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Laureles / Estadio: The Next Poblado

The comuna of Laureles / Estadio is an up-and-coming district in Medellin, featuring affordable housing, diverse restaurants, and plenty of nightlife.

The Best Neighborhoods in Medellín

Editor's note: This article is out-of-date and it has several inaccuracies so it was updated in October 2016, which is found here. Expats looking...

Best Italian Restaurants in Medellín

Writer’s note: This is the third story in a monthly series on the “best of” Medellín and the surrounding area. To read the second...

2017 Update: The Best Hostels in Medellín

Ryan shares his picks for the best hostels in Medellín, including Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel and popular stops such as Casa Kiwi as well.

Puerto Inka Brings a Taste of Peru to Colombia

Ryan's review of Puerto Inka, a Peruvian restaurant in the Laureles neighborhood of Medellin, Colombia.