Ringing in the New Year


I was lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve in Medellin with one of the most amazing families.  I met them through a mutual friend.  Even though there are plenty of communication issues between us, they have taken me in as one of the family.

My friend and I met up with the other kids at the Floresta metro station around 8pm and we all walked over to the family store.  There were chairs circled around the front patio, and already the Aguardiente was being passed around.  Having drank a large amount the night before, with the same family, I passed on the guaro and stuck with a few beers.

We spent some quality time with the family and were served a lovely dinner of pork, rice, potatoes, and salad.  There was also a bit of dancing.  As midnight approached, some of the kids wrote down their wishes for the New Year.

At the stroke of midnight, every person kissed each other on the cheek and we all wished one another “Feliz Año!”  The kids then burned their strips of paper, and ran off around the block with their backpacks.  This tradition is meant to bring travels in the upcoming year.  Several families in the neighborhood participated in this tradition, and those of us that stayed at the store cheered on the groups that passed by.

About an hour after midnight, we rode in our friend’s car back to Envigado.  When we got home, the streets were going crazy.  Everyone was partying and cooking in the streets.  You could easily see at least six fires in the street from cooking.  Many of the streets were also blocked off with cars or tied off with ropes, just so families could take over the street for their parties.

Once again, this place totally surprised me when it comes to knowing how to party!

Post by Holly. Currently living in Medellin, Holly is getting to know the Colombian culture through music, language, and base jumping!

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  1. Awesome! I wonder if the paisas will slow down with the rumbas now that we’re at the start of 2010.

    Hard to believe that it was a year ago this month that I arrived in Colombia.