Most Popular Things to Do and See in Medellin

Botero Plaza

Botero Plaza

Medellin is a wonderful city to visit and live in, however there aren’t a lot of sightseeing activities.

Here are a few of the most popular things to do and see in Medellin to keep you occupied:

For adventures after the sun goes down, check out the Nightlife page.


  1. There’s also salsa with los gemelos! I was there for 2 weeks learning salsa. 😀

  2. @liliane I guess you had a good experience with los gemelos, let me tell you , my experience over there sucked , it was the most boring a non professional class I’ve ever had, the teacher was always late , and she had this horrible habit of chatting with her boyfriend in the middle of my classes, it was frustrating, i hired a private instructor that i found on the internet and he always canceled my class at the last minute, sometimes he was late and depending on the mood he was the class could be ok if i was lucky , I went to as many dance studios as a I could in medellin, you name it ( I have a list of papers of all the publicity I received in all these places ) ,but i just gave up and then one day i went to eslabon prendido on a tuesday night , and i saw this amazing couple dancing salsa and i was just blown away ,it was awesome ,so I talked to them and i found out they were from Cali (no wonder) and they happened to own a studio here in poblado called “santo baile” , i was going to leave the next day to salento but instead i was so excited to see them dancing again that i decided i wanted to give it a try and take classes with them the next day , let me tell you , they made me change my mind about leaving and i stayed in medellin the entire week taking classes with them , it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in medellin, they are very professional and they definetely know what they are doing ! so @liliane if you are here in medellin you might want to go to the studio and and chek it out ! It is called santo Baile trust me it is worth it , and you will see what a real salsa class is like, and I’m someone that has taken salsa classes everywhere, trust me those guys guys rock !

  3. I have visited Medellin and love the weather. I am thinking of places to retire. Is there enough to do in Medellin to keep someone from getting bored? Remember I am 50 so nightlife isn’t really my thing. I would like to improve my Spanish and taking Salsa lessons would be a must. I like museums and more cultural things and am not really looking for women although it would be nice to have friends or women to accompany to dinner, movies, etc. Also is it easy to use Medellin as my S.A hub and visit Machu Pichu, Buenas Aires, etc?

    • Several publications like Businessweek and Huffington Post have ranked Medellín as one of the top retirement locations in Latin America. Medellín makes these lists with its combination of good weather and low cost of living. Plus it is a sizable city with a metro population of over 3.7 million so there is plenty things to do.

      Medellín has some museums and cultural things to do but Bogotá as the biggest city in Colombia has more of that than Medellín.

      To improve your Spanish, Medellín has Universidad EAFIT, which claims to have the largest Spanish language program in Colombia with around 500 students each year. I am taking Spanish classes at EAFIT and my experience is that it is a very good program.

      You can’t really use Medellín as your South America hub as it doesn’t have direct flights to that many international cities. However Bogotá, which is only a 25-minute flight away, has one of the world’s 50 busiest airports with direct flights to cities throughout South America. So with a simple short flight for a connection in Bogotá, which has a nice new international terminal, you can travel to everywhere in South America.

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