Colombia Reports – English News Site


I ran across Medellin-based Colombia Reports yesterday, and immediately subscribed.

They just celebrated their one year anniversary, and based on their objective of independently reporting what happens in the country to a foreign, English-speaking audience, I think their future looks bright.

Our team is made up of journalists, photographers, locals, travelers and ex-pats from both Europe and the Americas. We train local aspiring journalists to think critically and independently and hope to enrich Colombia with a new generation of upbeat, motivated, but most of all good journalists.

I am excited about discovering the site as it gives me immediate access to local and national news which I previously could not understand via the newspapers because of my limited knowledge of Spanish.

It features event and nightlife calendars for Medellin and Bogota, offering a chance to branch out and hopefully visit different parts of the city.

While there are more English sites covering Medellin than I initially thought, I still believe this blog has the opportunity to offer a unique perspective on life in the city.

My goal is to offer readers and visitors the opportunity to see what it is like for a foreigner to face the challenges of carving out his own niche in a different country and culture, before he even knows the language!

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