Dry Weekend


This just may officially be the most boring weekend in Colombia.  Like many other countries, Colombia has decided to ban all alcohol sales for the entire weekend, due to the elections today.  The bars and clubs are all closed, and even the grocery stores have some one watching the liquor. On top of that, no football games are held during the weekend either.

So, basically, the two things this country lives on have been taken away for the weekend.  I’m not too concerned about it because a weekend relaxing is really nice.

I wonder if they are opening it it all up tonight after the votes are in?  If they do I’m sure there will be a party tonight!  I think during the 48 hours of prohibition I should have tried to live out my dream of being a flapper in a speakeasy.

If you’re looking to travel to Colombia for the party in the future, just make sure it’s not an election weekend.

Next weekend is officially my last weekend here.  I’m starting to get really sad about leaving and really excited about my future home.  I hope more people decide to not just visit, but live in, Medellin for awhile.  It’s been one of the best times of my life!

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I love relaxing and enjoying the view of life. Whether the view is from the top of a BASE object, or from my balcony in Envigado, Colombia. I love life when it's up, and I'm trying harder to love life when it's down as well. My biggest loves in life are (in order!) Family, BASE, Music, Boys that play music, and Alcohol. I get along with everyone that doesn't take me too seriously, and with people that are ok with the fact that you should disregard almost anything I say when I'm drunk!



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  2. Holly,
    I hope your experience living, working and learning in Medellin was a good one. It appears by your last sentence, it was. I hope to partake in that experience in the very near future but I do not know where to beging. How do I find employment? Any information would be very helpful. Best wishes. -Felipe

  3. I’m sorry I was told it was the weekend of May 23rd – May 25th? Can someone please confirm that this weekend does not have the ban? I will be there from 22nd – 26th and now very concerned….

    • The Presidential election is on Sunday, May 25, which means this is indeed a dry weekend coming up. Specifically, Saturday May 24 will be very quiet with many bars and clubs closed for the night. I believe Friday will be normal.