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I am a huge fan of tattoos.  If you know me for more than a few days, I am likely show mine off.  I got my first one when I was 18, and since then I’ve been addicted.  Knowing my problem, I decided to get a huge one (think two and a half feet from top to bottom) on my side so I could get tattooed over and over with out ending up with a ton of random designs.  …that piece is still in progress for whenever I’m in the States.

Coming to Colombia, I knew that I would get a tattoo here, just so I could say that I did it.  My first month here, a friend handed off a card to me for a place in Envigado called Sailors and Mermaids.  I checked out the website, and I really loved the art.

From the inside of the studio.
From the inside of the studio.

Finally, after months of being here, I felt comfortable enough to go check out the studio.  Plus, the shop is really close to my apartment, and I’m a fan of keeping things local.

I ended up talking to Lucas, who spoke a tiny bit of English, but he definitely saw my vision with the tattoo I wanted.  It was a simple idea, an Andean Condor (Colombia’s national bird) created with a paisley pattern, but explaining it was a bit difficult.  Still, Lucas figured it out right away.

I love this surfboard chilling in the corner.
I love this surfboard chilling in the corner.

Being a super busy, yet small studio, he told me to make an appointment as soon as I decided I wanted it done there.  I took a quick look around the place to make sure the correct hygienic and sterilizing procedures were used.  Lucas assured me that every tattoo shop in the city was inspected regularly to keep their license.  I made my appointment and hoped for the best with Lucas creating the right design.

Anything to do with the sea can be found at the shop.
Anything to do with the sea can be found at the shop.

On the day of the appointment, everything went smoothly.  It was interesting to see Lucas having to trace out the image for the carbon to be placed, because at the shop I got to in the United States it’s just run through a machine.  Other than that, everything ran pretty much the same.

Lucas said my skin was amazing to work on, and he really had a great touch.  I would definitely get another one from him…if I do get another one.

Total cost was 100,000 COP.

...and the final result.
...and the final result.

Post by Holly. Currently living in Medellin, Holly is getting to know the Colombian culture through music, language, and base jumping!

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