Cafe Mykonos: Authentic Greek Food in Parque Lleras

Mykonos restaurant
Mykonos restaurant
Mykonos restaurant
Mykonos restaurant

Editor’s Note: As of July 2015, this restaurant is closed. 

The first new restaurant I tried in 2013 was Mykonos, which serves up Greek and Mediterranean food in the heart of Parque Lleras.

I’m going to admit up front, I’ve never been to Greece, and I haven’t eaten a lot of Greek food in my life, so please take my thoughts with a grain of salt, or a shot of ouzo.

Beef carpaccio
Beef carpaccio

I met up with Leon, a Medellin Living reader, for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. He was thirstier than he was hungry, and ordered the beef carpaccio ($9), a starter, as his main course.

A healthy portion was nicely presented, with large shavings of fresh parmesan cheese, capers, olive oil, and a little lemon and pepper.

There were a bunch of other tempting starters on the menu, including: meatballs ($5), smoked salmon carpaccio ($9), two different octopus options ($9 each), and calimari ($7).

Giro with pork, in pita bread, topped with tomato, onion, and tzatziki (cucumber-garlic sauce), service with fries and salad
Gyro with pork, in pita bread, topped with tomato, onion, and tzatziki (cucumber-garlic sauce), service with fries and salad

I opted for the pork gyro with a side of fries ($11), and it was excellent. The other serious contender for me that afternoon was the pork or chicken souvlaki, for the same price.

Upon seeing moussaka ($11), I remembered the time I cooked a 3-course Greek dinner for my parents. I let my mom pick the menu, and she opted for moussaka, which is like a lasagna with layers of beef, bechamel sauce, and eggplant instead of flat sheets of pasta.

Other notable dishes include king prawns, paella for two, suckling pig, rack of lamb, filet mignon, and seafood zarzuela.

Plus, there are seven pasta options, including spaghetti with seafood, shrimp and vegetable risotto, and ricotta and spinach ravioli in alfredo sauce.

On this occasion, I skipped dessert, although they feature my favorite, tiramisu, along with profiteroles, pana cotta, cheesecake, and the traditional Greek option of baklava.

Leon and I hung out long after we finished eating, drinking beers and talking. Before I knew it, we’d spent three hours at Mykonos, and never once felt rushed.

Although to be honest, we pretty much had the place to ourselves that afternoon.

Writing this post a few months later makes me wonder why I haven’t been back since. Cafe Mykonos offers a solid set of options for Mediterranean food lovers, in a pleasant setting, at prices that won’t break the bank.


Editor’s Note: As of July 2015, this restaurant is closed. 

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  1. I am a fan of baklava and made it a goal of mine while traveling across Turkey to try as many variations as I could of the pastry. I’ll be sure to stop by Mykonos and give their baklava a try and I’ll post it here in the comments my thoughts.

  2. A bit of a disappointment, especially the Greek salad. Chicken Souvlaki was ok, The fries were the best part of the meal but they aren’t really Greek. I thik there is much better food to be had in Medellin.

  3. They have closed. Ate across the street last night at the hamburgher place. There is a big for rent sign out front. Maybe they moved locations but there was no sign indicating that.
    Lots of tough competion around parque llares.

  4. Further to the closed comment, I noticed some activity at the old Mykonos site recently.

    I spoke briefly to the manager of the guys renovating and they said that the restaurant had been bought and a Greek-Cypriot gentleman who owned a very successful Greek taverna in Los Angeles was taking over the location.

    Apparently, the new name will be The Greek Connection and it will aim not just to be an eatery, but also have a spirited night life with all the Greek dancing and plate breaking and all that.

    I’m hoping for the best! Would be nice to see a good Greek place around here!