Trilogia Bar

The house band at Trilogia
The house band at Trilogia

Saturday night offered another opportunity to visit a new bar in Medellin.

Rodrigo’s sister was celebrating her birthday so I met up with them, their friends, and Martin at Trilogia near the Industriales metro station.

The cover was 12,000 pesos (about $5).  We arrived around 10pm so people were still filtering into the bar.

A circular stage was set up for the band, and we grabbed a table nearby (though it might’ve been reserved in advance as is common).

The waitresses brought by a steady stream of popcorn for snacking, and the table ordered a bottle of rum, while I and a few others went with Colombian beers.

Rodrigo claps along with his sister (standing)
Rodrigo and his sister (standing) enjoying the night

As more of the birthday girl’s friends arrived, she played the consummate host, presenting them to everyone already at the table.

About an hour later, the band took the stage to a packed bar, and began rocking out.  The band’s playlist represented a mix of genres, which kept things lively.

Some people would dance to salsa while others preferred meringue.

I was happy to hear some rock music, including Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones and (by request from Isabelle in our group) Sweet Child of Mine by Guns ‘N Roses.

The birthday girl with Martin (right) and me
The birthday girl with Martin (right) and me

During one song, long balloons were handed out to the crowd, which immediately began to wave them around.

The more experienced people started to twist them into hats and intricate designs.  They also made great tools for flirting with your neighbor.

The band must’ve played 3-4 sets over the course of the night, and by about 2:30am, I was running out of steam.

I said my goodbyes, and caught a taxi back to the apartment in Envigado for 7,000 pesos, plus a late-night charge of 2,000 pesos not reflected on the meter ($3.60 total).

I had a great night at Trilogia.  It reminded me a lot of the night I went out with Luisa and her friends to the Kukaramakara Club in the same part of town.

Trilogia might edge the other out though, as it is smaller, and therefore wherever you sit in the bar, you can be close to the stage.  And did I mention the stage rotates!

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