Hellriegel Beer Company: Paisa-Inspired Brewpub Opens in Estadio

Founded by Stefan Hellriegel in Venezuela, Hellriegel Beer Company relocated to Medellín in 2014 and now offers four standard and several seasonal beers.

Medellin Buzz Cocktail Party

Join Andrew, Niall and everyone else for a great cocktail party and language exchange event at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at Vertigo Pub. A 20% discount on all food and drinks awaits on this great night.

Medellin Living Irish Happy Hour

Join Dave, Ryan, readers and travelers at the Shamrock Irish Pub / Bar Irlandés, where discount food and drink specials await. You’ll receive 20% off all food, and drink specials include 2-for-1 Cuba libres and pitchers of Pilsen for only 18,000 pesos. Feel free to play bar games too. They have everything from darts to beer pong.

Medellin Living Pub and Club Night

Join us for a night of beer and wings, rock and salsa, Jessie and Vanessa. If you don’t know them, it’s because they’re still kind of underground but they’re about to blow up. So let’s enjoy a night with our guests of honor at Vertigo and El Grifo, the neighboring pub and club where everything […]

Shamrock Grand Reopening

Join Albert, Andy and the rest of the staff here for a great night of fun and drink specials: – 2 for 1 Cuba libres – 2 for 1 Vodka Cokes – 20,000-peso pitchers of Pilsen

3 Cordilleras Covers de Rock

3 Cordilleras brewery is featuring live music, and for the 25,000 pesos you pay to get in, you’ll get five beers and you can take a tour of the place if you want too.

Medellin Bar Crawl

Every Wednesday, when a lot of people are trying to find something fun to do, the Medellin Bar Crawl gives you that option. *The bar crawl will be cancelled when there is a Copa Libertadores game, such as April 23.

Cervecería Libre: Medellin’s Newest Brewpub

Located in Barrio Colombia, Cervecería Libre is Medellin’s newest brewpub, featuring up to 12 beers on tap, and more by the bottle.

Thursday Nights at 3 Cordilleras Brewery

Established in 2008, 3 Cordilleras was the first brewery to break the mold in Medellin. Every Thursday night, they host a beer tasting and brewery tour.

Apóstol Beer Tasting and Brewery Tour

Every Thursday evening, the Apóstol Brewery in Sabaneta, south of Medellin hosts a beer tasting and brewery tour that’s open to the public.