Tranquila – J Balvin


I wasn’t an immediate fan, but J Balvin has grown on me with his last few singles, the latest of which is Tranquila.

The video was shot in a Cartagena barrio I’m sure none of us will ever see.

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  1. Love this song! I haven’t been to Olaya in Cartagena myself, it’s renowned for being extremely poor and a bit dodgy- but a friend of mine visited and said its full of amazing people! Interesting

  2. Love the song – really catchy. Video is great – just don’t like the kids acting like they’re adults getting it on at the end. That brings the “class” score down a lot. Otherwise, a pretty classy looking video.

    • I noticed that too, Janet.

      The crazy thing is that young kids actually mimic the adults when it comes to dancing to reggaeton down here, so I don’t think it’s anything out of the norm.