Los Chamos: a Venezuelan Arepa Restaurant in Medellín

The Los Chamos restaurant brings the delicious Venezuelan arepa to the Laureles neighborhood in Medellin.

Venezuela For a Visa (Part III: The End)

So, after finding all of the correct offices, getting my stamp out of Colombia and into Venezuela, and having a super relaxing lunch, it was time to finish the process. The stamp out of Venezuela was easy, but interesting.  To receive a stamp out of Venezuela you must pay 55,000 VBF. I went to the […]

Venezuela For a Visa (Part II)

After a crazy long bus ride to the border town of Cucuta, and a nice traditional breakfast, of course the next thing my friend JD and I had to do was get on a bus. JD asked around about what bus we should take to get my visa stamped, and it all seemed easy enough.  […]

Venezuela For a Visa (Part I)

So, I needed to leave the country since my tourist visa was up.  Venezuela was the closest and cheapest option, and that’s where I decided to go. With my limited Spanish I knew that I would need some major help for this trip.  I recruited my friend JD for the trip, and he was kind […]

The Long Road For Time

Thanks to not being thrilled with my new job, and not willing to sign a contract, I got to renew my visa…again.  This time, however, I had to leave the country to do it.  Being such an epic adventure for a whole four hours in another country, I though I would break it down for […]