My Typical Monday


I enjoy my Mondays.  I probably won’t be able to say that for long, as they will soon be associated once again with the start of a busy, stressful work week.

For now, here’s why I’m happy to see them come around.

Sleep late – it has been a few months since I last set an alarm for the mornings.

Gym – I don’t work out on Sundays so it always feels great to get back into my routine.

Lunch at apartment – usually a protein shake, cereal, and/or a ham-cheese-egg toasted sandwich.

Blogging – I try to schedule all my posts for this blog on Mondays and if I’m really being productive, I get something done on GoBackpacking too.  Plus, Mondays seem to be a popular day for me to get e-mails from potential advertisers on my websites.  This makes checking my messages much more exciting.

Salsa lesson – of the two classes I take per week, this is the smaller one which means I’m getting the attention of a private lesson for the cost of a group one.

Sushi – I’ve fallen into the habit of picking up sushi to go on the way home from my dance lesson.

Movies, TV, or more blogging – in the evening, it’s time to unwind with a little more writing, channel surfing, or relaxation with a recently downloaded movie.

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