About Jeff

Jeff first discovered Colombia back in 2006 and has traveled to all the major cities in Colombia. He is fortunate to have a job in the U.S. with location flexibility, which has allowed him to spend over six years living in Medellín. He is also studying Spanish to become fluent.

15 Best Mobile Apps to Use in Medellín

Mobile Apps

We look at several of the best mobile apps for traveling to and living in Medellín and help you navigate around the city.

Medellín vs Bucaramanga: a Comprehensive Comparison of two Cities of Eternal Spring


Medellín vs Bucaramanga, which is the better city to live in? We comprehensively compare these two cities of eternal spring in Colombia.

Parmessano: a Popular Chain of Italian Restaurants in Medellín

Parmessano in Mayorca mall

Jeff takes us to Parmessano, which is a chain of nine Italian restaurants in Medellín with some good Italian food.

Join the Medellín Living March Meetup: Pizza at Parque Sabaneta

March meetup: Pizza en Leña

Regardless of your time in the city, I want to invite you to the Medellin Living March meetup for great pizza at arguably the best park in the city.

Medellín vs Cali: a Comprehensive Comparison

Medellín vs Cali, which is the better city to live in? We compare the two Colombian cities in a comprehensive comparison.

Medellín vs Costa Rica: a Comprehensive Comparison

San Jose from the Museum of Jade by Wikipedro

Medellín vs Costa Rica, which is the better place to live? Both have been rated as two of the top foreign retirement locations, which is really better?

Comprehensive Guide to the Medellín Metro – Colombia’s Only Metro System

Medellín Metro

The Medellín Metro is the only rail-based metro system in Colombia. This is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the Medellín Metro system.

Join the Medellín Living February Meetup at Tepito Tacos y Tequila

Tacos at Tepito Tacos y Tequilla

Maybe you just arrived or have been living in Medellín for years. Regardless of your time in the city, I want to invite you to the Medellin Living February meetup!

How to Get a Colombian Drivers License in Medellín

Colombia Drivers License

Jeff looks at how to get a Colombian Drivers License in Medellín including the costs and the process involved including the written exam and medical exam.

2017 Update on Security in Medellín With Safety Tips for Expats

Police in Colombia

We look at security in Medellín including homicide statistics, crime statistics by neighborhood plus provide safety tips for expats.