Parking at Gatwick International Airport

Gatwick Airport Parking
Gatwick Airport Parking

Every frequent traveler knows that cab rides to the airport can be expensive and costs add up fast. For business travelers, especially cheap airport parking is essential. For short trips, parking at the airport is often the most affordable option.

Gatwick Airport is located just outside London and is one of the busiest airports in Europe and indeed the world, with millions of passengers traveling through a year.

If you park in the regular airport parking at Gatwick you can pay as much as £13 a day, if you are away for a week those fees add up quickly and easily make cabs a cheaper option. This is where Holiday extras comes in.

Holiday Extras is a UK based company that has been serving the travel community for over 25 years. They arrange travel insurance, airport parking and other travel related services for over 5 million travelers annually.

Holiday Extras offers affordable and convenient Gatwick parking services as well as several premium add-ons. Holiday Extras makes booking your parking painless and easy to understand with charts displaying various prices based on what parking lot and additional services.

Valet parking is offered free of charge, or if you prefer you can park yourself and keep your keys.

For those travelers who want the greatest amount of convenience, Holiday Extras offers a meet and greet service for a small additional cost.

With this service your will simply meet your driver at the airport to drop off your keys, while you are away your vehicle will be stored in a secure compound, and when you return you will receive the keys to your vehicle at a prearranged location at the airport.

This eliminates the need to travel to the parkade to claim your vehicle, offering most pain-free travel experience.

Being that Gatwick is one of the busiest airports in Europe, there is certainly a lot of competition for parking, and as such Holiday extras offers a price guarantee, if you can find a cheaper price, your parking with Holiday Extras will be free of charge.

Parking with Holiday Extras can be booked either online or on the phone, making Holiday Extras the most convenient option for Gatwick parking.

If you’re traveling out of London via Gatwick Airport than Holiday makes your trip that much easier with their excellent services.

They offer a bevy of options to fulfill your needs, whatever they might be. You can rest easy knowing that you are receiving the cheapest service and your car is safe in their secure lots.


This post was written by Dave and brought to you by Holiday Extras.

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