Besos Faciles by Sonohra


Sonohra’s “Besos Faciles” is a feel-good pop song, perfect for Summer, or in Medellin’s case, eternal Spring.  It’s another one of the videos I saw on heavy rotation, thus it became etched into my auditory memory banks.

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  1. THey are a great duo really they are very talented, although their lyrics may be a BIT cheezy but i don’t car ei love them.

    I have a question, i have read that they were coming back to Colombia around September and that they were visiting Bogota AND Medellin. Do have ANY idea of the exact dates??

    • Yep, a little cheesy but fun. 🙂

      Nope, I’m not familiar with any tour dates. I bet they have an official fan website though and that would list tour dates.