Best places for a quick vacation outside Colombia


Medellin is an amazing place not just to visit, but also to live, especially if you are a long term traveller or a web entrepreneur.

As awesome as it is though, even the homebodies among us tend to get itchy feet after a while, at which time you begin to plot out the next trip in your mind.  

If you have lived here for some time, you might be running out of ideas of where to go within the country; fortunately, there are many places just outside its borders that can be accessed with a quick flight and for little expense.

Below, we will discuss a few options that can be accessed with no more than a couple of hours spent in the air between Medellin and your vacation destination.


Costa Rica

If you are into biodiversity, adventure sports, and drinking some of the best coffee outside of Colombia, then taking a vacation to Costa Rica will satisfy all of these desires.

From the cloud forests of Monteverde, to the sublimely beautiful surfing beaches in Guanacaste province, the diversity of environments that can be found here will astound you.  

That’s just the start of what Costa Rica offers its visitors, as comparing the strengths of Costa Rica’s Java versus Colombia’s blends as you tour coffee planation tours, driving up to the crater of the still-active Poas Volcano, or going on a live-aboard diving trip to distant Cocos Island are just a few of the other activities one can engage in while in Costa Rica.


While San Andres and Providencia are two isles that are underrated compared to other islands in the Caribbean, those looking for a tropical island getaway during their wet season will be better served by heading to Aruba.

Located below the typical track of tropical disturbances at this time of year, Aruba stays delightfully dry while its Caribbean neighbors get drenched by torrential downpours.

Reserve your sunlounger early on Eagle Beach, as it has been lauded by many travel publications as being one of the top 10 beaches on the planet. You’ll see within the first few minutes why Aruba is well-loved by sun worshipers, as the constant trade winds that blow off the water takes the edge off the heat of the day, making pleasurable experience even more so.

Those looking for a bit of adventure will want to check out the Conchi natural rock pool, as the crystal clear and calm water contrasts greatly with the intense wave action that lies just beyond the rock wall that separates it from the open ocean.


Located just to the south of Colombia, Ecuador has much to offer tourists and expats that are looking for a change of pace from life in Colombia.  

While most know this nation for the world famous Galapagos Islands that lie more than 560 miles off its coast, there is much to discover on the mainland as well.

From Quito having the best preserved Old Town in the Americas, to the many adventure sport activities that are available in the lush jungle environments that can be found near the city of Banos, there’s much to love about this underrated country.  

While Colombia is an affordable place, your travel funds go even further here, as bus rides on respectable lines can be had for as little as a dollar per hour of travel, and one will be hard-pressed to spend more than five dollars on a meal during their stay here.

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