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Originally from Canada, Brad spent 12 years in the software industry and lived in Vancouver, Toronto and New York City before moving to Colombia to focus full time on Casacol in 2013.

Brad is covering a variety of investment themes articles on Medellin Living, reach out to him at email for investment advice in Medellin and for more information on any of the Casacol new projects including future opportunities which may not yet published on their webpage.

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How to Buy Into the Finca Lifestyle in Medellin

Owning a finca (or recreational farm) close to Medellin can prove to be the best getaway from the hectic lifestyle in Medellin, Colombia. Here’s how.

Top 10 FAQ on buying Medellin Real Estate

This article was originally posted on the Casacol blog.  By Brad Hinkelman, brad@casacol.co Founder/Owner – Casacol SAS As Medellin real estate advisers, we at Casacol receive clients in our office every day with a wide range of goals and needs for their investments in Colombia. While there are not many “typical” clients there are many typical questions that […]