Manila Food Market: a New Gastronomic Market in Medellín

Manila Food Market

Manila Food Market recently opened in the Manila barrio of El Poblado and is worth a visit.

Mercado del Río in the Ciudad del Río neighborhood has generated quite a buzz since its opening in late October 2016. However, sometimes the massive warehouse space with nearly 40 restaurants and 1,200-person capacity can feel overwhelming.

For a smaller and more intimate experience try the new Manila Food Market located at Carrera 43E # 11-38. This open restaurant concept opened on April 29.  It’s located a short walking distance from the Poblado metro station.

Main seating area for Manila Food Market

Main seating area for Manila Food Market

Manila Food Market

The dream of four Colombian friends and investors from Bogotá, Medellín, Popayán and Pereira, Manila Food Market was first conceived four years ago. The partners saw the need for a boutique hostel and connected community meeting and eating space.

Several years ago they acquired land in Manila, a small neighborhood better known as Poblado’s quieter, more residential side.  Yet, like all of Medellín, Manila is rapidly evolving.  There are a growing number of boutiques, hostels (many unlicensed) and cafes.

They demolished two existing houses to build a five story building which required nearly two years to complete. This new building features seven restaurants on the main level, as well as 16 rooms (65 beds total), rooftop bar, herb garden, recreation room, classroom and open kitchen on the upper levels.

Located in a hidden block just off Calle 10A near the Poblado Metro station, the main level entrance is open to the street and has rustic wooden tables and a gorgeous wrought iron exterior. The design is firmly rooted in industrial chic.

Seating in Manila Food Market is available throughout the space, with the majority in the back. There are both covered and open options, at large communal tables or individual ones. Friday and Saturday nights live music is offered.

High-speed internet is provided throughout the market and the owners encourage digital nomads to consider coming here to work.

La Escalera, cafe and bar

La Escalera, cafe and bar

La Escalera

First of all, La Escalera is the inital location upon entering the space. This combination café and bar offers Casa Flora brand coffee, artisanal chocolates, house made pastries (the chocolate cake looked amazing), cocktails, wine, beer and sangria. In addition, there is a small selection of hot breakfast items starting at 8am.

Carbone E Pasta, hamburgers, steaks and ribs

Carbone E Pasta, hamburgers, steaks and ribs

Carbone E Pasta

Next in line is Carbone E Pasta that has other locations include Mercado del Río and Envigado. This restaurant offers appetizers like Criolla sausage, onion rings, burgers, Argentinean steaks and ribs. Prices range from 10,900 – 31,000 ($3.75 – $10.68).

Palta by Rocoto, Peruvian

Palta by Rocoto, Peruvian

Palta by Rocoto

Lovers of Peruvian cuisine should check out Palta by Rocoto, an outpost of the beloved Rocoto restaurant in Provenza. In a tiny kitchen about the size of a food truck, the cooks are producing traditional Peruvian dishes, focusing on seafood and ceviche. However, there are also meat options: Lomo or Chancho Saltado, plus Chicharones. Prices range from 15,700 – 42, 800 pesos ($5.41 – $14.75).

Sweet Bacon, everything chicharon

Sweet Bacon, everything chicharon

Sweet Bacon

Sweet Bacon is the next choice that also has another location in Envigado. For lovers of pork, specifically chicharón, this is the spot. Basically, there are four options all based with chicharón: Cajita Bacon, Sweet Burger, Doggy or Wrap. Pick your base and add a sauce, then choose between three kinds of potatoes. The Cajita is priced at 14,900 pesos ($5.13), the other three are 20,500 ($7.06).

Gin Rose, artisanal sausage and bread

Gin Rose, artisanal sausage and bread

Gin Rose

At Gin Rose, the focus is artisanal sausage and bread. Here there are three kinds of bread (three grain, parmesan, olive oil with herbs), four kinds of sausage (Mexican, kibbeh, chicken/seafood, smoked pork) and three kinds of cheese (grilled, mozzarella, quesito). Mix and match those ingredients or add veggies for 1,500 pesos extra. Prices range from 19,000 to 22,000 pesos ($6.55 – $7.60).


Visitors looking for lower priced items should consider the Arabic food at Tayin with another location in Mercado del Río. An order of falafel is only 2,800 ($.96), tabbule 5,500 ($1.90), hummus, 6,000 ($2.06), babaganoush, 7,700 ($2.65). Combination plates are available for 24,000 ($8.25) and Tayin also offers chicken, beef or veggie shawarma (usually meat grilled on a vertical spit) for 19,800 ($6.80).

Soffio Bocanada

Soffio Bocanada, pizza, pasta and Bogotá Beer Company beer

Soffio Bocanada

The last stop is Soffio Bocanada that also has other location near Parque Poblado. With four kinds of pasta, two types of lasagna and six varieties of pizza, this is the place to come for classic Italian food. Plus, Soffio offers five choices of Bogota Beer Company beer. Prices range from 18,000 – 24,000 pesos ($6.20 – $8.25)

Communal balcony seating area, Los Patios

Communal balcony seating area, Los Patios

Los Patios Hostal Boutique

Finally, it is worth noting that the upper levels devoted to Los Patios Hostal Boutique are absolutely beautiful, full of gorgeous features not typically found in a hostel.

Each level is thematic and focuses on a different geographic region in Colombia through the use of color and graphics. The modern, industrial design is cohesive and clean – lots of concrete, pipe hooks, recycled pallets – but softened with traditional tiles, plants and murals.

Rooftop deck at Los Patios

Rooftop deck at Los Patios

Dorm rooms (48,000 pesos per night) have no more than 8 beds (all with privacy curtains, personal docking stations and reading lights). And most have private bath and balcony. Private rooms (150,000 pesos per night) are separated from dorm rooms and feature high-speed internet for the business or digital nomad traveler.

A rooftop herb garden is available for guest use and Friday nights are devoted to guest chef presentations in the open kitchen.  Along with a dedicated classroom space and recreation room, Los Patios is attempting to redefine the hostel experience by creating spaces that invite community building and sharing.

Rooftop herb garden for guests of Los Patios

Rooftop herb garden for guests of Los Patios


Mercado del Río has more to offer gastronomically. But the new Manila Food Market and Los Patios Hostal Boutique are a nod toward the evolving Medellín, and the mark of a city with clearly much more still to offer.

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Sonja is from Whidbey Island, WA. She has traveled to 46 countries but never wanted to settle down in any of them until she discovered Medellin. She is currently living here in Medellín temporarily until she figures out how to be a permanent resident.


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Place: Manila Food Market

Address: Carrera 43E # 11-38

Telephone: 310 6976382




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    Gosh, that IS interesting. Seems like it’d be just the place to take friends from out of town. And thanks for including the map.

  2. Food options sound cool but $50 for a room at a hostel seems kind of expensive.

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