Top 10 FAQ on buying Medellin Real Estate

This article was originally posted on the Casacol blog.  By Brad Hinkelman, Founder/Owner – Casacol SAS As Medellin real estate advisers, we at Casacol receive clients in our office every day with a wide range of goals and needs for their investments in Colombia. While there are not many “typical” clients there are many typical questions that […]

Filing Colombia Income Taxes (2016 Update)

Tax time for filing Colombia income taxes for 2015 is fast approaching in August. Jeff looks at who needs to file, when, and how to calculate taxes and file.

Filing Taxes in Colombia

Tax time for filing 2014 personal income tax returns in Colombia is fast approaching and Jeff covers many of the details of filing taxes in Colombia.

Online Taxman: An American CPA Specializing in Expat Taxes

Founded by Vincenzo Villamena, a CPA, Online Taxman is a tax preparation service focused on helping American expats prepare and file their US taxes.