Medellin Women: Rules of the Game

The following is a guest post by Marcello Arrambide.

My current around the world trip has led me to the booming city of Medellin, Colombia.

I have been living in Medellin now for a full week and while there is always a game when it comes to men and women, the dynamic is much different in Medellin (and all of Colombia).

First, let me start off by saying that the Medellin women are not pretty, they are gorgeous.

After you read this post I would encourage you to see the pics of Colombian Models (tempting isn’t it?).

If you ask most men and women (even Colombians), they will gladly say that the most beautiful women come from Medellin and Cali.

When I first arrived in Medellin, my neck was sore from looking left and right at all the beautiful women on the streets.

By the time the day was over, I didn’t bother looking at most of the women because I knew there would be more on the next street.

Beauty is not hard to find in Colombia, but what about everything else?

Disclaimer: This is not all women in Colombia but my impression of most of them in the first week that I have been here.

Battle Between Women

On more than one occasion I have noticed that there is a fierce competition between Medellin women.

As soon as two women meet each other they resentfully check each other out, starting with the shoes of course.  They ask each other questions to which they don’t care what the answer is and put up with each other when they have to.

Colombian culture is based heavily on appearance which is why it is one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world; nose jobs, liposuction, boob jobs, and yes, even butt jobs. Hard Buns anyone?

Don’t Be Shy

In most parts of the world women are very shy.  They do not make the first move and always expect the men to do the first approach.

There are always exceptions, the only places I have been where the women are very forward and aggressive (they approach first) are in New York City and Europe.

Medellin women are not forward, but they let you know very clearly what they want.

If you are out at a bar or club they will go out of their way to make eye contact and keep doing so until you approach them.

Once you approach they have a way of endearing themselves to you very quickly.

They often use words and phrases that make the manliest of men want to turn a Colombian into a housewife (kidding.. kind of).

They not only charm you with their words, they also are extremely affectionate.

Women are very approachable so there is no need to let your insecurity control you. If you like a woman, go up and talk to her, there’s a 90% chance she’ll like your company.

First Dates & Gender Roles

The debate is out there whether you should kiss on the first date or not.  In Colombia, every women that I have asked says that kisses on the first date don’t usually happen.

What they don’t mention is that if you have white skin, light eyes, and are considered as Gringo as a Ford F-150, then you will kiss on the first date.  If you didn’t know, Gringo is King in Colombia.

Colombian women are very old fashioned.

They are not going to be interested in you if you consider a first date to include romantic music in the back seat of your car.  They expect to be taken out and shown a good time.

This could include a dinner, lunch, and even a Paisa’s (paisa = person from Medellin) favorite, salsa dancing.

Disclaimer: They don’t strive to be Beyonce “independent women” status in Medellin, women are very old fashioned and expect you to pay.  Yes that includes their taxi ride home.

Calls & Texts

Most people in Colombia have prepaid cell phones.

They load their phones with credit to use text messages and make phone calls.

What you don’t know is that no one ever has any credit.

Don’t get excited when you get a girls phone number because there is no sexting (text sex).

When you send a woman a text, she won’t respond…that costs money.

If she calls you, she will hang up right away because that costs money.

The best way to interact is via old fashioned phone calls, or my personal favorite, MSN Messenger (and increasingly, Facebook or Skype).


The climate in Medellin is almost the same throughout the entire year. Medellin is located near the Equator, and also is in a valley which contributes to the constant Spring-like climate.

Women are usually dressed in jeans whenever they go out.  Sandals are also a no-no unless, you want to be considered a tourist in Medellin.

[Editor's Note: check out A Woman's Guide to the Medellin Look for more commentary on ladies fashion here.]

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen! Rules of the game presented to you by a person who has only been here a week!  If you don’t believe any of the things in this article I would encourage you to visit Medellin.

My first week has been nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the bustling city once my time is up.


About the Author: Marcello has been working for freedom his entire life. He’s unlocked the secret through day trading and now wanders the world.  He has lived in 7 countries spanning 3 continents and has even visited the elusive Antarctica.  You can find him on his blog, Wandering Trader, Twitter @Wanderingtrad and Facebook.


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  1. first off all, I don’t think in gringos as “kings”, come on… second, yes I’m a colombian woman, from cali, and yes, here are a lot , I mean a LOT of plastic women (silicone,most of all), so I woudn’t say surgery and a lot of make up equals the real beauty. third, it seems to me that most of the women you met were from disco’s (or wathever) , but those women don’t represent all colombian women… ok?
    and finally, I woudn’t accept a kiss of a man on the first date, gringo or not….. bajate los humos querido!

    ps: sorry for my bad english

    • You’re English is fine Laurita. Apparently I have bad breath.

      • First off if you don’t speak Spanish don’t go!! I don’t mean a few phrases you need to be fluent. Second, If you do good with the ladies in the US you will probably do good here too. If not, u better have a fat wallet (not unlike the US). If your an average middle aged man looking for a young hottie for marriage beware! I see it all the time an attractive Colombian woman with some fat old bald dude just bleeding him dry. IM not trying to be mean but ya’ll haven’t been here to see what its really like. There are stunning women here especially Medellin but remember theres plenty of locals with good looks and cash too. So the tens are pretty much sewed up. I have a place here in Medellin I stay a few months out of the year and have a beautiful girlfriend whom I met here but it took a lot of time. Im 36 she is 28 and she loves me and money isn’t here first priority. If you just want to take women to pound town I suggest hookers. And also would suggest Costa Rica if that’s what ur looking for. If you really want to find a great local woman its the same game anywhere in the world win her heart and be realistic about what your really looking for. Gringos like me are not kings to all women but if you take the time to really know a Colombian woman and find she is loyal and sincere your set fellas because you will be here king..In conclusion learn Spanish keep realistic goals in mind and weed out the blood suckers you can find the women of your dreams. Just not in a week or two. Hope this helps

    • well said, most women in picture are from discos..

  2. Laurita.. las mujeres que yo conoci no eran todas de discos, conoci muchas mujeres de otros lados tambien. Ademas que me gusta rumbear y pasarlo bien si fui a otros lugares adonde conoci diferente tipos de mujeres. Esto no significa que todas mujeres en Colombia (o Cali) son asi, pero para los turistas que visitan Colombia lamentablemente es asi.

  3. I live in Medellin, married to an American. I am an attractive woman in my 30’s, educated and financially stable. I get so annoyed every time I am seating at a coffee shop and I always get this Gringos trying to pick me up, asking for my number etc… Ew!!!

    • To be fair, men will try to pick up attractive women anywhere in the world. That’s human nature!

      How they go about it in Colombia might be a little different, especially if it involves trying to speak in broken Spanish. Thanks for reading :)

    • El Guapo says:

      Yes, it must be terrible to be so attractive that men ask you for your telephone number!

  4. Gringos tend to go to Medellin, get attention from cute young girls, or at least meet some who are responsive, and assume they’re special because they’re gringos. The fact is, being a gringo doesn’t mean much…..the men who are native to the city are getting every bit as many women as any gringos because it’s just easier for men, period (at least compare to the US).

    The other thing is…’s easy to meet 20 year old cuties, and there are a shitload of them. But you’ll almost never see a gringo with a drop-dead gorgeous, tall, light-skinned paisa with dark-black hair. 95% of those women have Colombian boyfriends, and these guys have money.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that money and prostitution is a huge part of Medellin culture. A very high percentage of the women in that city will sleep with guys for money, and there are scores of older gringos who know this…..for every 1 middle-class girl who takes care of herself, there are 5 chicks who are with guys because they give them money, that’s the truth. A ton of chicks need or want money (for clothes, bills, phones, help with rent, you name it). I even met a very cute 23 year old paisa girl from the states on a plane who told me she didn’t like to come back to MDE for too long cause all her friends always asked to borrow money.

  5. I just arrived here only two weeks ago. not so sure about the women being attracted to gringo’s but I do see they like our money. One thing I find different, they dont have a problem with coming to your apartment for a first meeting. I’m retired and not sure how long I will stay here, but would like to enjoy the company of a few more of the women and see where it go’s……

  6. I am a Latin USA 40 year old hunk…LOL going to Medellin with my gringo attorney friend for 7 days this month… All we want to do is have fun and meet people… Hot women are nice, nice women are hot. We both get plenty of them here in the US, but a little change on the scene is refreshing… It seems a lot of people are hug up on sex being something extraordinary… And sharing money being something bad… I make money and don’t mind sharing it with anyone for a taxi fare… Whether thy give me a kiss or not… I can get laid for free or paying. The same as everyone else… I do like meeting people and being nice to them… And vice versa… Obviously in 7 days you cannot have eternal love or deep relationships… But a good kiss, a great talk, lots of dancing and marathon sex does not sound bad at all…

    Thank you for sharing your ideas… And have fun, we are all going to die anyway!

    • Sex is nothing extraordinary Good4it, but a lot of guys who come to Medellin end up having sex with sexy young women they could get in the states, so for them it is. The place is very rapidly becoming a sex-tourism city.

      • woops! I mean they COULDN’T get in the states….just walk around Parque LLeras and you’ll see what I mean.

  7. Does anyone here that has lived in Medellin ever do any skype so I can really learn more and
    when i am there i can be prepared but for me i would think middle age woman would be a lot
    better thing as they are older and and more mature and things will go a lot smoother if you are
    just out for young girls I would assume that money is only attraction i have been to Colombia
    about 3 times but only for business but I had a great time with 34 / 45 can someone Skype me
    and we can chat my Skype is opticguard

  8. peeking at the World says:

    Just read every post from every posting. Columbia is just a place on the map to visit, perhaps relocate. If you’re looking for a lady of the night, chances are you can find that. I’ve traveled around the World, and no matter what social level you’re on, depending on where you find your interest you can enjoy women. Forget all the hype on how tall, your eye color, complexion, or how much money you have. Just find your proiorities and be a go getter! There are long term committments, or agreement as mentioned, or quick short stays of convenience. Every country has beautiful women. Just go rest your head (both of them), safely and enjoy the beauty of our counterparts.

  9. peeking at the World says:

    Go find a nice lady! Eat drink and be happy. The are many fantasy Islands all over the World. Lucky for many, that we can live or stay in any of these places at our leisure. For many though, these places are merely illusions, and it’s best to just enjoy what you came for then get back to reality. If you’re searching Columbia for sex and sexy ladies, you can find plenty, but there are also a lot of plastic illusionist there also. Kinda sucks that it’s become a World where women have to create themselves to become the illusion. I don’t want to offend anyone, certainly not any women that’s reading this post, but I much rather a women to be naturally beautiful. To each their own. Hey it is what it is! Secret Service fun cost the same as we all pay. Some pay with the dollar, some pay by the time shared. It’s all in the way you find reaching your goal.

    • Hey PATW…..

      Let’s be honest about one thing, money is almost always a part of the equation when it comes to relationships. In the States, plenty of marriages have ended because of money. Most women want a man who does well because they offer a comfortable life.

      Prostitution isn’t as black and white as some try to make it….Hugh Hefner’s “girlfriends” are all hookers, but nobody really says it outright. He’s obviously on the extreme end of the hooker-real love continuum, but you get my point.

  10. Go to bogota! Much better than Medellin in almost everyway, except granted the climate. Meet intelligent progressive women, live in the UNESCO city of music, meet people from all over Colombia, live in a real international city. I have lived in both Medellin and Bogota and view Medellin as a small town. It offers nothing like Bogota. But am I glad all the gringos continue going there and ignoring Bogota? Yes I am, Medellin has changed in the past 5 years for the worse due to the growing Tourism, Bogota is changing but a city of 8m people is better positioned to absorb this without material impact. I hope

  11. sean carter says:

    Are there any repuatable websites or marriage agencies I can use to meet Colombian women? I was was in Medellin on holiday a few years ago and thought that the women are some of the most stunning I had ever seen and I have travelled the world. Any information would be appreciated.

  12. I am interested in meeting the women in other Colombian cities besides those in Barranquilla. I have been Barranquilla twice but I would like to meet more women I am really attracted. I am thinking about going to Medellin or Cali someday.

  13. Silas Velasquez says:

    In that context, a Brazilian man could be called “Gringo” too? I am going to have a season in Cali and my dream is to bring a Colombian woman ( in that season or later). One say the most beatifuls girls are from Cali ( tanned with loose hips and crazy about salsa), from Medellin (more European) and from Manizales (white, sweet appearance, romantic and love vallenato). Is it reasonable (not a question of money) for a girl from these beautiful cities would leave her family and amazing country to live with me in Brazil? But again, the most important: I would be a “gringo” for them or, as a Latin, I would be more “from home”?

  14. I think the person who wrote this article is a macho man looking for ligth-stupid but beutiful women and the world is full of them, not only Medellin. I´m from Medellin and im a profesional. I know hundred of paisa women who are not that way. Around the world you can find women according with your mentality.. if you are a ligth-head, for sure you are going to find this kind of people. Of course this kind of articles is to keep the macho-men mentality. Lets look for hig quality people and start by yourself!
    Im a woman, paisa woman, and i have to say to find a good quality man is too difficult all arround the world too! they are few. but of course, if you want to find them in a bar, that´s going to be impossible.
    Good thing in Medellin, is that you can find beutiful, intelligent and independent women, but they are going to be critic about the guy who is flirting to them, specially foreign guys!!!!!!!! Grigo’ macho man: GO HOME!!!!!!!!!! you are not the king of our land… you are rich cuz your country exploit countries with less power. Im totally desagree with this article… It´s just a point of view between millions!!!! and it´s ofensive.

    • Hi Violeta, thanks for reading the article, and sharing your point of view.

      If not in the bars or discotecas, where can the good guys go to meet smart, attract, professional paisas?

      • Basically not in Clubs but through Friends that you make. People tend to live in bubbles they hang around with people who share the same values as them. The best girls tend to be the the ones you meet through friends at house parties birthdays little events. You won’t meet these girls in Clubs as they don’t go partying every other week.

        • Happy Gringo

          I am happy to say i met a beautiful woman online from Colombia(soacha)so we tak.ed for six months and i decided to Go to Colombia where i fell in love with this lady and her familiy….I treated everybody with respect and i got the same respect back…..I loved my six months there and i am going back untill her visa is processed and than we will return to canada…No visa i would be quite happy to live in Colombia….All i am saying to everyone is respect the people and they respect you….I am back in canada now shovelling snow..MUCHAS GRACIAS life has changed for the better since i met and fell in love

      • Hi Dave,

        I just found your website and love it. :-)

        I thought about your question and here are some options:

        – Joining a course: What are your hobbies? What would you like to learn? Photography, cooking, dancing? Maybe it’s easier to find a professional girl if you join the evening or weekend classes…

        – Joining a social network like This website is not only for cheap hosting, but for making new friends, interesting friends. People in this community love travelling and would love to chat with people from other countries or cultures.

        – Joining a language-exchange group. There are some in Envigado and Medellin. You will find more info at Have you been to Tinto Tintero?

        – Attending cultural events like those posted at Eafit University:

        I hope it helps, good luck!

        • To many comments in here. I like to travel allot and been with allot of women beautiful and not so much. Is about how you make each other feel and the laughs you had. Hopefully people understand. Peace!

      • Juan David says:

        Gringo is king!!! king of the prostitutes maybe!!!!!, go home dirty gringos mongrels!!!!!!

    • Violeta, thank you for your insight, I for one appreciate a woman’s perspective, after all, it’s is closest to the source. I have been to Colombia twice in 2011. I loved the cities I went to. I only have been to Bogota, and Cartagena. I loved the walled city. I liked Bogota as well,.. but almost too big. As far as the women go, I preferred the looks of the women from Bogota. A little more refined, ( for lack of a better term). I want to try to go to Medellin next. Yes, its true, I would love to find a serious relationship with a beautiful women from Colombia. It is difficult to shake the stigmatism that I feel from women there. I am a tall (6’2″/188cm) good looking guy, yes green eyes, from Canada,. very limited spanish ( which hurts). But how does an honest guy, not looking for sex, but rather to develop a serious relationship, where, and/or how does he approach an attractive paisas woman? I would just like to know if it is possible in Medellin, I could go on, but I will leave it there.

      • i would to say a met a beautiful Colombian woman with a heart of gold..i met her online and than went to live with her in Colombia..Was treated like a king and her family made me feel right at home….My life has changed for the better and if can not get her a visa i would gladly live in soacha….

  15. I love this… This is good stuff here. I do find that there is still a form of caste system in South America. For the people who are from Colombia and other parts of South America I’m sorry but it’s true. I’m a black male from the US. I can tell you that racism in parts of Brazil and Colombia is bad. I no longer will visit Brazil or certain parts of Colombia. I even met another Black man in the Dominican Republic and he said the women in Brazil would not give him the time of day. I also meet a women from NJ on the bus and she is of tan complexion and she stated that she was shocked how racist Brazil was for her. Other people from other countries talk about racism in the States. I laugh at this. How many other countries in South America have dark Presidents or multi colored Cabinets? Not many if any. Why are Dark skinned people pushed to the undesirable parts of the country and continued to be the least educated? I never have a problem in the states. I never have a problem in Dominican Republic and yes it’s racist there also, but not as South America. This denial by people from these countries or excuses is insulting. I have many friends from South America and we talk honestly amongst each other. They admited it exist heavily in South America… This thing about preference based on eye color, give me a break. I have a preference “Good Women” But, I love South American women of all colors even though I know that’s not returned in full.

    • I lived in Medellin for a year. I had good black friend form the USA who was and is still living in Medellin teaching BJJ at a Gymn. To be honest I do think he has a harder time getting girls but he he loves it out there.

      Cali is a great city and is 40% black you should definitely check it out.

    • You find what you’re looking for in life. I lived in Medellin for a year in 2010 working for a private university after graduating from uni in London. I had a great time and plan on coming back once I have developed professionally and saved up for a few years. Both my parents are from Colombia and I was born and raised in London.

      Everything I’ve read here definitely has a degree of truth but it is over generalised. I met many of the stereotypical foreign travellers and stereotypical women while living in Medellin and travelling Colombia. They come here for some “fun” and take advantage or are being taken advantage of depending on your point of view, by a certain group of women which exist all over the world but which is unfortunately much more prevalent/ visible and accessible to the average Joe in developing countries.

      To be honest the same thing happens everywhere, even here in the UK where men go out looking for tail, there are sugar daddies and girls interested in money it’s just not as visible.

      I always found it funny walking through Parque Lleras/ Barrio Colombia etc how many but not all foreign men went crazy here with plastic, superficial women. They loved it here because back home they didn’t stand a chance but in Colombia they felt like kings because of the attention they received. I personally have never found these kind of women attractive but each to there own.

      However this “King” mentality could be due to Colombia’s great hospitality. Colombian people are very warm, friendly affectionate people who like to welcome strangers into their homes and lives whether they be foreign or Colombian it doesn’t matter.

      Many of you have probably had first hand experience with how Colombian people especially women are friendly and easy to get along with. It’s normal to go out and make new friends at the club and talk to strangers in Colombia and then be invited to a house party or BBQ (e.g you can ask any girl to dance salsa with you and 90% chance she will say yes). In western countries it’s not as common to receive such hospitality especially from strangers.

      I think this is one of the reasons that Colombia is so popular because of the hospitality and lifestyle of it’s people which is refreshing and eye opening to many. You’ll find whatever you look for in life and while Colombia does have a number of these plastic, material, superficial women it has a thousand times more intelligent, caring, hard working women with open hearts.

      • Feliz ano SteveO, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

        You raise a great point about the hospitality. I do believe that’s part of what has always had me feeling welcome here.

        I continue to hope that doesn’t change as tourism brings more and more foreigners to the country.

      • SteveO,

        Thank you for the accenting the question of hospitality, but it born another question.

        If 90% of Colombian women would go to dance salsa with you, what their husbands and boyfriends think of this?

        Or maybe 90% of Colombian women are free? If yes, why so many of thm are free, if they’re so beautiful?

        Should be something wrong with the number of 90% or with Colombian women.

    • El Guapo says:

      I totally agree with what you stated. I have been to Brazil only once but have been to Colombia at least sixteen times and it is quite obvious.

  16. Tell me about it. I’ve been dealing with Medellin women for over 30 years ( yes, I am 30 years old ). When I fist talked to American about 10 years ago, and found out that a great number of men were coming for the women, I coudn’t believe what they told me (and still tell me) about the women in the US. I grew up watching American fims with the blond, blue eyed, beautiful American woman. I then realized that the truth was not what I thought. Women liberation was a major hit for the men in the US, and I don’t want to get too deen into that.
    But yes, everyday I see how women in my town change with time. Another problem is that my fellow Colombians (if you can say that) and even myself made this to happen.
    Yes. I also take the blame. we are known for being unfaithful, and I guess because we grew up with so much abundance of women that forgot how lucky we are. Women indeed compete all the time, because of us. they know that we only need to turn our head and there we’ll find another lovely lady.
    I am not like that anymore.
    Thank you all for coming to Medellin. I think you’ll find us very fun of foreigners. I thimk it’s because we really admire the US.
    Thank you Dave for writing this article, I found it very fun to read.

    • I was doing some general research on Medellin sites for things to do outside of getting laid 2-3 times a day! Any travel places like Santa Marta or that big lake worth seeing? I was amused by the responses and cant possibily respond to all but thought I throw in my observations about touring Medellian. Dont get me wrong,,,the very cute women are the main reason why Im going there and they seem very curious and friendly to us midaged gringos? The best looking are in their late teens and up into their 20’s and 99% are not virgins, are familiar w/ having sex and most likely have a 2 yr old kid!! By ther time they are in their 30’s..they are outta that business cause they are way too old…not my rules but the competition for nice guys is too intense from the young pretty girls and that Medellin women out number men by 10x. Its simple that young women date older men cause they spend money on them in exchange for some companionship and lots of lustful sex. Thats true in the US and most other places i visit in the world.
      You can pretend your having a relationship but its more like your taking care of a teenager. It does get expensive when your paying out for those damm taxi’s, food, shoes, sunglasses, cloths and and extra $40/$50 for the lil darlings to go home with. It works for them and provides needed cash for rent, food and the family. I will be heading to Pablado for 2 weeks this June for the 2nd time in 1 year. Last time I ran outta things to do after traveling all over the the metro, the skytram to the lake, the zoo and the Premium Plaza shopping Mall. A friend of mine has been going down there specifically for meeting and sleeping with young pretty women and spends a HUGE amount of time pre meeting them on the Columbia Cupid meet and greet site. I think he is 60 and average looking at best BUT gets more women than Hugh himself. The food in Medellin is average at best and can be a family run BBQ or usually the fast food fare in some food court! Oh and they dont speak english so learn some spanish!

  17. Gringo is king?

    Not in Medellin.mtheyre well used to foreigners and tourists, so the games not as easy as in other ares of Colombia.

  18. This has been a great thread to read through! I am a 43 year old taller green eyed (is eye colour really that important in Colombia??) Canadian who is thinking about possibly retiring and spending 6 months a year in Colombia for a few reasons. 1. Weather!! Get away from the ice and snow. 2. Value-if I can by on $2800 U.S. Per month in Medellin the dividends will keep growing. 3. Learn a new language and culture. 4. Possibly meet a special woman. I am divorced and would love to meet a woman in Colombia around the age of 30 who is serious about getting married and having a family. Is this possible?? I have read on these forums that women in Colombia will probably all be either married, divorced or already with children by the time they hit 30. Even though I am serious about this I am sure the prepagos must be tempting when you are searching for Ms. Right and all your ex pat buddies are going P4P several times a week. Dave I would love to meet up with you if and when I finally make it to Medellin! Your articles have been great.

    • Thanks Jason, I come and go from Medellin. I’ll be here until April 2013. Best thing to do is ping me when you’re actually here.

      Yes, it does feel like the majority of women will have a child by the time they’re 30. The ones that don’t, in my experience, tend to come from a higher strata (class), have better educations (Bachelor’s Degree), and may have spent some time living or working in Europe or the USA.

    • @Jason,

      I’m a colombian woman close to her 30s. Unfortunately, you are right and most of my friends are married or with children, even though they got a university degree. But, I said most of them, not all of them! The others live alone, still with their parents (even though they have a good job) or with their boyfriends (like me). So, definitely, there are some girls my age that could be interested in you, you just need to be alert to find them… But if you get tempted in the process by prepagos, you will lose sooo many points if she finds out!…

      • Hi Carola,
        Thanks for your reply. In Colombia would it be considered “unusual” if a man that is 45-50 is married to a woman who is 28-30? I am not looking for the youngest woman I can find. I am looking for a woman who is serious about getting married and having a family. When Colombian women who are around 30 years old and live with their families are they happy with this arrangement or do they have a desire to move out and live in their own apartments with a boyfirend/husband? What about if I go to church on Sunday? If a Colombian woman and her family see me in church would that be more comfortable with me in their lives?

      • Hi Carla I met a woman online she is from Barranquilla and Works for a cell phone store. She seems honest and loyal you think this is so? She is 35 attractive with no children. She decided to go to school so many she is one of the few good ones left.

      • Wow Carola what you said in your comment is so interesting..jaja! Colombians are very family orientated. Very similar to Asian Culture, specifically Chinese…jaja:)

  19. Hey Dave neat site, but please do something with that 3box social networking in the middle. every time i scroll down that thing just keep following me

  20. The women in your city are pretty !

  21. This read has just made my Saturday night – and I’m an active 33 yo living in the States. Great stuff people!

    Dave/all – I’m considering taking a TESOL course and teaching English in Colombia … and yep, agree with another reader that DirkJohanson is the man and slapping some tail down there is a massive incentive. A few questions …
    – you know of decent places to teach English in Medillin?
    – in your opinion, what’s the best city in Colombia to live that’s closest to great beaches?

    (and obviously, these places have to have passionate, cool, hot chicks).

    Thanks mate!

    • Glad to hear it JJ.

      – First, Medellin is the most competitive city in Colombia for English teaching jobs. It’s simply harder here. And it’s hard to find work before you arrive, because Colombians prefer to do business in person. Don’t expect replies to your email inquiries. Read this article for more.

      – Er, tough one. I wouldn’t want to live on the coast, it’s sweltering, with extremely high humidity all year. Cartagena is very touristy, Barranquilla is an industrial city — aside from Carnaval every year, there’s not much going on. Never been to the beaches there. I wasn’t impressed with Santa Marta either.

      IMHO, and generally speaking, the prettiest girls are in Medellin and Cali, not on the coast.

      • DUDE! Are you sure about Santa Marta not being worth the 11 hr trip? I thoght it “might” be fun to grap a pretty honey and make the trip? My friend ssays there are mostly prepago and its expensive too?

  22. I have recently met a woman from Medellin on a site and wow is she ever hot. Has anyone here ever met one online and how honest did you find her? Yes I do agree they are very affectionate indeed. I think this girl is amazingly intelligent and very sweet. Wish they had women like that here in North America.

    • I’ve met a bunch of girls through the internet here. I’ve met all types, honest and dishonest. Generally speaking, the prettier girl, the more cautious you should be. I advise not getting too invested online before you meet her in person. And definitely don’t be sending girls money.

  23. I lived here in this “city” for 1.5 yeas. Most of women are clearl overweight and short, and on the average quite ognrant. The only pretty girls I can see are gringas or european tourists.
    I have never seen so may fat girls thinking they are pretty in the same place in my life, and on top of that they even want you to pay for everything as if they were queens ..? I can score really pretty american and eupean girls without any problem and they dont ask me for any money.
    The only ppl who like colombia are old fat westeners who are fooled by these girls who only get thier $$$ or some other ugly looser who nneds to go to a poor country get some attention from women just becasuethey dont know he is a looser back home, but a poor looser is a big winner in Colombia.


    • Jimmy,

      Appreciate your comments, though I disagree. It’s also hard to take your points seriously with such poor spelling.

      First off, everyone’s standards for beauty are different, and what one country/society deems attractive or sexy, another devalues.

      Curvaceous women are deemed more beautiful in Colombia, and most Latin countries (Argentina is an exception). This is why breast implants, and unfortunately, butt implants, are so popular. Meanwhile in North America, Europe and Australia, slender figures are preferred.

      Go back to the 1500’s and the Italian Renaissance, and you’ll find the women deemed beautiful (and thus painted) were much heavier than any model you’ll see in a 2013 Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

      You may think Medellin women are fat, but on the whole, being a little overweight is nothing compared to the obesity epidemic plaguing the USA.


  24. Kenny from NJ says:

    Green Global Traveler said: I’ve never been to Medellin, but the women in Cartagena were definitely the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and like you said have an amazing way of letting you know they’re interested just by using their eyes.

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! I was in Colombia for two weeks back in May of 2008. I was in Cartagena, Bogota, and Medellin and hands down the most beautiful women are in Cartagena. The tan to brown complexion with long jet black hair along with naturally beautiful faces and their curvy figures drove me wild. The mix of Amerindian and African blood is heavy in that region. The women of Bogota and Medellin were average looking, in my opinion. Nothing special. However, I did see a few in both cities that deserved a lengthy stare.

  25. I’m going to be going to Colombia this summer with a buddy of mine who has been there many times and has made lots of friends in Medellin and Bogota. How can I tell if a woman is really interested in me as person and not because I’m an American?

    • I continue to ask myself and others this question, but there’s no way to ever really know for sure. If you’re looking for a relationship, not just to play the field, only time will tell.

      My best advice is to take it slow (not physically, but emotionally and financially). This allows ample time for her to do or say things that may raise flags in your mind.

      Here are a few early warning signs:

      – Some women will be very up front about asking for you to pay their taxis…to the very first date. The further away the woman, and the greater the cost to you, the bigger the flag it should raise. You’re more likely to pay for taxi rides when trying to date younger girls, who are either students or unemployed.

      – If she suggests a high cost first date, such as an expensive restaurant, and/or a big Friday or Saturday night out (including a costlier discoteca), that’s a warning sign. One of my favorite first dates is going out to a regular salsa bar (like Son Havana or El Tibiri), getting a beer or two, and dancing.

      – More ambitious women may drop hints toward taking trips, such as to Cartagena or the coast. Some will even ask you for money before you meet in person (if online dating), or on the first date (to help pay for XYZ). Run!

      – Doesn’t say “thank you” or show consistent signs of appreciation. Some girls seem to think we owe them. I like to pay for my dates, but at a minimum, I expect a “thank you” though some girls wont’ bother. This seems to be a Latin cultural thing…I dont’ think it’s specific to Colombia.

      The more you date, the better a feel you’ll get for which girls are worth investing your time and energy.

    • Amanda in Hawaii says:

      I think white guys aren’t really sure in MANY places in the world …..

      • Willian says:

        If you are an American going to a foreign country, you need to leave you American habit in the states. Man up and paid for the lady dinner. Not every country is like the US. I been to Colombia once and oh my god!!!! I felt in love! I am going back four month after returning from my first trip there.

  26. Re Jimmy’s Post 16th April

    Although it is a very badly written post (I wonder if English is his first language) I do think some of his points hold water although I am surprised he claims to have seen enough gringas or european tourists in Medellin to make a judgement unless he spends his life hanging out in and around the hostels of Pablado.

    I think is fair to say the vast majority of the Gringos in Medellin are probably not the most successful with the opposite sex back home – I’m trying to be tactful here :)

    I guess they mainly come here believing that the generous exchange rate they enjoy when changing their £’s, Euros’s or $’s will make them the high roller they are certainly not back home.

    Sure you can have success if you want to throw your money around in the direction of the girls from the poorer barrios but is that really what you are looking for in a relationship? Believe me you will have absolutely nothing at all in common and this will quickly become apparent. Her financial demands will simply increase on an almost daily basis and you will become tired of it, broke or both!

    My advise is this: live a simple, clean and normal life here and make friends. From these friendships, I guarantee if you are a decent and honest guy you will find the right person.

    • very nicely said BUT ya might as well fake it till ya make it…unless you are some drunken loaf that hasnt much to do all day but look for his next pussy conquest? Can you do that for very long?

  27. Great work Dave very interesting topic.
    I’m having an online relationship with a girl in Medellin that started a month ago. We Skype for 2-3 hours every day. Although there is an age difference I have found her to be very mature about the relationship (more than me) and a real love of life. She does make me feel like a very special person and has never asked for money or even dropped any hints. Our plan is to keep skyping until I travel over there at Christmas time, see how we feel about everything and take it from there. I do keep asking her why would she be interested in an older guy and I get similar answers (to some above threads) about Colombian men and their work ethics and relationship misbehavements.
    Keep up the great work.

    • colombian-american-canadian says:

      Hi Xteve,

      I am a professional guy originally from Colombia, and have spent the last 18 years living between the US and Canada (Miami, NYC and Toronto). When I saw your post, i felt the need to reply as it is well known by Colombians that dating Colombian women through online websites is a very shaky business. Plenty of internet dating and romance scams are originated from Colombia, so I would recommend you to be VERY, VERY cautious about it.

      Colombia, as extraordinary as it is, may also be an extremely dangerous place for foreigners; the last thing you want to do is to throw away your hard-earned money, or being mugged or something worse if you travel there under false pretenses.

      Please take a look at the recommendations made by the US Department of State, Bureaus of Consular Affairs, April 4th 2013: (

      Romance scams involve one or more – sometimes all – of the key signs below:

      You met online through a dating website, an e-mail chat room, Facebook, or another online website.

      The scammer claims to be a native-born U.S. citizen, but has a thick accent and/or uses poor grammar indicative of a non-native English speaker.

      Scammers have the worst luck imaginable — often getting into car crashes, arrested, mugged, beaten, or hospitalized — usually all within the course of a couple of months. They often claim that their key family members (parents and siblings) are dead. Sometimes, the scammer claims to have an accompanying child overseas who is very sick or has been in an accident.

      The scammer’s “bad luck” often occurs on the way to the airport to catch a flight to the United States to meet you. Scammers like to build the anticipation of their victims. Once you are excited about the chance to finally meet this individual in person, that’s when something occurs to prevent him/her from making the trip. They count on your excitement about the anticipated meeting as an extra incentive to send money. As soon as you send money, however, another situation occurs, which requires you to send more money.

      The scammer asks you for money to get out of a bad situation. Note: Since scammers prey on the good intentions of U.S. citizens, some of them will not actually ask you for money. Rather, they will share their heart-breaking situation with you in hopes that you will willingly send money to help them.

      The scammer claims that the U.S. Embassy would not help them. Likely they have never tried to get help from the embassy, because they are not actually U.S. citizens.

      The passport the scammer sent to convince you that (s)he is a U.S. citizen looks computerized and includes a very attractive photo that looks like it was taken by a professional modeling agency or at a photography studio. This is not a typical passport photo.

  28. Nigel D says:

    Very cool to read all of these diverse opinions about Colombia.

    I’ve read this thread from top to bottom on a lazy Saturday while planning my next trip to Colombia. This time Medellin. I lived in Cartagena for an entire year recently, loved it so so much that I actually overstayed my tourist visa by a little over 6 months.

    I have NEVER seen such a sexy multi ethnic collection of tail in all different colors. Ranging from the blackest of black, to the light brown, dark brown, the Indian, the hybrid mixes of everything that you can imagine, and even white Colombian chicks. Not a lot of pasty chicks in Cartagena. The skin that you will see often is Black, Brown or tanned.

    The only time I noticed a heavy influx of pasty chicks was during some kind of massive holiday break where the people from the inland Medellin and Bogota etc would vacation in droves to Cartagena or Tolu.

    Or when some kind of business event was taking place at the convention center. I’ve bagged black girls, white girls, Indian, girls who were mixed with black and white, (in fact my very first shag was a black white blend) from a town called Sincelejo. We spent a long weekend (some Saints Holiday- Many Saint Holidays in Colombia) in a beach town called Tolu which is about a 3 hour bus ride from Cartagena.

    Beautiful girl, lots of Fun, she had just turned 18. Pretty, and petite the way that I like them. Drama free chick. Happy days. Very low maintenance. I met her at a bull fight which I utterly detested.

    I also met a super cute chick while at a Cartagena restaurant called Crepes and Waffles. She was on spring break with her 4 girlfriends, all were from Cali.
    They were all pretty and pretty much looked the same, long dark hair, big pink lips, pasty, petite yet curvy bodies, great smiles. Enjoying life. It was apparent they came from higher strata level Colombian families.

    One of the girls was more exotic looking because she was darker with more Indian features, the kind I’m usually most attracted to, women with Color.

    The way I understand it, they had just completed high school and were excited about attending College.

    My buddy and I were having dinner and they were sitting at the table next to us. When they overheard us speaking English, one of the pasty ones introduced herself, and wanted to ‘Practice her English’, and then we all became fast friends and ended up sharing a table and cervesas + rum.

    The short version of this story is I ended up hooking up with the girl who introduced herself to us to begin with. Now I have a thing for her type.. long black hair, curvy petite bod, dreamy pink lips. lol. Happy days.

    I could literally write a book about the range of chicks I bagged in Colombia, the social mindsets, the racial politics, the mindsets of the women and society at large etc, perhaps I will write a book one day. One thing for sure, is that I first traveled to Colombia after living in Miami for an extended period of time. I also knew what my ‘type’ of girl was because I had already experienced two Colombiana girlfriends while living in Miami where Colombianas are everywhere, especially in Kendall and parts of South Miami.

    This is specifically for the Brothas who are concerned about Colombian racism. Racism does exist in Colombia as it does in many places where European invaders, explorers, and bandits have landed. Colombians however, will rarely admit to racism to a black person, at least not a Black American person. lol.

    They will tell you how many black people are in Colombia blah blah blah, Colombia has no racism like America blah blah blah and how they all have black relatives somewhere in their families blah blah blah, even when that is true, the racial politics does exist. I’ve found Colombian and other Spanish speaking parts of the world to be more classist than overtly racist. It just so happens that the people of color in these countries happen to be the people on the undesirable end of the ‘class scale’ based on economic disadvantage.

    In a general sense, that would make America, Canada, UK, Holland, France etc better places for blacks than Spanish speaking countries UNLESS you are from one of the aforementioned countries and therefore you are viewed essentially like the average ‘Gringo’. Don’t believe me, go to Youtube and enter “Cost of Living in Medellin , Colombia ” El Poblado”

    However if you are reluctant to traveling to any part of Colombia because of the color of your skin, then you are being a fool. ALL of the time that I’ve spent in Colombia has been along the coastal areas, and I’ve NEVER had any problems with getting action.

    The biggest problem is that hot female inventory is so abundant that you quickly lose interest with the chica that you have. Well at least that was my ADD problem. I would literally sit at a mall Castellana on the segundo piso where the escalator ends at a restaurant / internet cafe, and of 10 girls that came up the escalator on a Friday night a good 7 were worth a nod and a smile.

    Next step, make eye contact, smile, nod your head, and do the reverse wave with your hand. Next thing you know, your table of 1 or 2 becomes a table of 2 or 3 or 4. It’s just that easy.

    I am NOT tall, I am NOT blonde, I don’t have green or blue eyes, I am NOT white, I don’t flash money around like I’m rich!

    Because I don’t cook, I eat out a lot, I prefer not to eat alone, girls tend to like that no matter where you are in the world. Add a bit of charm, a classy fit look, broken but attempted Spanish, a bit of interesting conversation, and that could be a formula for success with Colombianas. If you happen to have spent anytime in Miami or Miami Beach all the better! Colombiana’s love to talk about, and day dream about Miami in my experience, that is if they haven’t been there. I’ve seen girls light up like Christmas trees at the thought of living in or traveling to Miami. They believe the hype from flashy American TV programming.

    Of all the countries that I’ve traveled to or lived in, I carry one rule, I give a smile and most of the times I’ll get a smile back. If i don’t receive a smile back, so what.. on to the next one. That’s just how I roll.

    My point to the brothas or any other clearly non white minority is, if you look for racism, I think you’ll find it ANYWHERE you go. I would AGREE that white men have more inherent advantages in Colombia, that’s just how the world is.

    It’s the same in Addis Ababa Ethiopia as it is in Colombia.

    But I’ve also experienced within my own time in Colombia, 2 white guys getting hustled and robbed because they operate on the basic principle that their money is their sole advantage.

    During the 1 year I that I lived in Cartagena 2 white guys that I knew very well got hustled hard. One a British Ex pat, had a live in ‘white’ Colombiana who drugged him and wiped him out financially after having lived with him for almost 7 months.
    Scary to know. But he was in his 60’s and she was in her twenties, and he was old enough in my opinion to know better. .As Mos Def would say..That’s how you get got!

    The other was a white Colombian from Medellin who actually lived in the States for 10 years before returning back to Colombia courtesy of a deportation order by the US Dept of Justice. His mistake was behaving like a Gringo in a club La Dolce Vida, frequented by tourist and expats in Cartagena.

    He rang my door buzzer at 4:30 am on a Saturday morning looking crazy and in his underwear, because he had gone out the night before and some prepago chica that he was trying to game at the club slipped something in his drink and he ended up with no clothes, no watch, no wallet, and severely hung over on an unknown chemical.

    Anyway, I’m planning another trip to Colombia for this year. First Medellin and then Cali, I might do 6 months in each region to better hone my Spanish skills and see whats good in those areas. I’m looking forward to some Cali Salsa and reconnecting with some old friends from the area that I’ve kept in touch with.

    While in Cartegena I’ve met several women from Medellin and they all tend to agree that my personality type and style would be well suited for Medellin. I’m not sure if this will be true, one thing I’ve noticed about Colombians is that no matter where they are from whatever city they are from is THE BEST. lol.

    One of my closest friends who happens to own a language school in Cartagena and happens to be from Medellin also told me that Medellin would be more to my liking.

    What I dislike about Cartagena is the constant heat and humidity which is worse than Miami. I also like book stores and Cartagena has a drought of book stores. I always found myself traveling to Barranquilla and spending the day in the book store at the mall. Not too much to do in Barranquilla, lots of pretty girls, friendly people and loud music on the weekends.

    More people speak good English in Barranquilla from my experience even though Cartagena is the recognized tourist trap.

    I even bagged a green eyed blonde their who worked at the Guess boutique. I had no clue she was interested until her gay co worker started talking to me and asking me what I thought of her, blah blah blah. That lasted about a month before the novelty of traveling back and forth from Cartagena to Barranquilla wore off and she wanted me to relocate to Barranquilla, which was out of the question at the time.

    Anyway- even though I had a gun pulled on me by a cab driver over the use of ‘air conditioning’ in the cab, I still regard Colombia as my favorite country in South America, though I’ll also visit Brazil after Colombia. Venezuela had it’s merits, but I feel more connected to Colombia because I spent more time there.

    Final consideration for guys traveling to solely bag chicks. DirkJohlnson had some good advice for those who are on limited schedules and just want action.

    A set of things I remember ALL Colombiana’s would ask me is (1) Where do I live in Colombia (2) How long am I staying in Colombia?

    That was pretty much how they were qualifying you for whatever. I think I made out better than most because I would always tell them that I was staying for at least a year or two to study Spanish. I was seen as less transient that way.

    Also a great place to meet chicks who are not on the lower end of the economic spectrum is to join a nice gym like Club Bodytech. Memberships can’t readily be afforded by those without some level of steady plata.

    Exciting times-

    • pretty good advise! Yo….you sound like a true pussy mongering “gringo”!

      • Nigel D says:

        Suup Sean,
        With all of it’s Problems, Colombia can be A LOT of fun for anyone Red – Yellow- Black- White. Definitely one of my favorite places. Downside… just too many happy hot chicks if you know where to go.

        I suppose my vice is happy hot chicks.

        If you go, do yourself a favor connect with someone who is from a barrio that is NOT within a tourist trap zone. Seek everyday hot girls who are not Pro’s, Visa whores, and hustlers and are just looking for a good time from someone different, in my opinion and experience represent the BEST opportunity for exciting times. They are EVERYWHERE. From the bus stops, the local shops, the malls etc.

        Most of these girls have NEVER traveled to many of the resorts or great places to visit within their own country, and would welcome an invitation and be AMAZING FUN and Companions.

        Go inside of the local neighborhoods to bars, clubs, and beer joints where they play crazy loud ass music, (often times classic 80’s music or the local hits. I heard Lots of Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Phil Collins etc) and dance the night away.

        Places where 6 beers and rum might cost you a total of $6.00, (In Miami 1 beer would be $7.00 at a place worth going to-do the math) – where the people are super friendly and just normal.

        Where you can rent a nice 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in a local relatively safe barrio with wi fi for around $200.00 per month.
        ( I say ‘relatively safe’ because you will usually start hearing random gun shots late Friday or Saturday night)

        That’s the thing to do if you have extended time to actually travel.
        Happy Trails.

  29. Hey guys,

    i just simply want to know if you spend the night with a “regular” girl, do you offer her money? And if so, roughly how much?

    I’m the type of person/monger that doesn’t expect anything for “free”. But what I’m certainly trying to avoid are any misunderstandings.

    • Anyway you end up paying for everything. And why wouldnt ya…unless your a cheap bastard that shouldnt be out mucking up the deal for a true “player” on a international tour! If your use to spending money on pretty women in CA then your getting a lovely bargin for the friendship.
      The come and go and most have to call their mom if they spend the night!

  30. Nigel D says:

    Dude if she’s a ‘Regular’ girl as you indicate, there’s not much to it in my opinion. I’ve never taken the direct prepago route with any Colombiana.

    What I have done is payed for weekend trips to places that I wanted to visit within the country. Beach towns, bars, clubs, restaurants local barrior cervetarias etc. Places that I did not want to travel to solo, or places that only a local would have awareness of etc. In that scenario I’ve funded the entire outing from taxis, meals, drinks, everything naturally. All with ‘regular girls’, and there are PLENTY of them around trust me!

    My spoken rule was upfront and direct, “when I invite you, you don’t have to come out of pocket, that’s just the way I am, it’s my invitation.” On that basis I got plenty of ‘regular girl’ action. I’ve never straight up offered a girl money
    for sex or companionship. I have nothing against it, It’s just not my style. I’ve had AMAZING times using that approach, and on the CHEAP in Colombia. But I was not on a limited typical tourist time schedule while in Colombia.

    If I were in your situation the way you describe it, I would simply hand the girl whatever amount of cash that makes you comfortable and regard it as ‘cab fare’, or “I had such a great time with you, I want you to buy yourself something nice”.

    That’s just how it plays out in my head based on your note, and that’s pretty much what I would do given your situation. Others probably have better strategies or experiences to share.

    Good luck-

  31. Mr Park says:

    I’m planning a trip to Colombia in September for my birthday. I’m a single male Asian 32 and I can’t wait to get there. I’ve lived in brasil for a short time and also visited the Dominican Republic. I live in NYC and this would be my first time there. If someone can help me out a little finding a place to stay, places to go etc I would greatly appreciate it. My email is thanks in advance.

  32. Amanda in Hawaii says:

    An interesting post! Dating dynamic posts are always one of my fave reads with travel articles!
    I realize it’s just one person’s perspective but it’s fun to hear about the experiences.

  33. On my way initially for a nite to medellin this weekend and ill be back for another round the following week, havent been there in a while, the whole thing is that im planning on getting crazy first at my hotel next to parque lleras hopefully its nice, the author made me laugh with the cell phone quote hilarious, hey anybody out there in medellin on friday nite 6/28 to chat for a while with some drinks, THERE ON ME, hey and if you know any gals the better, oh im 35 by the way normal looking.

  34. Excuse me, I´m from Medellín, I disagree with the first photo The classic paisa look. Hey, that´s not true. I dont like that men from outside the country see the paisa women.

  35. thanks David for answer me. :)
    what i think is that is really difficult to generalize about a typical paisa. If you go to a bar, maybe you will find with a kind of girls really different that if the girls if you go to a university.
    i can talk you about the women are around me, they do not wear like whores. They are friendlies and hardly workers. The problem is that the most tourist are looking for girls for having fun, and the go to bars and only can see that kind of girls.

    • I agree with Alex to a point. The best girls I’ve met, and by best, I mean best looking, most attractive, smart, hard working, naturally stunning, AND super duper NICE…not out to hustle you etc.. are in fact girls that I’ve met in School. At restaurants, and through vertical social connections.

      I’d say school and at Malls while shopping or hanging out. I’ve gone out with Colombianas who have actually absolutely refused to allow me to pay for dinner, when I extended the invitation.

      I do think that many people who have commented on this particular thread are people who are traveling or have traveled to Colombia on Limited Time, and with the explicit intention of Hooking Up. Tourist do this every day when they travel to key places like Miami, LA, New York, Sweden, London etc. They hit bars and nightclubs to hook up with people who are on the prowl. Colombia is no different, and I don’t think Colombians should be so touchy, sensitive or offended by it, it is what it is.

      If your friends are not at the clubs, bars being frisky, looking sexy and trying to hook up, good for them, But there are PLENTY of Colombianas who enjoy being frisky, looking sexy and trying to hook up.

      Things are quite different when you stay for extended periods of time and are living among locals and have genuine social networks which extend beyond the tourist traps and compressed time that tourist typically remain within the country. It’s a total game changer for a single guy.

      I’d like to see a photo of what Alex regards as a typical Paisa looking girl, perhaps it is unfair to generalize a Paisa look. I’ve met many girls from Medellin who are stunning and look nothing like the first photo. I’ve also seen random chicks from Colombia who do in fact have that exact look within the first photo. Obviously variations exist, I suspect the photo posted is indicative of the authors Paisa preference.

      My 2 cents-

      • Thanks Nigel D. I like to know about your point of view. You helped me to understand better what the blog refers. Now I agree with that. jajajaja

        • Nigel D says:

          No worries Alexa, glad to share my point of view. Feel free to post any pics of what you regard as the ‘typical Paisa look’.

          Peace! {Paz}

          • No Thrills says:

            Nigel D,
            Can you set up a blog and update it regularly? I would love to
            read your day-to-day exploits in Colombia with women,views, outlooks,opinions.
            Or maybe just update it here on this page for readers..
            We need to read your eBook; when’s it coming out? I’m serious. I’d read it.

          • Nigel D says:

            I appreciate your kind words No Thrills.
            Though I have considered creating a site dedicated specifically to Colombia & Venezuela specifically, (2 places that I I’ve lived full time in South America) I haven’t defined specifically a time frame. That is to say, I’m not a full time blogger and writing about Colombia etc is not my priority. I’m a business developer first and foremost and my monetary projects are where I currently devote my time.

            David and his guest contributors do a very good job on this blog covering a broad range of subject matters. In fact when I reviewed the table of contents of his ebook (which you should consider buying it’s beyond affordable) it appears quite holistic.

            I’m not sure if you are looking for something specific from me No Thrills, if so just let me know and I’ll help as much as I can, just be very specific because opinions and perspectives are as varied as fingerprints.

            Obviously you’ve read my other feedback on this blog and my perspectives are authentic and detailed. Colombia is a very special place for me despite the naysayers in my life who still give me shit on a daily basis about my affection for Colombia, but it is what it is. With it’s imperfections and excluding parts of Hawaii, Colombia is my preferential place for really enjoying life as a single guy.


          • Thanks for checking out my Medellin guide. If you ever interested, I’d be happy to publish any advice or stories you’d like to share as a guest post.

            You can just send me a message through the Contact page.

  36. the truth revealed says:

    Well, sad to read but very true, what you missed is the part where gringos are taken as fools, paying for everything.. of course these girls have one prepaid cellphone for you (so they can throw it away when you get very annoying) and a second smart phone with their normal contacts and really loved and interesting people.
    Let me say old friend, the point here is not how easy paisas girls are but how you gringos act like horses in heat when you see an attractive woman that you are very likely to pay for everything and get whatever the girls want for them until you leave the city.. once you’re done here, and you are back in USA, I bet some how your pocket starts hurting and you start regreting inside of your F-150 while you plan how to arrange another trip back here and see if you can find another common and boring (not interesting or educated) black long haired plastic girl that is expecting another common gringo that is willing to pay for whatever she wants.

    Best regards!

  37. I’m from Toronto and dated a Colombian woman in Toronto (tall with no fake boobs) but have never been to Colombia. Her général view was that the bulk of gringos going there are sketchy and cannot pickup at home and try to use their passport as some type of drawing card. How many places can you tell a women you’re staying in a hostel and not have her laugh at you? Why else would a 50 year old north American go there to find a 25-30 year old wife? Can you do that in the US or Canada ? Not a chance. Its just like the predators who go to Thailand or Cambodia. Its shameful to be honest. Sweden has gorgeous women also but you don’t see a bunch of guys going there trying to exploit women…its simply capitalizing on the economic disparity. I also don’t think that Colombian women are any more attractive than other countries.

    • I have to take your comment with a grain of salt because like you said, you haven’t been to Colombia yourself so you can’t form your opinion. Right now, you’re just going on her perspective. It’s impossible to generalize.

      There’s a HUGE difference between visiting or living in a country in part because you are intrigued by the women, and would like to either party with or date the women, and being a “predator.”

      I wouldn’t characterize any of my male friends as predators. They’re young men looking to date women in Colombia, just like any other country they’ve lived in (and many have lived in places outside of their home country). That’s not to say some men aren’t going to Colombia for the prostitution, but remember, it’s LEGAL here.

      It’s not a legal problem, unless the girl is under 18. It therefore becomes a debate on morality.

      Sweden is ridiculously expensive, which is why so few tourists can afford to go there. I’m sure the women are pretty, but I’ve also heard through friends that they’re quite cold in terms of personality. That’s one thing I appreciate about Colombian and many Latin women in general, their warmth.

      • Fair enough. Perhaps “predator” was a bit harsh. However, I was referring more to the older guys (i.e. north of 50) that are looking for a 25yr old — as was my reference to Thailand and Cambodia where it is rife. Its just feels sketchy. I’ve seen it in too many developing countries. A lot of these girls have fantasies that the gringo has a bunch of money, when if fact, many of them are living on a shoestring and have big student debts and/or mortgages.

        • Gotcha, and I agree. It feels sketchy to me too. I try not to worry about it, and mind my own business. As long as they’re not breaking any laws, I may disagree, but who am I to tell anyone how to live?

          It’s worth noting the age gap thing is not as big a deal in Colombia. Even the Colombian men tend to date/marry MUCH younger. From the women I’ve talked to and dated, they actually prefer it because the older men represent stability and greater economic means. They believe they’re less likely to cheat on them.

          In the USA, it’s mostly the rich or famous men that are going out with the women 20+ years younger. You see it all the time with rock stars and celebrities. Let’s face it, they’re using their status and wealth to cash in and date models they might not otherwise be able to date. I would too.

          • yep. you raise some good points, particularly regarding the age gap and the fact that in some countries, the women prefer it. I noticed the same situation in places like Russia and Ukraine, where women prefer a guy 5-7 years older, sometimes more. Obviously if you have a ton of cash, the situation can be more extreme. I guess with the very large disparity (ie. 60 to 20), you have to know its largely a financial relationship.

  38. thanks. good advise.

  39. I’m a native girl from medellin and some things of the blog are true . Actually , I laughed because most of the things written here aren’t true. First off , Gringos or foreigners are not ¨king¨ here in medellin or anywhere in Colombia. I like some foreigners but not all of them . it doesnt mean that if you are tall , blonde , with green or blue eyes you will be the sensation or all Colombian women will die for you… I have found some tall and blonde foreign guys not attractive at all. Also , I have found some foreign guys pretty hot . But dont think because you are a guy from abroad you could pick up every girl you want to . My sister is stunningly beautiful … slim , petite , dark hair and pretty face and she doesnt like foreign guys. she prefers more latin type ( tanned skin , dark eyes and hair) so you shouldnt generalize about gringobeing king over here because I have heard many of my friends saying she doesnt like them or she prefers latinos like my sister does. Here are a lot of hot guys too so dont think you foreign guys are in advantage because you are tall , white , blonde and with light eyes. actually , here are a lot of native white guys and tall guys as well. some of them have blue and green eyes too. not all guys are short or fat like I have heard some foreigners say. remember that our country are multi-racial and here are people with blonde hair and green or blue eyes too.

    About that all girl have prepaid phones. WRONG AGAIN!!
    Maybe , if the girl is from a lower strata she could have a prepaid phone but girls from upper strata have postpaid phones with datas and hundreds of minutes . I have enough minutes and text messages in my phone. I have an iphone . Dont be ignorant and think that all Colombian girls are poor people . that is something tha bothers me a lot that foreigners think that people from here is poor or are starving whent the truth is that here are a lot of wealthy people and most of them have more money than foreigners. period.

    • thanks for realistic poit of view…

    • So just curious to know if your sister and yourself like Asian guys??? When I was in Cuba I even got mistaken as a My skin gets dark in the summer. And I have dark hair and dark eyes almost like a Latin Just curious if Asian guys get alot of Attention in Colombia. I know there are not alot living there. So maybe girls would like us more cause we are exotic and

      I have heard from other Asian guys that traveled to Colombia that there are many girls that are interested in them. Is this true? Your honest answer is much appreciated:) Thank You Susi. I hope to see you if I ever get to visit your beautiful country:)

      I have not decided yet, just worried about my safety.

  40. I am Latino living in jersey and never been in Colombia. My experience is that Colombian people in general are very welcoming. Women are really friendly and smart. Being gr info is a disadvantage because women know gringos are. In Colombia only. Because they can’t get laid in USA
    Please, stop talking about Colombian women like they are sex slaves. Go back to USA and jerkoff

  41. Thanks a lot for this advice. It is good to know that the women are open towards Gringos. i guess I have to improve my english when want to approach women in Medellin, or do they speak decent english? (I guess not).

    It is is motivating that you say that Colombian women make you know what they want. I am totally okay with getting rejected and I am totally okay if I approach a girl and I am simply not her type. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is when women waste my time and beat around the bush.

    When I see those pictures i just want to book the next flight and go there. I have been to Thailand and some of the women there are gorgeous but the South american women definitely have their own charm.

  42. News flash ….. Luxury is the favorite hangout for “working girls” in Medellin.

  43. If you go for high end Women, they DEFINITELY try to run away from “gringos”, it looks nasty. If you go to so so places, sure, you can get lucky. So before jumping out, first ask yourself what kind of gringo and what kind of Women you like!

  44. says:

    I am from Medellin and the thing is like that, GRINGO = IDIOT
    Sorry if you are one of those.

  45. NevilleFlynn says:

    If you go to a disco you’ll or a bar, the girl who’ll let you know she wants your attention probably wants something different of what you really think. Those are easy girls, a bunch of freeloaders, who are behind your money, not your appeal, or just to “hangout”. As a Gringo you have way too much to know about Colombians, and its people, specially women.

    Classy, sophisticated women won’t even look at you, they won’t let you pay for their taxi or meal, and not even in hell they’ll let you know they are interested in you. You’re taking advantage of a bunch of girls with 0 iq, which i’m pretty sure they are abundant in any part of the world specially in USA.

    In retrospective, those men -like you- behind those type of girls has few to nothing of emotional intelligence, and only think with the “small head”, which clearly explains why this post is written the way it is.

    You’re far to be a king of nothing.

    FYI: The word gringo comes from: Greens go home, and we use it more often to refer to jerks like you. The other respectful, nice guys who come here to enjoy the country are just called visitors.

  46. Hi, u can not use this pictures here, I am in one of the pictures and u never met me so please don’t usa my picture to talk bad about the girls in medellin. If I go to a club this don’t say that i am the things that u say here.

    • All the photos have already been removed, and I apologize and hope there are no hard feelings.

      I realize that since the article was published in 2011, a lot of reader comments have been left, and some portray Colombian women in a negative light.

      That was never the intention of the article. We were just trying to highlight some of the observations foreign men notice when they first arrive in Medellin, and begin dating paisas. We realize what’s written here does not apply to all women from Medellin.

      I hope if you read the article, and not the comments, you can see what I mean.

      • Good Day Dave,

        Nigel D here, hope you are well since our last interaction. As you know I’ve had some of the BEST TIMES in my life in Colombia and I’ve shared some of them here on this thread, and I do still read your blog routinely even though Now I am in Asia and LOVING IT much Better than Colombia, aside from the Massive time zone Flip! lol.

        That being said, aside from the post from the Colombiana who claims that she appeared in one of the pics previously presented, and indicated displeasure of having her photo here, I find your reaction to her letter of REMOVING ALL of the PICS here REALLY excessive and a total buzz kill for the thread.

        Of course I don’t know the back story (if any) of how you were approached which could have had an impact on why you removed ALL of the pics.

        Of course it’s your blog, you are the boss, you can add and remove all content at your discretion for any reason you deem fit. But I have to tell you, this is the MOST balanced thread on dating and ‘Rules of the game’ that I’ve seen online anywhere for Colombia!

        The pictures that you originally displayed prior to removal FRAME the entire discussion and they were ALL appropriate because the pics visualized the common reality which all of us who have lived or traveled to Colombia for extended periods of time have experienced.

        Without those pictures Framing the discussion, this thread loses the appeal which made and continues to make this section of your blog one of the most popular and controversial on the subject matter.

        If ‘Manu’ was indeed featured in one of the pics and if this were my blog, out of courtesy to ‘Manu’, I certainly would have removed or edited HER pic.

        What I dislike in the letter that she posted as to WHY she wanted her pics removed. Her explanation is SHALLOW in my view, because it demonstrates that she hadn’t read the entire thread to recognize that this was not a thread bashing Colombianas or “talking bad’ about Colombiana’s as she suggested.

        The perspectives presented here encompassed real life experiences and opinions by real people about a very important subject matter, the perspectives encompassed the good and the bad uncensored!

        The commentors to your blog don’t always agree on every little thing, but the format is very democratic and the diversity of the opinions and feedback enhance the value and quality of your blog and add to the continued conversation which is in part fueling the international popularity of your blog.

        I for one would have NEVER commented on your blog had those original pics been absent from your site as I am a very VISUAL person. I suspect I am not the only contributor or reader to this thread who shares those same feelings. Removing those pics REALLY dilutes the appeal and the quality to this discussion.

        Anyway, its early here, the roosters are cock a doodle dooing and I just wanted to give you my perspective on your recent photo ‘censorship’ which I personally find excessive.

        Adios Dave-

        Looking forward to attending one of your ‘meetups’ when I return back to Colombia.
        Nigel D.

  47. Hey Dave love the article but I would like to know how are Black American males chances in colombia. I see you said White blue eyed Gringos get a lot of love but how bout the chocolate brothers. Love your site and I follow you on FB keep up the work.