Brasarepa Restaurant in Envigado

Brasarepa is a popular place in Barrio La Paz.
Brasarepa Restaurant in Envigado
Brasarepa Restaurant in Envigado

I’m a BIG fan of Anthony Bourdain and his current Travel Channel show No Reservations, so visiting restaurants where he’s been is always high on my travel to-do list.

Last year, I tracked down Brasarepa in Envigado and had a wonderful lunch there.

This year, I invited a visiting travel blogger friend, Christine from Almost Fearless, new Medellin Living contributor Ana, and Troy.

The menu of traditional Colombia dishes.
The menu of traditional Colombia dishes.

We converged on the unassuming neighborhood restaurant as students from the nearby school were on their lunch break.

It was exactly the atmosphere I had appreciated the year before, and hoped for this time around.

We grabbed a picnic table and surveyed the menu.  Typical Colombian foods at typical Colombian prices. Perfect.

Bandeja Paisa is a regional Antioquian dish, heavy on the cholesterol and sodium.
Bandeja Paisa is a regional Antioquian dish, heavy on the cholesterol and sodium.

Christine and Troy both ordered the same thing as Anthony Bourdain when he shot a scene at the restaurant — the regional artery-clogging specialty, Bandeja Paisa.

I’d had the same meal several times before, though I’d never seen portions so large.

It comes with soup, meat or chicken, fried plantains, fried egg, chorizo, chicharron (thick pork fat), beans, avocado, rice, and a small salad.

Seeing the look on their faces when the dishes arrived was classic!

Patacon con Pollo: shredded chicken, chorizo, guacamole, and pink salsa served atop fried plantains.
Patacon con Pollo: shredded chicken, chorizo, guacamole, and pink salsa served atop fried plantains.

I decided to try something new, Patacon con Pollo, which I enjoyed, though couldn’t finish.  The serving size was gigantic.

If I were to order it again, I would probably hold the chorizo.  It’s popular here, however I can only handle the saltiness in small doses.

I forgot the name of what Ana ordered, but it looked good!
I forgot the name of what Ana ordered, but it looked good!

I don’t recall the name of what Ana ordered, however it was heavy on the chicharron, and looked just as greasy as the rest of our dishes.

After we consumed as much of the food as was humanly possible, we sat around for hours sharing stories and getting to know one another better.

The staff was friendly and let us basically spend the whole afternoon hanging out there.

As my right arm was facing the street, I caught a nasty sunburn because I didn’t suggest we move farther inside as the sun began to set.

The next day, it looked as though my arm was a boiled lobster claw!

I highly recommend a visit to Brasarepa for rich, traditional Colombian dishes at great prices.

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  1. Wow, looks like some real good food. Big fan of Bourdain as well even though I don’t remember the specific restaurant i do remember this episode.

  2. I have been living in Medellin since July. Knowing about food channel
    and lifestyle places I went to Brassarepa within the first couple of
    weeks when I arrived.

    If you want the typical kind of food that is popular in Medellin
    at a great price, with a pretty cool regional environment this
    is not a bad piece to go. I find this food to be not as tasty
    as I would like and certainly not very nutritious.

    So if you are here for a short time and want to get a feel by all
    means try it. I am not a fan of chain restaurants ie. Applebtys
    Outback, olive Garden, etc., and I go to those places,
    but there’re is a chain all over Colombia called
    Crepes and Waffles. The food, starting with the salad
    bar, then the crepes, and the outstanding desserts
    are gourmet, well priced and out of this world.
    The fresh juices, especially the meandering or tangerine
    are just delicious and reasonably priced.

    I lived in Jersey before I moved here, and I saw this place on
    The Best Thing I ever Ate on th food network that specializes
    fin Crepes in South Philly called Cafe Beaumond. I liked
    It a lot and went back 3 or 4 times. I can tell you that Crepes
    and Waffles taste better, has a better selection and costs
    less than half. I guess the place in Philly has a great
    wine list, but I don’t drink.

    If you want a burger there is another chain called El Corral,
    but they are expensive. I like Bobby’s Burger Palice or Red
    robin better, and I think Five Guys is way over ratead except
    for the fries.

    In Pablado, by the Tesoro Mall, which has to be seen to be believed.
    There is a group of three or four restaurants on top of the Exito.
    They are all great and reasonably priced with superb wine lists.

    If you want the view and the romantic atmosphere with a restaurant
    that spins around. Go to the Tony Roman’s on top of the
    Dann Carlton hotel in Pablado. Breathtaking view of the city.

    There is another great hotel restaurant in the Intercontinental also
    In Pablado called Fiero Piedre, where the brink slivers of meat
    to you cooked on these hot stones..delicious and reasonably price.

    There is a great bang for your buck restaurant called So Happy. I know
    of two of them, one in the Aves Maria section of Sabenetta wager I now
    Live and the other one in the Mayorca Mall in Itagui next to the metro
    station. The one in Sabenetta has a great view. The chicken
    Tacos for under $10 are spectacular. The chicken in
    Colombia is organic and good pretty much every where.
    So Happy also serves some good river fish. I like the Robollo
    garlic dish.

    I hope you guys like my post. I like good food and I am starting
    to know my way around. I haven’t had a good steak yet. Maybe
    If I go to Argentina. I forget to mention that Zona Rosa in Poblado
    is a neat spot to hang. I had some good salmon at he Tai restaurant.
    You’ll find it because it’s always packed there.