Venezuela For a Visa (Part I)

So, I needed to leave the country since my tourist visa was up.  Venezuela was the closest and cheapest option, and that’s where I decided to go. With my limited Spanish I knew that I would need some major help for this trip.  I recruited my friend JD for the trip, and he was kind […]

The Long Road For Time

Thanks to not being thrilled with my new job, and not willing to sign a contract, I got to renew my visa…again.  This time, however, I had to leave the country to do it.  Being such an epic adventure for a whole four hours in another country, I though I would break it down for […]

Tourist Visa Renewal Update

The DAS office now uses Bogotá bank for the deposits.  As far as I know, the deposit has to be made at the location that is across the street from Premium Plaza.  The rest of the required information is the same…for now.  There are possible major changes in January when DAS basically is restructured.  So […]

Tips for Finding a Job in Medellin

In order to stay in Colombia for longer than the tourist visa, which is a maximum six months, I have been looking for a job in Medellin so I can get a work visa. As I understand it, work visas are obtained by first getting a contract from the company you intend to work for. […]

Renewing My Tourist Visa

Yesterday afternoon, I renewed my tourist visa for the 4th and final time in 2009. In a little under 4 weeks, I will be on a flight back to the USA.  It feels like I have so little time left. On the flip side, by most working Americans’ account, 4 weeks is A LOT of […]

Tourist Visa Renewal #3

This past Monday, I renewed my tourist visa for the third time.  At this point, the process simply involves using the instructions I documented the first time around.  I made the requisite deposit in a bank account, and took a number at the DAS office.  Unlike my last visit which entailed about 30 minutes of […]

First Visa Extension Completed

About 10 business days after I initially submitted the payment and paperwork for a 30-day tourist visa extension, I returned to the DAS office for a new stamp in my passport. Aside from a 20 minute wait, there were no hiccups in the process.  The drag, of course, is having to repeat the visits every […]

Tourist Visa Renewal Process

Editor’s Note: Please visit this page for updated information on the tourist visa renewal process. My entry stamp to Colombia allowed for 60 days as a tourist, so with my time expiring, it was time to figure out the tourist visa renewal process. One morning, I took a taxi to the Departamento Administartivo de Seguridad (DAS). […]