Venezuela For a Visa (Part II)

The border near Cucuta.
The border near Cucuta.

After a crazy long bus ride to the border town of Cucuta, and a nice traditional breakfast, of course the next thing my friend JD and I had to do was get on a bus.

JD asked around about what bus we should take to get my visa stamped, and it all seemed easy enough.  We rode the bus for about 15 minutes before actually crossing the border.  As we approached, and I saw the sign, I thought, “Sweet, we’ll get of when they need to check everyone’s passport and I’ll be stamped out of Colombia and into Venezuela.”  WRONG.

We crossed the border and nothing happened.  No one stopped us, no one cared that we just crossed the border with lord knows what in our bags.  We were just in Venezuela.

So we asked some more, and it turned out we had to go to a town over to get any sort of stamps.  So we got off the bus and onto another one to San Antonio.

Lunch in Venezuela.  The pither is typical, and the juice (whatever it is) is amazing with rum!
Lunch in Venezuela. The pither is typical, and the juice (whatever it is) is amazing with rum!

Once in town we had to find the bridge that went back into Colombia and walk there so I could go to the DAS office and get my stamp out of the country.  They asked my final destination and my occupation, and I was officially out.

We walked back across the bridge and to the office to get my Venezuela stamp.  Here they had me fill out a small form with my passport number and occupation.  I was then issued a stamp for 90 days in Venezuela.

Done with half the adventure, JD and I changed some Colombian Pesos for Venezuelan Bolivars (I got 95,ooo VBF for 35,000 COP), and we  settled down at a small restaurant for lunch and some rum that I had brought from Medellin.

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