Randy’s: A Beach Sports Bar and Grill in Poblado


On this occasion, I visited a place completely out of my zone, but I have to admit I really liked it. Now, I’m talking about a sports bar. I’m into some sports, water sports mostly and others that get my attention like hockey, polo, and snowboarding, but it’s not like I would watch them and root for a team, you know? Still, I enjoyed the vibe at Randy’s Beach Sports Bar and Grill, and I’ll explain why.

Beach atmosphere at Randy's
Beach atmosphere at Randy’s

First, it has a beach atmosphere, so it’s like being in a sports bar by the beach. They were playing Bob Marley while I was there, and the decorations include dolphins, starfish, nets, and wooden tables that really make you feel like you’re on the beach. Plus there’s the cocktails. You can get a piña colada right in the pineapple! That image just made me think about the song Kokomo by The Beach Boys.

What about the sports you ask? Well, there’s like eight TVs around the place, each playing a different sport. So while you’re having some beer you can watch basketball, football, soccer, baseball or hockey. Just name it, and you’ll probably see it on the big TVs. Plus there’s a chess and foosball table for customers to enjoy.

Nice big bar with plenty of TVs at Randy's (photo by Ann Levizon)
Nice big bar with plenty of TVs at Randy’s (photo by Ann Levizon)

Alright, let’s recap. You’ll be hanging out with your mates, buds, bros, and friends or however you want to call your guys, have a couple drinks, watch your favorite game, eat delicious food and be attended to by beautiful women in a place that looks like it’s right on the beach. Not bad, huh? It sounds like a nice man cave if you ask me.

Cocktails, beers, burgers and sandwiches

And since I always give you a little mental taste of what I ate, I’m going to continue with that. Ok, so I like food and I love burgers, so my instinct was to go for my all-time fave bacon cheeseburger, but, I fought that impulse and went for something the owner himself, aka Randy Cosman, suggested. I have to say I was pampered because I had something that’s not even on the menu yet! It was a parmesan chicken sandwich, and it was so good!

Randy's tasty club sandwich
Randy’s tasty club sandwich

The breaded chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the tomatoes were fresh, the marinara sauce was perfect and the mozzarella cheese was the ideal partner for this lightly-toasted sandwich. I drank maracuyá (passion fruit) and mango juice. Since the sandwich is not on the menu, I can’t tell you many details about the prices.

Randy’s is actually updating their menu, so new dishes are coming next month, along with a new cocktails menu. I do know that they’ll offer mahi-mahi and fried fish with tostones (fried green plantain).

You can have cocktails starting at 14,500 COP ($5.14) to 25,500 COP ($9.05) or order pitchers for 47,000 COP ($16.68). Also, beers, of course, from 5,900 COP ($2.09) to 9,500 COP ($3.37), lemonade 5,500 COP ($1.95) and natural juices like pineapple/hierba buena 6,000 COP ($2.12).

The piña colada is served right in the pineapple at Randy's!
The piña colada is served right in the pineapple at Randy’s!

Right now there are eight different appetizers starting at 15,800 COP ($5.60). They also have burgers and sandwiches from 25,800 COP ($9.15) to 29,500 COP ($10.47), salads, wings (a special 2×1 every day until 6pm) and desserts for 12,500 COP ($4.43).

Party time

Randy’s is now open at noon because they have a new executive menu for 11,900 COP ($4.25), so you can stop by and get lunch or you can visit at 9pm from Thursday to Saturday when they get the party started. Randy’s stays open until 2am, so there’s plenty of time to dance and meet people. They also have a loyalty card for their regular clients, which grants them points they can redeem for drinks or food.

Outdoor patio area, complete with palm trees in the background (photo by Ann Levizon)
Outdoor patio area, complete with palm trees in the background (photo by Ann Levizon)

Randy’s is brand new. It’s been open for two months now, and the whole project came to life when Randy saw there wasn’t a place in the city that could offer him what he wanted. He wanted a sports bar that could make him feel at home. He is extremely conscientious about the services they provide and about taking care of their customers. Randy makes sure everybody is having a great time, feels comfortable, and is well treated. And if there’s a problem, he will definitely be the first to fix it. It’s always nice to talk to someone so passionate about people and how important it is to make them feel welcome and like they matter, so I particularly liked this about talking to Randy.

Hours and Location

So come on over to have fun, watch sports and be spoiled at Randy’s Beach Sports Bar & Grill, Carrera 39 #8-58, Parque Lleras.

Randy’s is open 12 noon – 2am every day.



All photos courtesy of Randy’s except where noted.

This post was written in collaboration with Randy’s Beach Sports Bar & Grill.

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