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    Medellin River
    Medellin River

    If I am going to be living in Medellin, then I need to start changing my habits. Improving my health seems like a great place to start.

    My first visit to the Bodytech gym went exhaustingly well. I was almost immediately greeted by one of the many personal trainers who circulate around the floor.

    I communicated the desire to warm up with some cardio, followed by weights. He walked me upstairs, and got me situated on one of the nicest treadmills I´ve ever used.

    There was a large display screen which featured a built in television. There were dozens of cable channels to choose from, including CNN, and various ESPN´s featuring international soccer games.

    Of course it was hard to concentrate on the television with all the beautiful women working out around me.

    A packed spin class was in session nearby, and music was blaring to set the pace.  Throughout the rest of the gym, typical workout music was playing, and it was decidedly American.

    Twenty minutes later, I returned to the main floor and was introduced to a new trainer who guided me through about 10 different exercise machines, making sure to correct my form before leaving to check on his other members.

    I wanted to focus on my chest, abs, and arms. It was rough. Traveling for 15 months, eating whatever I want, and drinking alcohol more regularly than at home, has lead me to gain 20 pounds (10 kilograms) and I am anxious to work some of it off.

    It is worth repeating, the number of beautiful women at the gym was jaw-dropping.

    Most were dressed in stylish and tight outfits, which seems like a far cry from the old college t-shirt look so common in the USA.

    And the trainers were friendly. I continue to find my Spanish improving when I put myself in such activity-based environments.

    I may focus on capoeira tomorrow, though there is a rumba class at the gym with my name on it this week!

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    1. I have a friend that lives in Medellin Columbia and he talks about how the trainers at the gyms are excellent if you need help sticking to a diet and exercise plan.

      • I was happy with my trainer, though the language barrier made it a little hard to communicate exactly how I was feeling. I said “bueno” or “good” a lot. 🙂

        On the other hand, it was another great way to improve my Spanish because the exercises (in my program) were all written in Spanish, as were the muscle names and instructions on the equipment.