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vegan burger

The Top Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Medellin (Plus What to Order!)

Eating healthy is no big deal, and less so for those who love animals and prefer not to eat their meat. Vegan and vegetarian...
11,500 peso menú del día at Veg Station

Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants in Medellín and Beyond

We provide an updated guide to the exploding vegetarian restaurants scene in the Medellín metro area.
Parmessano in Mayorca mall

Parmessano: a Popular Chain of Italian Restaurants in Medellín

Jeff takes us to Parmessano, which is a chain of nine Italian restaurants in Medellín with some good Italian food.

5 Up-and-Coming Cafés and Restaurants in Laureles

Laureles is a growing neighborhood in Medellín full of trendy restaurants, bars and cafes. Here are five new places in Laureles for you to try.
Uchuva Lounge

Best Hidden Restaurants in Medellin

Ryan counts down the top 10 hidden restaurants in the Medellin metropolitan area. These are places off the beaten track, but well worth your time and money.
Caciucco napoletano

Best Italian Restaurants in Medellín

Writer’s note: This is the third story in a monthly series on the “best of” Medellín and the surrounding area. To read the second...

Best Restaurants in Medellin

The following list of the approximately 50 best restaurants in Medellin is based on my personal favorites, and those of contributors. You can also access...
Medellin Real Estate

Medellin Real Estate: 2023 Foreign Buyer’s Guide

Brad Hinkleman, Founder of Casacol SAS, shares with us his foreign buyer's guide to Medellín real estate and investing.
All the Best Bubble Tea Spots in Medellín

All the Best Bubble Tea Spots in Medellín

Doing coffee tasting tours around the city and preparing Colombian coffee on your own is a great experience, but what about Medellin-style bubble tea?...
The Ultimate Guide to Mercado del Rio

The Ultimate Guide to Mercado del Rio

Mercado del Rio is the first food market in Colombia and one of the must-visit spots in Medellin. Whether you want to enjoy gourmet...