Transitions – New Contributors Wanted


After eight months in Medellin, I will be moving forward (back to the United States).  A few weeks ago, I got a job offer to teach dance technique at a top level gymnastics facility, that is also close to my family.  Considering my love for dance and gymnastics, being near my family again, being near my favorite base jumping places, and actually being able to skydive again; I couldn’t pass it up.

I will never find a place like Medellin.  Its unbelievable beauty and infrastructure just makes it a place that is so easy to call home.  I have thoroughly enjoyed settling down here, and if only I had easier access to my family here, I never would have been pulled away.

With my move in three weeks, there will once again be an opportunity for new contributors to this site.  Some of Dave’s requirements can be found below, but remember that not all of them are mandatory (or may have changed completely).  So, if you are interested, please contact Dave and he can let you know how you can contribute to the site.  He may also have a few things to add about this in the next day or so.

I’m also looking forward to reflecting on all things Medellin in the weeks I have left.  You can expect posts that may be a little more thoughtful than previous posts.  Enjoy!

Post by Holly. Currently living in Medellin, Holly is getting to know the Colombian culture through music, language, and base jumping!

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I love relaxing and enjoying the view of life. Whether the view is from the top of a BASE object, or from my balcony in Envigado, Colombia. I love life when it's up, and I'm trying harder to love life when it's down as well. My biggest loves in life are (in order!) Family, BASE, Music, Boys that play music, and Alcohol. I get along with everyone that doesn't take me too seriously, and with people that are ok with the fact that you should disregard almost anything I say when I'm drunk!

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  1. Ms. Holly,
    For 2 months, I have been reading your log and for those 2 months, I was always excited to see a new posting with pics. I too am getting ready to move to Medellin in the next year and the information you provided was great! Thanks for all your indirect help, you’ve done good things by posting these good times and assisting me in my transition to the country.

    Warm Regards,

    • Marcus – thanks for the wonderful feedback. I’ve enjoyed reading about Holly’s adventures as well, and will miss her take on Medellin.

      If you’re at all interested in writing for this blog, free free to contact me when you’re ready.

      Good luck with your move!

  2. Hi Holly

    Just wanted to say, well, Thanks! I moved to Medellin in january and have been reading about your adventures from the start. Your posts have given me a little insight as to what im getting myself into and what sort of city Medellin is. Good luck!

    Thanks again