Cocolatte: The Coffee Shop Envigado Was Waiting For


So allow me to reiterate that I’m shockingly bad at leaving Laureles. Sometimes I’ll go to Poblado or to the center but I only go to Envigado for special occasions (i.e. house parties, concerts, and other events), But I lived in Envigado long enough to know that any trip to and from there takes roughly an hour (it’s not far,  it’s just traffic).

Last week I found myself in Envigado doing some footwork for an article on El Dorado Spanish School.  After, I was desperate for some good wifi, caffeine, and a good two to three-hour work session.

I had heard of this nearby coffee shop and  luckily it was half a block from the Spanish school.  I was delighted!

Cocolatte isn’t the only cafe in Envigado, however. I know of  OtraParte and have been many times, but they open later and I identify them much more as a bookstore/cultural house than a real cafe, as their coffee options are limited.

Cocolatte is invested in bringing you a quality coffee experience. Photo by Anton Malishev, Medellin Tee by Bourné

Cocolatte Café

Like I said, Cocolatte is the coffee shop Envigado needed, located in a trendy area where you can find restaurants like Federal Ribs, Olivia and other small boutiques and shops. The area is so easy to get to (in that the bus will drop you off half a block away) if you’re coming from a different part of town, you can ride the metro to Ayurá station and take the Pavezgo bus to Calle 30A. Buy an integrado ticket at the metro that will give you both the metro and bus passes for about 2,300 pesos (72 cents).

I arrived at 10:30 a.m. and the staff was unbelievably friendly to me. Every single one of them helped me out, answered my questions, and served me with a smile on their face. They open at 11 a.m., but let me hang around and work while they set up which was truly lifesaving. I took advantage of my visit to try things on the menu that are my favorite at other cafes and get into some pastries that I could eat on my sixth cheat-day in a row…I’ll bike it off later? Worth it.

I ran into my friend Kirsten hard at work in her neighborhood cafe.

They’ve been open for just under a year. The ambience inside  is extremely warm and welcoming, with a great mix of wood and plants to make you feel at home. They have both an indoor and outdoor space, equally pleasant and tranquil, their music playlist went from predictable jazzy covers of pop songs to really great 90’s hip-hop, all which I found to be great music for work, for which I’m grateful since I’m currently sans headphones and cell phone- gasp.

I was happy to run into a friend there accidentally and hear that, as a resident of Envigado, this is her go-to cafe!

Photo by Anton Malishev

I then indulged in a dirty chai (Chai Espressado) for 7,000 COP and a piece of their glorious apple pie for about 6,000 (pictured above) and later had one of their empanadas del mundo (I had the Italian) that I’ve seen at several cafes for 8,000 pesos. My whole four-hour work, food and coffee endeavour cost a total of about $7.30.

The staff is well trained in bringing you the best possible coffee experience and the quality of the coffee was exceptional.

Immediately after my visit, posted a picture of my lipstick-kissed coffee cup on Facebook and made a mental note to not be such a stranger and come to Envigado more often. Places like this make it so worth the trip that I was guiltily eyeing “for rent “signs.

To be continued? In the meantime, hit up Cocolatte and tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Hours and Contact

You can find out more about Cocolatte on Facebook or stop by from Tuesday-Thursday  from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Fri-Sat 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.; Sunday 12 p.m.- 7 p.m.

Feature Photo by Anton Malishev.

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