Just So You Know…


…I’ve been having a bad time with the Internet at my house. The landlord is out of town, and we’re trying to get it fixed. I haven’t forgotten about you, I just don’t have the resources right now. I will get some updates up here as soon as possible! Thanks! Holly Joan

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I love relaxing and enjoying the view of life. Whether the view is from the top of a BASE object, or from my balcony in Envigado, Colombia. I love life when it's up, and I'm trying harder to love life when it's down as well. My biggest loves in life are (in order!) Family, BASE, Music, Boys that play music, and Alcohol. I get along with everyone that doesn't take me too seriously, and with people that are ok with the fact that you should disregard almost anything I say when I'm drunk!



  1. Después de entrar a la cueva busca rápidamente los ítems para poder armar el cholado pastuso, después de armar este valioso objeto usalo para que te proporcione luz y energía en el transcurso de la cueva claro que si eres listo sabras que el cholado pastuso tiene otras habilidades increíbles